How To Memorize 50 Spanish Provinces On Your First Go

It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short period of time with a Memory Palace.

Memorizing Concepts Made Easy (And Magnetic)

It’s pretty easy – so long as you don’t let overthinking the process slow you down.

8 Important Principles For Every (Serious) Memorizer

Developing advanced memory skills can – and will – change your life.

Mnemonics, Language Learning And Virtual Memory Palaces In Discussion With Timothy Moser

Two memory skills enthusiasts reveal all.

Julie Gray Talks About the Zeigarnik Effect And Making Tasks Laughably Simple

Learn how to get those undone jobs off your mind in this new MMM Podcast!

Memorize Bach On Bass

Read between the lines of the staff in this post and you’ll be able to memorize music in ways that are quick, easy and fun.

Do You Remember Enough To Write An (Accurate) Book About Your Life?

Chances are that it’s impossible to write an accurate book about your life … but memory techniques can (maybe) help.

Mindshock! How To Make Amazing Visual Imagery And Memorize More Stuff

In this podcast episode, we explore controversial imagery and why it prompts recall.

Hanging Out With My Magnetic Memory

Amazing – and Magnetic – guest post and guest podcast from Richard Gilzean.

On Mnemonic Examples, Controversy and Visual Learning

Thanks to everyone who answered the survey. Here’s a post about the results.

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