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Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, names, music, poetry and more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

Dr. Metivier holds a Ph.D. in Humanities from York University and has been featured in Forbes, Viva Magazine, Fluent in 3 Months, Daily Stoic, Learning How to Learn and he has delivered one of the most popular TEDx Talks on memory improvement.

As a Mercator Scholar, his most popular memory improvement books include The Victorious Mind, Smarter and How to Learn and Memorize German Vocabulary.

Here's how the "Magnetic Memory Method" helps you remember important things better...

how to memorize a speech feature image of Anthony Metivier delivering a TEDx Talk in Melbourne Australia

Deliver a Speech or Presentation

Speaking verbatim from memory is easy when you add the Magnetic Memory Method. My TEDx Talk has been seen millions of times, and I memorized it using a Memory Palace.

Anthony Metivier creating a mind map for reflecting on the next steps in his business

Sharper Thinking

Critical thinking is a big topic and crucial to improving your memory. From winning debates to enjoying philosophy and thinking reflectively about your life, my critical thinking strategies will improve your relationship with memory.

Lifelong learning feature image with Anthony Metivier in a library with books

Read & Remember

I can definitely help you read faster. But as someone with a PhD, I humbly suggested that it doesn't matter how fast you go if you're not going in the right direction. Learn to read and remember the right way.

Visual Example of the Trachtenberg Method drawn out on paper for a multiplication problem

Math & Everyday Numbers

Learning math and remembering the important numbers in your life is incredibly simple. You just need to know how memory techniques apply to your goals in this area.

Anthony Metivier holding a French dictionary

Learn Languages

You can make your memory “leak proof” while learning any language. Basic mnemonics, the Memory Palace technique and tactics like the Story Method and Linking are fun and easy to use for developing your mother tongue or developing fluency in another language.

tips for memorizing a speech examples from Dr. Anthony Metivier delivering a presentation in Berlin, Germany

Remember Names

You just met someone two seconds ago and already you can’t remember their name. What if you could eliminate this problem forever? You absolutely can using simple and elegant mnemonic strategies. Here's a case study from a live event where I memorized every name in the room with 100% accuracy.

As a world-renowned memory expert, Dr. Anthony Metivier has been featured by...


“I’ve personally found some of Anthony Metivier’s memory tips to be extremely useful when I’m looking to memorize anything from foreign words to personal names, to equations. He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around.”
Barbara Oakley
Barbara Oakley, PhD
Bestselling author of A Mind For Numbers
“Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone teaching vocabulary acquisition more effectively and extensively.”
Alex Mullen World Memory Champion Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial
Alex Mullen
3x World Memory Champion
“I have completed several memory courses and have had varying degrees of success. However, Anthony gives some detailed advice and training tips, that have made memorization, languages in particular, a lot clearer to me. For myself, he has filled in the blanks so to speak and he has provided some solid information and tools, that have allowed me to take my language studies to a much higher level. Not to mention the fact, that I am now able to expedite the whole process.”
Mike Newton
“Just the other night I was able to memorize 100 numbers total, in about two hours! If you had asked me to do that before learning the techniques I’d never be able to do that! Hell, I’d laugh at the thought, especially considering how hard it is to remember numbers in the first place. I really wish I knew about you and your system years ago. Do you know how much easier school would’ve been? How many more names I would have remembered? How many people would have been impressed by my knowledge on various subjects, or personal interests?”
Andy Valdez

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