Concerned Citizens Who Wish Learning Could Be Irresistibly Fun...

Right now, there is a battle taking place.

It is being fought against this man:

Petrus Ramus

Mean and sinister looking dude, isn’t he?

Chances are you don’t know him or his educational sins against humanity...

But I do…

I’ve been fighting him for years…

So have you, even if you didn’t know it.

And together, you and I are going to win the battle.

His name is Petrus Ramus.

Back in the 16th century, he struck a damaging blow to learners around the world.

And we’re still reeling from the wrecking ball he smashed against cool and fun ways of learning.

See, Ramus figured (incorrectly) that people would learn significantly better if all of the world’s knowledge was

boiled down to diagrams and schematics. 

Check out his idea of a winning learning formula…

boring textbook example

What the heck is that? 

I don't know!

But I do know how I react each and every time I see words attached to lines:



And then…

Snore some more. 

It’s garbage.

Yet, you and I STILL read books based on the principles of Petrus Ramus.


Chapter headings.


...I’m surprised more people didn’t choose death over learning the “Petrus Ramus” way.

I mean, I get that people like pain, but his brutal fixation on boiling knowledge down to uninspiring diagrams that slam your mind into the darkest pits of boredom is a bit ridiculous.

Back When Textbooks Were Like A Visit To Disneyland

But Ramus’ influence was huge and in fact he almost single-handedly burned an incredible and vital learning tradition to the ground.

Like the alternative learning experience favored by Ramon Llull.

Who the heck is Ramon Llull?

He was what I would call the Stan Lee of his day… a real super hero of learning.

(If you don’t know Stan Lee, he’s the dude behind Marvel Comics. Think Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men, etc.)

Like Stan Lee in our time, Llull made his readers tear through each page of admittedly complex philosophy as if they were entranced by an exciting comic book.

I mean, just take a look at this image:

Ramon Llull example

Can you see how different this is in comparison to the (yawn snore) outline you saw before? The one from the spawn of Satan who practically destroyed Llull’s incredibly engaging learning modality?

Kidding aside, Llull’s tradition also includes schematics and diagrams some of the time. BUT he always made sure they were BAKED into fun and compelling images. Just like the image you see above.

He’s the one that “got it”.

Llull put an engaging story in each lesson that didn’t just pull his learners through like a magnet to metal. He helped people LOVE reading him and helped them love LEARNING

And if you were a student learning Llull’s stuff back in the 13th or 14th Century, you’d have had a blast reading his books too.

Even Llull’s books that didn’t have illustrations usually included stories. There was typically some kind of hero and you learned Llull’s philosophy and memorized facts about science and math through his epic tales.

Llull was kind of like Plato that way, another dude who still teaches millions of people around the world through stories.

Here's what's even better, something a lot of people don’t know:

Llull is one of the main guys we have to thank for the computers we have today. 

Seriously. If you check him out on Wikipedia, you’ll read:

“Llull's Art is sometimes recognized as a precursor to computer science and computation theory.”

“Art” with a capital A. Not a typo.

The Day The Fun Died And We All Became
Petrus Ramus Cult Members

The main reason why we can’t have cool books like Llull’s anymore?

A lot of thanks goes to Petrus Ramus and the sycophants in Congress who still get their jollies perpetuating his garbage ideology.

A sick and enthusiasm-draining approach to learning that reduces knowledge down to stick figures when we could all be learning from radiant images and engaging scenarios.

Make no mistake. The threat is real, and these politicians are the same people REFUSING to bring the online platforms down to earth.

Instead, these are the “officials” practically screaming:

"Let's grind the human attention span to the point that all they'll watch – when not being forced to read our humdrum textbooks – is ads on MicroYouToppledByPutinTok!"

Here’s something else HUMOROUS to know about this very boring man, the man who literally fathered in so many of the problems we face today.

Ramus’ nickname was Paginarius, or the “Page Man”.

Why did they call him “Page Man”?

Because instead of using memory techniques to help with his speeches, “Page Man” just read word-for-word from his own books.

He didn’t even employ the reductive diagrams he insisted everyone else use! What kind of sick fuck is that? Here I thought the medieval
Executioner Franz was the most evil.

