"I was 14 when it happened...

I was standing at the bus stop, listening to Heavy Metal on my Walkman...

... just staring at the ground like young people do when a profound realization hit me...

I was unhappy.

Deeply unhappy.

Now, in case you think I'm being dramatic about my misery, check this out:

My mom had recently dosed herself with a ton of pills, leading to an extended stay in the psych ward. My father drank like a maniac, and I was often left to fend for myself.

That, or I had to live in a foster home.

It seriously cramped my style, not to mention studying boring topics in a school filled with teachers I neither liked nor respected.

(I feel grateful for them now, though, and wince at my youthful ignorance and all the learning opportunities lost.)

But on that afternoon, standing at the bus stop, these dark matters were something different.

My ugly mood had nothing to do with anyone else. It was a darkness within me, and me alone.

To cope, I took solace in booze and drugs. Fourteen is way too young for that stuff, but with no one watching over me, the Kingdom of Reckless Trouble was mine. All mine.

Of course, it wasn't long before I found myself in the hospital too.

Whacked out on LSD, weed, cocaine and ecstasy all at the same time, the emergency room doc gave me a fat dose of charcoal and sent me and my splintered personality out the door.

That's when the panic attacks started. I'd be sitting in math class when an iron cage would wrap itself around my lungs. I'd sweat profusely and feel like my mind itself was on fire.

One day I ran out of class, out the building and into the nearby church.

I sat in the congregation gripped with fear as I stared at the cross, hallucinating that it was covered in snakes.

The youth pastor found me and took me under his wing over the weeks to come.

No religion involved.

Just counseling through the fallout of my psychotic episode with too many drugs and the inner darkness that had propelled it.

When he learned that I was a voracious reader, he gave me books.

One, in particular, would change my life.

Better than that, it helped me develop the ability to keep changing it.

"Sure, there were rough times yet to come. Far harder than a 14-year-old kid could ever imagine!"

And I would sometimes lose track of the lessons I learned from that book. I would backslide until I found a way to return to its fundamental teachings.

But over time and after many experiences, that book expanded into several books. Then dozens of books, eventually bridging into the hundreds.

Yes, I'm talking about so-called "self-help books."

They get a lot of flack.

And sometimes for good reason.

For example, many contain fluffy ideas, quasi-science and bizarre religious interpretations even stranger than the strangest of things stranger than fiction.

Some of these books also include useless exercises, like focusing on impossible to achieve images of yourself in a perfect state of fitness. For example:

Picture yourself placing your jogging shoes beside your bed and actually put them there. Imagine yourself putting them on and then actually out them on. Imagine yourself walking around the block and then actually walk around the block. This is the art of taking micro steps, imagining what's achievable right now, not the frustrating picture of an outcome you can reach, but one that still lies several miles away.)


Neither you nor I are wet-eyed and naive when we read these books. But man, passages like that sure are tedious, aren't they?

Thats why the seeker and the scholar in me mined out every diamond, and I've dug through a few of them three times or more.

Not because I can't remember the stuff.

Just to keep the ideas fresh, to keep the rich soil of positivity on my fingers.

And yes, tough times still arise. Miserable times when the darkness can be hard to shake.

But I have tools now. Lots of them. Relief is never far away.

And if you'd like to know all the "big lever" diamonds I excavated from the books and programs I went through, my special set of tools I want to hand you today include:

  • How to correctly journal so that it's almost impossible to forget just how great your life actually is!
  • The secrets of proper sleep.
  • Fitness principles that never fail to boost mood and build-in their own consistency so that it's difficult to give up on yourself, even when you feel like you're getting nowhere.
  • Mental stamina exercises that strengthen thinking, bolster creativity and make problem-solving easier.
  • The quickest path to developing and maintaining a personal philosophy that responds to the issues life throws at you with speed, accuracy and self-correcting measured when necessary.
  • Laughter-based meditation techniques that reduce the psychological burden of everyday life, increase concentration and make everything in life so much easier. (This tool even makes meditation itself easier, ejecting the boredom and frustration you may have felt forever. If you've felt only marginal or even zero gains from meditation before, this is the path to enlightenment if ever there was one.)

"And The Best Part Is That You're Already Enlightened. You Just Need Someone To Show You How To Recognize The Signs..."

Look, it'll be 2020 soon.

And many people will have given up on making resolutions for the next year because nothing they promised themselves last year came true.

