A Magnetic Little Tip On Memorizing Foreign Language Vocabulary

Focus on this aspect of memorizing vocabulary and success will follow

How To Renovate A Memory Palace

If you want to make changes inside of a Memory Palace, here’s how.

5 Ultra Fun Ways To Super Boost Your Fluency

These easy and fun ways to boost your fluency apply to any subject or language.

7 Ways To Make Your Memory Swiss Army Knife Sharp

Ninja, Jedi, Matrix techniques for using Memory Palaces at a higher level.

On Math, The Science Of Mnemonics And Memory Modalities

Candid talk on the science of mnemonics with notes on math and rep systems.

Defeat Procrastination And Memorize More With These Tricks

Procrastination doesn’t have to be your enemy.

In Praise Of The Mnemonic Peg-System

When used in combination with Memory Palaces, the Peg-System is truly Magnetic.

Jonathan Levi Talks About Becoming A Superlearner

Learn to read fast and memorize more as a Superlearner.

How To Memorize Numbers With The Major Method

Memorizing numbers is super-simple. Especially when you use a Memory Palace.

Hindi Alphabet Memory Palace Secrets

Learn How To Use A Memory Palace To Memorize A Very Complex Alphabet

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