The story gets worse!

By some strange stroke of fate, two things happened:

Not only did Ramus influence people in the universities to completely change how they printed books. He seduced “sheeple” like the King of France and other rulers to adopt his “educational reforms.”

Even though Ramus was apparently really boring to listen to in person, he wrote fairly well. And it’s thanks to his profuse, picture-free, “Page man” graphomania that education was badly ruined.

But All Was Not Lost!

So boring and so irritating were his educational “innovations,” he was eventually murdered. He got off easy. 

Now to the clues to Ramus’ death.

One of Shakespeare’s pals Christopher Marlowe, wrote a play featuring the death of Ramus. It’s called The Massacre at Paris

(There’s probably an alternate universe where I celebrate every morning with a thank you to the memory gods and goddesses for The Massacre at Paris being written!)


In this play, the characters kill Ramus because he hoisted a “unica methodus” upon the readers of his time.

That means, “one method.” Ramus tried to organize all knowledge by using bland and boring diagrams. No mind opening illustrations or deeply engaging stories. He was not hugged enough as a child. This is known.

Worse, Ramus thought he was improving ancient textbooks, like the collected works of Aristotle. That book is sometimes called The Organon.

Whereas Aristotle’s collected works used to be cool and looked like this:

Aristotle Book Example

Make no mistake...

Petrus Ramus murdered this wonderful and engaging tradition of information display.

To this day, when we read Aristotle, his philosophy is presented as a wall of text with yet more mini-walls of text in the margins:

Aristotle Organon Page Example

Brutal, right?

No wonder so many people find Aristotle hard to comprehend in today’s world!

So get this:

To drive it all home…

Just before Ramus is stabbed to death in Marlowe’s play, Ramus says:

I knew the Organon to be confusde,

And I reduc'd it into better forme.

Well, to put it bluntly…

Ramus’ attackers disagreed that old Mr. Snooty Boots had made Aristotle better. 

In fact, it was the Duke of Anjou who says: 

Never was there anyone so full of pride. Kill him!

And so they did. Both in this play and in real life.

Not to mention a bunch of people who took pains to ILLUSTRATE his death…

Starting with him cowering inside a room with only WALLS OF TEXT and a (way too young) manservant to protect him.

A History Of Images Tells The Tale Of Revenge Taken Against This "Master Of Monotony"...

Petrus Ramus Hiding From His Killers
Petrus Ramus Dragged Out
Petrus Ramus Meets His End

I like this final illustration the best.

It inspired the moniker “Mr. Snooty Boots” I used above because clearly that Nietzsche-looking dude with the proto-Klingon polearm made Ramus take off his boots first.

Either way, goodbye Ramus.

The Horrifying Ghost Of the Prince of Boredom

Except… not goodbye…

Strangely, Ramus’ bizarre method of “reducing knowledge into better form” survived.

Even though his wicked ways have clearly made the presentation of knowledge much, much worse.

And it’s still bad, and we all know that the current paradigm of education is sinking lower and lower every single day. 

That’s not cool.

And rarely are today’s textbooks any fun.

They’re certainly nothing like reading comic books.

Crimes Against Learners...
Past, Present & Future

Sadly, there are still a lot of people like Ramus walking around.

Petrus Ramus with book and knife

Okay, maybe they don’t keep knives besides their boring textbooks like he did, but…

The Ramus clones are still publishing in scholarly journals that influence how teachers run their classrooms. They lobby governments to influence how contemporary textbooks get made.


They stomp on fun each and every chance they get because they’ve got quotas to fill and more charts and diagrams to produce… self-referential pap they use to fill their coffers with more funding based on your tax dollars.

Yes, they are using your money to destroy future minds!

And I have been tirelessly helping people deal with the crushing weight of their tedious junk for more than a decade.

Actually, that’s just counting my work with the Magnetic Memory Method.

For ten years before that I was toiling away as a professor within their system, doing my best to bring light into the darkness with a different way of teaching.