But if you'll let me, I'd like to share more with you about these tools.

People ask me all the time about how I get so much done, especially given the challenges I face.

Well, I'm poised to get even more things done in the following year, thanks to the best "tricks" I know for keeping ahead of the darkness.

Because, yes, I still suffer.

But nothing like before.

That's because I've developed the lifestyle habits that make it difficult to fail.

No, success is not easy. But with the right stamina, the right fire under your backside, giving up is never an option. And moving continually forward always feels mighty fine.

In fact, progress is the most exquisite feeling in the world. And this special feeling can be multiplied.

So to help those who ask me about how I do what I do I've developed a "bite-sized" audio and video program called....

"The Self- Improvement Supercharger..."

The videos I've included will educate and inspire you, but the real magic happens when you complete the audio program first.

Why audio?

Because that's how I learned the quickest during all the years I studied how to help myself improve and maintain every area of my life when it comes to:

  • Breaking bad habits and nourishing healthy ones so that life just keeps getting better and better.
  • Creating healthy relationships and circles of support in the local and international online communities so that the destruction of loneliness never stands a chance.
  • ​Mindset and spiritual certainty is developed based on realistic ideas that can actually be accomplished instead of fantasy BS that never leads anywhere.
  • The development and safekeeping of personal passions so that fun in life never withers and new interests easily fit into the mix.
  • Lifetime career achievements flourish so that confidence and certainty in a stable future expands.
  • Family relationships grow and old wounds heal so that time can be cherished together instead of wasted on meaningless obligations.
  • Organization starts to fit like a glove, and where there is clutter, it contributes to fertile creativity and learning nee and exciting things every day.
  • Developing the ability to help others experience better circumstances, so that you fulfill the basic human need to contribute. Most people skip this simple path to lasting happiness.
  • Falling in love with the right person ... or, at least, recognizing the red flags and taking confident action to avoid them so that you remain free for the right person instead of losing time on another dead end.
  • Knowing intimately what it means to "live life to the fullest" and taking the necessary steps to experience the richness this knowledge can provide.

In The Self-Improvement Supercharger, I've bundled all of this up. 

All my thoughts, personal stories and direct knowledge of how to live in this world. It's even been updated to include everything I learned from memorizing dozens of "self inquiry" phrases in Sanskrit. 

No, it's not some kind of superior quality audiobook recorded in a lush New York studio.

It was recorded where I used to live in Berlin and comes straight from my heart. These are the tools I use to get by every day, and more than just get by ...

To Flourish...

Because flourishing is really what life's all about. Flourishing gives you the ability to weather the challenges that will arise. Flourishing is the go-to tool that sets you up for success with all the rest.

And the best part is that to flourish is actually the word the Ancient Greeks used for that vague concept we now call "happiness."

I don't know about you, but I'll take the concrete and visible signs of flourishing over the mysteries of happiness any day.

And if you've ever seen me on a video or heard my on my podcast, I think you'll know that "flourishing" is exactly the right word for the joy I experience every single day of my life thanks to what you'll learn in this exclusive program.

Anyhow, I've come a long way, survived the highs and lows of manic-depression and returned to tell the tale.

It isn't easy coming out about these topics, but ...

... with so many people asking for help and guidance beyond just memory training, and because I have put in the hours of study and worked out in the gymnasium of self-development ...

... helping you rise against any chains that may be oppressing you is my duty.

And for a limited time, you can join the pre-sale version of my Self-Improvement Supercharger. You'll get over 6 hours of training delivered in 22 readily consumed MP3s, with supplemental videos.

All combined, you'll discover:

  • How to bring "enlightenment" to you so that you stop chasing after the self-awareness you desire.
  • The right way to use affirmations so you can avoid the pitfalls most people make.
  • Detailed instructions for showing gratitude and shaping your desires without all the "law of attraction" nonsense you're sick of hearing about.
  • How to create a bona fide "treasure map" that will lead you to whatever you want. We'll even make sure that you truly desire what you're pining for and waste no more time exhausting yourself on the hunt for meaningless illusions.
  • Ideas for constructing a tailor-made diet. No medical recommendations here. Just practical truths for you to consider.
  • Powerful listening skills that let you understand others at a deep level. Better yet, you'll develop the ability to stop yourself from saying things you'll regret later.
  • Frank talk about sex and how to get as much as you want while avoiding getting imprisoned by partners you don't really want. This is straight talk from someone who has made every mistake in the book and finally figured it out. (So far, at any rate ...)
  • How to socialize, even if you're an introvert. You can turn even your most solitary inclinations into powerful networking tools.
  • How to think. (This is the most detailed part of the program. You'll revisit this MP3 often to make sure that you benefit from all of the 22 thinking types so that you can make powerful decisions for the rest of your life instead of limp and lame choices life forced you to make.)
  • How to eradicate the poison of perfectionism from your life so you can take action without being held back by insignificant details. For once you'll be able to see the big picture.
  • ... and much, much more (including exercise worksheets and a bonus PDF book called "The Ultimate Sleep Remedy."

