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Thrills & Chills As A Terrifying New Criminal Forces A Struggling Detective To Think & Remember Better Than Sherlock Holmes...

After years working his beat under dreary skies, early cognitive decline is starting to drag on Detective David Williams. 

When a serial killer the police nickname ‘Flyboy’ learns of Williams’ checkered past, the unusual crime scene signatures become increasingly cryptic, leading Williams to one final encounter with a man who murdered his family two decades ago.

Now Detective Williams must come to grips with his own past transgressions while exercising his memory to keep up with the complex demands of the most gruesome and grisly foe of his career.

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Reviews for Flyboy

"It’s a cool story!"
William Gordon
William Gordon
“A tense and capably written murder mystery revolving around memory techniques – a memorable tale in more senses than one."
John Michael Greer feature image for Magnetic Memory Method Podcast
John Michael Greer
"Please experience it for yourself. I am delighted to have done so."
Debra with a copy of The Memory Connection by Anthony Metivier
Lifelong learner
"Flyboy is one of those rare pieces of fiction that encourages reflection in the reader. You don't just get the drama, the tension and the excitement from the exploits of its characters. You also get a look at your own capabilities as though Anthony is able to make you hold a mirror up to yourself and think 'what else am I capable of?"
Ben Cardall
Ben Cardall
Magician and Author

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