For example, when I taught Film Studies, we didn’t only sit in the lecture and listen to me talk for hours on end. We went out and actually shot movies. Then we edited them. Then we distributed them. My students lived and breathed what they were learning.

As if they were in a story. 

Problem is…

I realized that all I’ve been doing still isn’t enough.

What One Memory Teacher With A Grudge Against Garbage Is Doing To Fix All Of This…

I’m sorry, but for all my toil, I still haven’t been helping enough people survive the crimes of the past and the present and I’ve been telling you about.

Make no mistake, when I see someone like Putin rattling his saber, I think about Ramus.


That dude is the consequence of the broken education systems around the world, as is every other politician like him (and there are a lot).

Look, I’m not trying to posture like some Jordan Peterson fanboy by picking up “the heaviest cross I can bear.”

I just know that if I don’t do more, these crimes will persist into the future.

So here’s what I’ve done…

Enter Dr. Metivier’s
“Theatre of Memory”

You’ve probably heard about the Memory Palace technique before.

I’ve certainly been shouting about it from the top of the Internet’s mountains at the top of my lungs.

There are many ways to use the technique, and one of my favorites involves treating your memory as if it’s a kind of “theatre.”

Now, partly I got this idea from a cool dude named Giulio Camillo.

He shared his ideas of how to create such a theatre of memory with blueprints like this:

Giulio Camillo Memory Theatre

Another Renaissance memory master named Robert Fludd offered similar concepts.

Go ahead and feast your eyes on this one:

Robert Fludd Memory Theater

Problem is…

All that stuff is too hard!

And hardly anyone goes to theaters to see plays anymore.

I almost never use movie theaters as Memory Palaces either… although sometimes I do. They can be useful when the context is right.

Anyhow, I thought it would be cool to update this concept.

And that’s why I built this for you:

Cafe Mnemonic

I call it “Cafe Mnemonic.”

It’s where cool, interesting and fun learners meet to practice memory techniques and learn in a completely new way.

In a contemporary way.

Based on the things you and I need to learn and understand in the here and now.

So we don’t wind up repeating the crimes of the past.

Would you like to come inside?If so, here’s what’s up…


Memory Detective

(The Game Where Forgetting Is A Crime)

So… where to begin?

“Cafe Mnemonic” is a place created by a blind memory champion named Jerome.

He’s a character in a series of books I’m writing.

The first one is already done. More on that in a minute.

Around book three in the series, Jerome and his friend, Detective David Williams start a cafe together.

But it’s not just any old cafe.

No… it’s a cafe built for Memory Detectives.

Instead of hogging out on donuts, this is a place where serious career professionals load up on memory-friendly treats and exercise their minds.

And it’s based on an idea I had while re-reading all the Arthur Conan Doyle stories… and some books by Michael Connelly.

As I was thinking about new ways to make learning how to improve your memory fun and exciting, I was thinking about Ramus.

But also the problem of how so many people told me they’d seen Sherlock Holmes and learned about Memory Palaces. But they still couldn’t figure out the techniques.

Well, of course not. That's because...

You Can't Become A Fictional Character Like Sherlock Holmes Just By Reading About Him!

Nor by watching him on a screen.

(And even if you could, it wouldn’t help anyway because the way Sherlock uses the techniques aren’t realistic.)

So I wrote my story in a way that you really cool follow in the footsteps of the detective.

But not just by reading about him and modeling how he learns to use memory techniques.

By playing games with him.

Listen, if you’ve ever been to Disneyland or played Dungeons and Dragons, you know how quickly your mind automatically remembers multiple locations and “rules of the game”.

You literally learn as you go.

While having fun.

So thinking ahead as I wrote my first story, I also designed a game. It’s called Memory Detective.

Like Dungeons and Dragons, there are many scenarios. 

And like Disneyland, there are many locations.

The first game is called "The Velo Gang Murders."

Memory Detective The Velo Gang Murders Live Event Poster

I believe this is going to be the most fun and exciting learning experience you’ll ever have when it comes to memory.

Here’s why:

Most books, courses, software programs, etc…

They’re built on the Ramus model of learning.

But as people like Llull and Plato before him knew…


But most books and courses for learning memory techniques?