So to wrap this up, if you been looking for insights and inspiration that will help you thrive in 2020, my Self-Improvement Supercharger can help you:

  • Find more time for doing what you love instead of pouring it all down the drain.
  • Manage stress better so that you stop feeling like you're being split in half and pulled from every direction.
  • Stop procrastinating so you can look back at the end of every day and see a list of substantial accomplishments.
  • Improve relationships so that doubts and concerns about hurting the people you care about stops taking up precious mental space.
  • Learn faster so that you have more knowledge to enjoy and build upon as you develop your future.
  • Start living life to the fullest so that not another second gets wasted on suffering and misery.

One More Thing -- It's Important!

I've created this program for people serious about their personal development. The investment is just $197.

If you're as serious about improving yourself as I think you are, I know you will be astonished by what my gentle, but firm "push" to become a better version of yourself will do for you.


Is this program as good as I say it is? Find out for yourself because you get my 100% guarantee that you will experience a shift towards a better version of yourself, or I'll refund your investment.

You have a full 365 days to check out the material... and if any point you decide it's not for you, simply send me a quick one-line email and I'll promptly refund the investment. Fair enough?

No hassles. No hard feelings. In fact, I want you to return this if you don't think you'll get any value from this.​

But I don't think this will be the case. I can almost guarantee that if you take action and employ just some of the secrets you'll find in the Self-Improvement Supercharger, then you'll get your investment back a hundred times and MORE.

Stop Putting Up With A Boring And Unhappy Life!

As I've been saying...

Every minute of your life that goes by on a sub-par level is like you're starving yourself. Your body, mind and spirit need nutrition too. It doesn't matter where you are right now on the scale of happiness, or flourishing.

You can always live at a higher level, and the Self-Improvement Supercharger program shows you how.

Just repeat after me:

  • I know that every moment I'm not taking action the value of my life is decreasing - unless I'm doing specific things to ensure that I develop skills and a personal philosophy that will NEVER leave me once I've developed it.
  • I know that my investment is a FRACTION of the cost you paid in blood, sweat and tears to gain these insights. 
  • I know that if I'm not the least bit satisfied, I can request a FULL refund within 1 year of purchase if necessary. So there's no way I can make a mistake here because I can basically try out the Self-Improvement Supercharger for free.
  • And I know that this offer is only available for a limited time so please open my access immediately so I can dig into every secret and strategy available to me starting today.


I Want To Discover How To Live A Better Life And Do It Now Without The Wishy-Washy Nonsense Of "Gurus."

Dedicated to multiplying your success in life,

- Anthony Metivier

P.S. If you're not implementing specific life strategies based on a solid mindset, you are truly missing out.

You can spend your entire life merely eroding, or you can treat yourself like the true asset you are. I've gathered the "best of the best" when it comes to self-improvement and you can get this program that will allow you to develop an effective life strategy right away.

P.S.S. The #1 response I hear from people who want to live a better life is "I'm already doing all I can just to survive!"

That's great, but what if you could make a few simple changes and THRIVE?

The Self-Improvement Supercharger program gives you the tools you need to ensure that everything you do nurtures the amazing future you deserve. 

You just need to learn as much as you can about how to get it and take action.

Think of it like this:

Movement based on knowledge takes the pressure off of you. In just over seven hours from now, you'll have stopped worrying about stagnation and started living at a much higher level than you have ever imagined possible.

I managed to "write my own ticket" in life after slaying the dragon. It boils down to E.E.C., which means "expanding existing competence."

If you want to slay the dragons in your life, this program will help you find your existing competence and expand it so you can. 

It's just that simple. 

And after that, the deep unhappiness will fade away and all that suffering will seem like it was nothing more than a dream.

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