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I don't believe in magic solutions - only in hard work. As stipulated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or speak another language with my ideas, methods, tools or strategies. After all, it takes hard work to succeed speaking any language. In fact, it takes hard work to succeed at ANYTHING in life - try learning to play blues without putting in any work, and see how that goes! Your results in life are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. I just want to help by giving great strategies and direction that move you forward. Nothing on this page or anywhere on my site is a promise or guarantee of results. Any numbers referenced here, or on any of my site, are simply estimates or projections and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of how much you can memorize — all numbers are illustrative only. In fact, the average person who invests in this and other programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little to no results. A more detailed disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions for this program and website can be accessed via the link below. It's all the regular legal mumbo jumbo but I feel transparency is important and I hold myself (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for stopping by.

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