For one thing, they are built by memory competitors.

That means they teach you to memorize long strings of digits. Lists of words like “chicken, eraser, hammer.”

Well, that’s all fine and dandy if you want to win memory competitions.

But with this game, I’ve taken the hammer from one of those lists and used to pound out a kind of recurring memory improvement “theme park.”

And when you visit this theme park, you’ll effortlessly discover how to remember the information in your life that actually matters.

And you’ll have an example of someone who found it hard, but still managed to squeeze it all in.

Detective David Williams

See, in my story, you’ll meet Detective David Williams. He’s doing all he can to keep one step ahead of the early cognitive decline destroying his mind…

Not to mention threatening his career. And his ability to eventually retire. 

Anyhow, I’m not going to spoil the surprise of all the fun things you’ll learn in the first book and the first games.

All you need to understand is that we’re going to have a blast together learning through story.

So if you’re excited and want to join us in Cafe Mnemonic for this mind blowing experience…

Here’s How Belonging To Memory Detective Can Change Everything In Your Learning Life…

Just enter your details below.

You’ll immediately get a copy of my first detective story.

It's a real novel written by someone who really knows how memory techniques work and it comes in Epub, dynamic PDF and audiobook. 

I wrote and narrated the story myself.

Anthony Metivier recording an audiobook

Here’s a quick summary of the novel.

It’s called Flyboy and there’s a puzzle embedded in the title for you to solve, just one of many puzzles in the book.

After years working his beat under dreary skies, early cognitive decline is starting to drag on Detective David Williams. 

When a serial killer learns of Williams' checkered past, his unusual crime scene signatures become increasingly cryptic, leading Williams to one final encounter with the man who murdered his family two decades ago.

Now Detective Williams must come to grips with his own past transgressions while exercising his memory to keep up with the complex demands of the most gruesome and grisly foe of his career.

Flyboy cover on tablet

What People Are Saying About The First "Memory Detective" Novel...

John Michael Greer feature image for Magnetic Memory Method Podcast


“A tense and capably written murder mystery revolving around mnemonic

methods -- a memorable tale in more senses than one."

John Michael Greer
- Author of Retrotopia and The Weird of Hali, Translator of On the Shadows of the Ideas by Giordano Bruno


"Regardless of your intended purpose for reading, Flyboy covers it all.  This is a one of a kind amazing creation.  It will take you by surprise as you find yourself totally enthralled, entertained, educated, expanded, and most of all inspired.  Inspired to care for yourself and up your game in this adventure of life.  No hints in this review regarding the actual story content, as it is massive beyond the plot of things, and definitely a worthy and happy investment of time.  Please experience it for yourself.  I am delighted to have done so."

- Lifelong Learner
Debra with a copy of The Memory Connection by Anthony Metivier
Ben Cardall


"Flyboy is one of those rare pieces of fiction that encourages reflection in the reader. You don't just get the drama, the tension and the excitement from the exploits of its characters. You also get a look at your own capabilities as though Anthony is able to make you hold a mirror up to yourself and think 'what else am I capable of?"

Ben Cardall
- Author, Mentalist and Real Life Sherlock Holmes


"It’s a cool story and I’m digging the way you’ve included memory training and philosophy!"

William Gordan
- Professional Photographer
William Gordon

The 7 Main Reasons I Wrote A Book To Go With The Game…

Okay, so this is going to sound kind of weird but…

1.I was literally dying for a break from all the work I’ve been doing over the past decade.

Almost without pause I’d been reading either memory science, memory training books or things related to running an epic business online in my battle against people like Ramus.

So I went to the bookstore intent on finding a novel that would give me such much needed downtime.

Little did I know that the book I chose would kick off a chain of events that have made me work harder than ever before.

(In a good way, of course.)

It’s kind of spooky, but when I was in the bookstore in Brisbane, a Michael Connelly book called The Poet almost seemed to push itself into my hands.

So I took it home and read it.

I was totally blown away. Soon I was back at the store to get some more of his books.

About halfway through the second book, I thought it would be really fun to write a novel myself.

And that’s the first reason.

