Guest Posting For Magnetic Memory Method Submission Guidelines

Here are my writer’s submission guidelines:

1.  Subscribe to the Magnetic Memory Method website and read it a while. Listen to the podcast. Nearly all my successful guest posts come from regular readers and Magnetic Memory Method Podcast listeners.

Your outline (see point 3) should demonstrate your knowledge of the site by including at least relevant 3 links to other memory improvement posts on the site.

2. Read and follow these guidelines. Unfortunately, it’s all too obvious when people haven’t read this page. That makes it hard for me to accept your submission.

3. Submit your best headline idea AND full outline for a minimum 1700 word post on the subject of memory. Include this material in the body of your email. If I’m interested, I’ll be in touch, usually with a few suggestions. Due to multiple scheduling considerations, I cannot promise when I will respond with comments or when your post will be released. There may be a few revisions requested before we get to the publishing stage. 

4. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS. They will not be read or published.

5. If accepted, I prefer 1700-3000 word guest posts. Please note that these word count guidelines are for the benefit of your success with respect to Google, the Magnetic Memory Method audience and our mission to help people with substantial information. 

6. Note that you do not have to be a memory expert. Many people who have posted are language learning experts or just love memory techniques and memory improvement.

However, your content must directly reflect memory and how to improve it with practical tips, strategies and verifiable science. Please make sure your outline includes at least 3 links to external content that validates the claims of your article (in addition to any links to your site).

7. On the day your post goes live,  respond to comments.  You’ll get the most out of the experience by helping drive engagement. Be sure that you also schedule it in your marketing to make sure the most amount of people see it. 


Thanks for respecting this important part of the submission guidelines. If your content is merely for the purpose of establishing a backlink, please understand that this is easy to spot and will not lead to publication on this website.


Due to the amount of email I receive, I am unable to respond to submission ideas that aren’t a fit for the Magnetic Memory Method website.

If you don’t hear back from me, please review this page and resubmit your proposal. Edit your proposal for grammar and spelling and make sure it is on the topic of memory. Topics that touch upon the following are especially welcome:

  • The history of memory techniques
  • Memory Palace mechanics
  • Memory and issues like foods that improve memory, sleep and exercise.
  • Personal experiences with memory techniques and memory improvement (this could be with any mnemonics, not necessarily the Magnetic Memory Method)
  • Remembering specific topics like playing cards, names, learning foreign language vocabulary, numbers, symbols, etc.
  • Language learning experiences using memory techniques
  • Alternative approaches to the Magnetic Memory Method or case studies with approaches of your own invention
  • Reviews of memory improvement books by other memory experts

How to get your post idea accepted

If you’re wondering what kind of posts get accepted on the Magnetic Memory Method website, here are a few:

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Thanks for considering the Magnetic Memory Method for your writing. I look forward to reading your detailed outline soon! 🙂

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