We're on!

I'm so delighted that you're joining our Vivid Verses workshop series and joining me for a one-on-one MMM Strategy Session! Please book your time using the calendar below. :) 

Empowering feeling, isn't it? Taking action always is and I'm really looking forward to meeting with you during the workshops and at our appointed time.

Here are the times again for the workshops: 

Monday, April 8th, 6pm PST/9PM EST 

Monday April 15th, 6pm PST/9PM EST 

Tuesday, April 23, 6pm PST/9PM EST 

Monday, April 29, 6pm PST/9PM EST 

Tuesday, May 7th, 6pm PST/9PM EST 

Let me know if you have any questions meanwhile and I send many warm and Magnetic greetings from the Magnetic Memory Method Headquarters in Brisbane until then!

Talk soon! :)