2. The first attempt was a weird story called “The Author.” I made a mistake too.

I wrote it by hand and after typing up about 20,000 words… I figured it was just not good enough to continue.

That’s when I got started on a book called Flyboy.

Three pages into the story, the whole thing slammed into my head.

Not just one book. But an entire series.

And I realized that I needed to write these books not for myself. Not to take a rest. And certainly not for mere amusement.

I realized that I needed to write these books for you.

3. About a year prior to all this, I had interviewed a guy named Martin Faulks for my YouTube channel.

I must have been in a sour mood that day because when he mentioned Sherlock Holmes, I said that we should never association the great memory tradition with murder.

What a schmuck I am sometimes!

After all, so many people have gotten interested in memory techniques thanks to Sherlock Holmes and Hannibal Lecter. And here I was doing what I practice so hard not to do in my personal life: Not judge.

But the reality is that we do judge things.

Even the Buddha judged things. He was the one who said after all, “Expectation is the fastest path to suffering.”

If that isn’t casting judgment, I don’t know what is.

The point is, I realized that I needed to address whatever led me to say such a snotty thing to my podcast guest.

I don’t think it was jealousy or envy for the successes of books based on Sherlock Holmes or Hannibal Lecter.

I really don’t know what it was.

And I don’t think it matters.

But it is one of the reasons I wrote this book.

4. I’ve been an educator for a long time.

Before I started teaching memory online ten years ago, I’d already spent ten years as a Film Studies professor.

Anthony Metivier Film Studies Lecture

For eleven years prior to that, I’d been a student in university.

And I always found ways to make even the most boring textbooks interesting to me.

Partly, that’s a result of my education. From day one in university, I learned all about the real reason Plato has stood the test of time:

It’s the stories he told.

So all of this stuff just kind of snapped together.And I’ve been writing up a storm and designing games ever since.

But unlike Plato and Ramon Llull, my stories are accompanied by games.

They’re 3-dimensional.

And I’m confident they’re going to change your life.

5. It’s pretty obvious that we learn from stories. That's why I've been telling the story of Simonides of Ceos since the very beginning of my career as a memory instructor.

Simonides of Ceos Inventor of the Memory Palace in the Western world

In case you don’t know it, he was the guy who survived the earthquake that destroyed a banquet hall where he was giving a speech.

He could tell the authorities the names of each and every person because he’d memorized them all based on their locations.

Anyhow, I was thinking of his life story when my friend Olly Richards launched his Story Learning series. And I was pretty inspired by all of it.

But, specifically for memory, I remembered my favorite books when I was a kid.

Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Choice based learning book example

Remember those?

They were so cool because they gave your brain a bit of exercise. But more importantly, they gave you ownership over how the story turns out.And responsibility.

Which leads us to…

6. How fun would it be if people could see a time-strapped detective suffering brain fog and yet still managing to fit memory techniques into his day?

And how cool would it be if he accomplishes some major feats in each and every book… leading ultimately to complete mental mastery?

Even as the world decays into darkness around him?

Anthony Metivier using the Freedom Journal

So I designed a complete series of 8 books. The plan is this:

Flyboy: The detective learns to remember names and passcodes.

Book Two (Forthcoming): Chemistry equations and symbols (and also how to hold the details of a secret identity)

Book Three (Forthcoming): Complicated procedures, like card magic. And also mastering the Hand Memory Palace.

Book Four (Forthcoming): Medical terms, anatomy and biology.

Book Five (Forthcoming): Poetry and math, including hard concepts like infinity and recursion.

Book Six (Forthcoming): Music.

Book Seven (Forthcoming): Scripture and quotes.

Book Eight (Forthcoming): Dates, times, recovering lost autobiographical memories and programming languages.

In these books, you’ll enjoy not just Sherlock-esque descriptions of what the detective accomplishes.But in an exciting way, you’ll learn how he does it. And it’s all based on how memory techniques really work.

Nothing outlandish.

It’s like Andy Weir’s The Martian. Hard SF where all the plot details are based on real science, yet never boring.

7. There’s another guy from the past I haven’t told you about.

His name was Giordano Bruno and he was burned at the stake.

Unlike Ramus, who I think was definitely killed for taking the life out of education…

Bruno was… complicated.

Giordano Bruno

And the more I read Bruno’s stuff…

… the more I feel that he probably wrote his memory improvement books for teachers.

I mean, On the Shadows of the Ideas is a compelling title. And it comes packed with cool memory devices like these memory wheels:

memory wheel

But half of Bruno’s most popular work involves a spiritual philosophy. And the memory training part really doesn’t seem intended to teach the techniques. It seems more like an advanced manual for people who already use them and want to teach them to others.

Plus, you can see that he’s split hairs between Llull and Ramus. He’s given us an image, but it’s a highly schematic one.

Anyhow, most people struggling through Bruno’s memory improvement books don’t know that Bruno also wrote plays. And in those plays, he taught the memory techniques in the clearest and plainest language you can imagine – for his era.

I’ll bet that tons of people learned the techniques that way.

Not from the memory manuals he wrote for his peers. And that’s because he wrote stories that made sense in his era.

And I just knew that if I also created stories for you that make sense in ours, we’d be able to learn like Plato, Llull, Bruno and even Shakespeare shared with us so many wonderful lessons about how to learn and lead a great life.

Plus, I have Detective Williams using memory techniques the way we do in today’s world. Zany, crazy images that you get to experience as you read. You’ll literally be doing the techniques along with him, exercising your mind and building your skills.

So all those things have been kicking around in my head for years, and now that the first novel is done and the first game has been designed, it’s time to pull the proverbial trigger.

Which leads us to a most important question…

Memory Detective Internal Game Guide

A Memory Game? I’m In! 

But… How Does It Work?

I’m glad you asked. It’s actually pretty simple.

We’ll meet in cafe Mnemonic via the magic of Zoom. We’ll be playing the game on November 5th, 2022 at 6pm PST, 9 PM EST.

You’ll also get a copy of “Memory Detective Internal.”

In this special resource, which is exclusive to you, you’ll discover the rules of play and be guided through creating your own game character.

But before I say anything more about the game, let me share with you the problem I’m trying to solve.

Why I Only Ever Competed
As A Memory Athlete Once (For Charity)

Back in 2015, I was a bit like Detective Williams in Flyboy. My memory skills were a lot better, but like him, I had a drinking problem that needed attention.

So I wound up at a memory competition totally hungover, jetlagged and in a hell of physical pain. My arthritis always gets triggered by booze and the stress of travel, so I told the organizer I would be sitting this one out.

That was Dave Farrow, and there was no way he was letting me out of there without at least one friendly round.

And he didn’t, but I only agreed to compete with one basic concession:

Whoever won had to give the prize money to charity.

Anthony Metivier and Dave Farrow

So I sat down and with cameras circling us like sharks in the water, the timer started.

After two minutes of memorizing as many playing cards as we could (it felt like 2 seconds), we entered the recall round.

The way this particular competition worked, Dave and I both memorized the same order of cards.

Then, we switched turns naming them. Whoever made the first mistake was out and you get points for each correctly named card.

I went first, and before I even named the first card, Dave tried to “psych” me out.

“Can I take your point?” he said, leaning in close to unnerve me.

“Hell no,” I said. “Queen of Clubs.”

And on we went.

Long story short, Dave’s charity won.

But here’s what’s really cool.

Even though I was in really bad shape, and Dave’s “psych out” move did unnerve me…

Like the detective in my story eventually learns to do…

I found deep inner calm.

I named every single card I’d memorized and made zero mistakes.

Even better:

Dave Farrow has two Guinness World Records for this stuff.

As butchered as I was with jetlag, a hangover and arthritis flares, I memorized half as much as he did. With 100% accuracy.

This experience taught me so much about memory techniques and just what a powerful skill I’d been practicing and teaching while traveling the world.

In addition to inspiring me to finally give up booze forever (even though I could clearly memorize very well after hitting rock bottom), Dave gave me a couple of valuable things.

He gave me a tournament manual that I haven’t referred to, but is probably another reason I came up with the idea for this game.

But he also gave me experience as a judge, which provided some of the most interesting insights I’ve ever had.

Anthony Metivier judging a Memory Competition

Finally, he shared with me the secrets of how he doubled the amount I had memorized during the competition.

But other than that one experience and what it proved to me about memorizing against the clock and an “enemy”...

I find training for memory competitions just isn’t my thing.

I’m interested in training to memorize information that is useful in everyday life.

And so Memory Detective changes that, but also a few other things.

Games Have Winners, Right?

That’s another thing that has always made me uninterested in memory competitions. 

A few people get to win while the majority stand around praising the winners.Look, no shade to the memory competitions. They are for who they are for. 

But that kind of activity just isn’t for me, and I’ve heard from hundreds of people that they don’t want to compete either. But they do want a community and a set of activities that are fun and help you learn.

So in my game, I’ve designed it so that everyone wins.

Or maybe another way to think about it is how my favorite crime genre writer has his character Harry Bosch say, “Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts.”

Michael Connelly

The conviction of that detective and how hard he works to make good on his motto has definitely inspired me.

Because in the game I created for you, let me say it loud and clear:

"Everyone counts."

But okay, I hear you barking, big dog.

And you know what?

You’re right.

It’s not much of a game if no one goes home with a gold star.

So sure, there will be prizes for those who really go to town.

Including an extra set of points for those who can solve some of the puzzles I've embedded in Flyboy. 

(You'll get all the details after you register so you can... choose your own adventure.)

Columbo Cup

But apart from the clues above, I’m keeping all of the top prizes secret, insider knowledge.

For whom?

For those who sign up to play the game and enter the Memory Detective world I’m creating for you.

Now listen:

You will not be put on the spot like I was when I competed. You won’t have to prove your worth to save your skin or ever risk feeling embarrassed.

No, not because I’m exercising some kind of “politically correct” agenda. I write transgressive murder mysteries filled with wild and zany images, remember? With titles like Flyboy and Vitamin X.

I just want a learning experience where you can sit back and enjoy the ride, or get as deeply involved as you like. A game where you truly get to choose your own adventure.

On the flipside, if you’re just in it for a cash prize or want to come in with your fists already swinging so you can win some Ramus-looking title that strokes your ego…

That’s not what this is.

Though, rest assured: You will experience the same level of intrigue, deep involvement and excitement that comes from competitive sport. And you’ll experience total success.

That’s because this game is about truth, justice and honor. It’s about doing the right thing with your memory.


Because in the world of Memory Detective, forgetting is a crime.

As is letting yourself be led around by your ego.

Here’s How The Plot Thickens…

Sign up now and you’ll get the first book and an invite to the first game.

The novel, Flyboy, comes in audio format and I narrated it myself. You also get an Epub that will open in whatever Ebook reader you prefer.

Now, at this point, I realize that some people might have questions about how all of this works.

The novel is a legit novel with teaching elements in the story and a study guide for intermediate and advanced students of memory techniques.

By "legit," I mean that I actually wrote a novel. It's not some two-bit junk story where you follow a fox around a carnival or some (yawn, snore) garbage like that.

Frankly, my writing speaks for itself. You can read and listen to a sample here if you want to check it out.

But I’ll be totally transparent with you:

As effective as this novel has proven to be amongst its test readers, playing games in the narrative world of Flyboy is where it's at.

You're being invited to the very first game.

That means you have the exclusive opportunity to be part of something that is both new, but also very old. I’m using the Internet to take us back to a time when people learned through stories.

A time back before people like Ramus literally murdered all the fun of learning.

And what you and I are learning together will make the “Mnemonics Renaissance” we’ve been experiencing for the past decade even bigger and better. Learning will just keep getting more and more exciting the more and more you get involved in my projects.

Again, this is the most exciting learning experience I believe you’ll ever have.

It will improve your ability to learn faster and remember more.

In a way that creates more than just “better memory.”

You’ll gain wisdom. Solace. Heightened personal responsibility.

And the exact thing that old Sherlock is missing.

REAL memory skills.

Put it another way:

You get to acquire everything you need while having fun. And while effortlessly battling the evil forces of those who want to turn every learning experience into a tedious and boring diagram.

Enjoy reading the first story in the series and see you soon in Cafe Mnemonic for the first Memory Detective game!

Yes, Anthony, I Want To Play "Memory Detective" And
Read Book One In Your New Series!

Anthony Metivier with lots of books
Anthony Metivier

Creator of the

Magnetic Memory Method

About Your New "Head Detective"

Bestselling author and course creator Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams. There's no hype in his training, just techniques that work. 

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

How Long Will This Take?

Everyone can and should read novels at their own speed.

The game itself takes place on November 5th over approximately 90 minutes. If you want to hang around for the after-party, it's best to budget your time accordingly. We often hang out for hours talking about memory techniques, and other things, like philosophy.

What if I can't be there for the live game?

That's okay. You can play the game on your own by watching the replay. As long as you just let it play, it will have the same "under the gun" feel of the live game and you can use the self-testing element just the same.

You're also getting the book and all related materials, so it's win-win either way. But it takes a bit of "Know Thyself" to determine whether or not you want the live version or the replay version. I personally wouldn't make it a matter of one or the other and suggest you just get involved in any way that you can. This is the future of learning and practicing memory techniques and getting in early has its perks (introductory pricing being just one of them.)

What if this doesn't work for me?

This is a good question, but technically a non-issue when it comes to this game. So long as you participate in either the live game or the replay, you will be getting multiple levels of memory workout.

And if you are using the Magnetic Memory Method, my formal memory training has worked for everyone who has given it their honest best to use the techniques.

Notice that word: use.

Memory techniques do work. There's no question about it and no one has time enough to read all of the scientific literature, historical material and memory competition records that demonstrate their validity beyond question.

The real question is whether or not you are going to put the memory techniques into use.

And since this is kind of like "police academy" for new Memory Detectives, that's what you're signing up to do.

So sign up for the game and give me your best, or you'll be giving me twenty pushups.

Just kidding! All you have to do is show up and have fun. The process will take care of the rest.

How are the materials delivered?

You're getting access to the book in audio, PDF and Epub format through my online portal.

If you already have one of my online products, it will be added to your MMM Masterclass training area.

Everything will be explained by email, including a link to my Magnetic Zoom Room where we'll be playing the first game.



Detective Williams will be picking you up from Cafe Mnemonic (where else?). You'll be there, brushing up on your memory techniques with your personal memory mentor, Jerome. (The guy with the dog in the Cafe Mnemonic picture above.) 

What's the difference between this and every other memory improvement course?


This is not a course.

It's an entirely new way to learn through story and play.

This sounds great for kids? Can they come?

Sorry, this an adult-oriented learning experience.

That said, once you start using memory techniques, you'll be part of the League of Extraordinary Parents that have come out of the Magnetic Memory Method Family.

Learn to use the techniques yourself, show them to your kids and they won't be able to resist wanting to learn them from you.

I'll say that again:


Their best possible teacher.

I have mild cognitive impairment. Will playing this game help me?

Getting involved in the game will give you some memory exercise and greater exposure to people who use the techniques. This might inspire you to educate yourself further about how to use them effectively when revisiting the other memory programs you already have.

I’m fully confident it will help all people, but ultimately, the only way to know is to play and enjoy some fun along the way.

What happens during the game?

There will be a crime to solve.

You will use memory techniques as part of solving it. But you will also enjoy what is call "passive memory exercise."

This means that you can use memory techniques (active memory exercise), or just sit back and remember as much as you can without using mnemonics to encode during the game (passive memory exercise). The level of memory exercise is up to you.

Either way, you will earn points based on how well you demonstrate your understanding of the memory techniques you learn through the novel and while we're playing the game.

Just go ahead and try it.

Seriously. There's no fluff. 

No dancing around or gymnastics. 

Just deeply immersive memory training.

Like the world has never seen before.

So please...

Join me in taking a stand against the "Masters of Monotony" so learning can finally be fun again.

Okay, All My Questions Are Answered! I'm Ready To Become a Memory Detective And Destroy The Prince Of Boredom Once And For All!

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