How To Turn Your "Night Memory" Into The Perfect Dream Recall Machine And Start Remembering 100s Of Dreams Every Month...

Dear Friend,

If you struggle with forgetting your dreams and know being able to remember them would be revolutionary and transformative in your life, then this message will be critical to the future of your brain, your memory and overall life satisfaction.

You’re about to discover how to STOP the painful disappointment of waking up morning after morning without a single dream to show for your efforts.

I'm talking about those long processes and rituals currently chipping away at your patience as you do everything in your power to remember your dreams.

Only by eliminating this frustration can you start remembering your dreams with ease and begin experiencing the peace of mind that comes from possessing high quality "night memory."

But before I show you the path to mental patience, diligence and powerful "night memory" in a world of mental distraction and false promises that push thousands of would be dream astronauts to constant failure…

Here's What's VERY New In The World Of Remembering Your Dreams

After receiving thousands of emails from people struggling with everything from concentration to lack of success in life, I've decided to make my bestselling books, How to Remember Your Dreams available in PDF format outside of the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass. 

And to celebrate, I’d like to give you another book that I've previously only given to my Masterclass students, The Ultimate Sleep Remedy.

However, these books and some of the bonuses I'll be including are not for everyone.

In fact, these training materials are only for you if:

  • You’re into thinking differently and like to learn new skills rapidly.
  • You're willing to develop the right mindset EVERY night before going to bed using a simple and fun ritual that will build unbreakable trust between you and your dreaming mind.
  • You’re tired of being perpetually stuck on start with remembering more dreams.
  • You know that ONLY YOU determine how your "night memory" works based on solid scientific principles and how you run your life.
  • You're willing to put these scientific principles to work in your life and become a "dream scientist."
  • You acknowledge that the quality of your "night memory" determines the quality of your thoughts.
  • You can pay attention to me for the next few minutes and discover how to finally MASTER your "night memory" by tapping into your real, authentic self…

A Version Of Your True Self More Powerful Than Any Computer Storage Or Silly Lucid Dreaming App!

Let's face it:

Your goals and desires will always be on the back burner until you get your "night memory" sorted.

And as you struggle towards finally living your full potential, consider this:

Maybe the fantasy of turning your brain into a kind of automated engine that saves multiple dreams so that you can retrieve them later without any effort isn't so far fetched.

How To Place Any Dream Into Long Term Memory And Recall It Any Time

What goal could be more important than that?

Just imagine…

Dreaming once, committing that dream to memory and then, at the drop of a hat, immediately RECALLING that dream without any stress or strain.

The exact scenario...

The precise people and things...

Every last little detail...

Yes, this outcome is possible with your dreams. There is no doubt about it.


If you do it right, you’ll earn more than just "night memory." You will also:

  • Dream more and more vividly as your personal power and "night memory" wisdom grows.
  • Achieve freedom from the plague of forgetting that haunts every moment of your waking life (yes, "day memory" matters too!)
  • Enjoy REAL creative wisdom, instantly available on tap, ANY time because you can remember your dreams.
  • Use the ability to remember your dreams in enjoyable ways that completely free you from the “drill and kill” boredom of daily life responsible for murdering your mind and aspirations.

But get ready for a shock:

Your Vivid Dreaming Skills Will Grow So Strong... You Will Laugh When You Remember How Your Old Self Struggled Just To Remember One Dream A Night!

So how do you begin?

The first step involves eliminating any limiting beliefs currently overwhelming your ability to take action.

There's no shame in having them. It's something we all face from time to time.

The only problem?

Thanks to poor dream recall information out there, you probably feel right now like many people who struggle to remember and use their dreams…

You feel like you have no control over your mind and how it goes about limiting you with negative beliefs.

And that has left you feeling, well…

Helpless, Incompetent, Mentally Sterile And Like You Are Never Going To Accomplish Any Of Your Dream Goals...

Go ahead and admit it:

You hate that nagging feeling don’t you?

It’s a frustrating feeling that only makes your struggles with remembering dreams feel worse.

That feeling of never getting anywhere, constantly lacking confidence in your dream activities, struggling every single day to find even just a drop of motivation so you can finally experience the promise so many others have been talking about.

This draining situation leaves you confused, overwhelmed and powerless.

But you know what?

You’re NOT alone.

Many people these days are completely lost when it comes to mentally thriving and capturing all of the wisdom available each and every night while you sleep.

Part of the blame must fall on the current, hazardous age of information overwhelm.

But the scariest reason holding so many dreamers back is not happening because of the Internet and the rush of information bad and good. 

It's because they don’t know about how memory techniques and apply directly to remembering their dreams.

Most people do indeed know about mnemonics and the Memory Palace technique.

But using them to help you remember your dreams?

This approach has been almost completely silent on the scene because…

Most Dreamers Have No Clue How To Connect The Goldmine Of Lucid Dreaming Training To Remembering Any Dream At A Moment's Notice

So what do most dreamers do in their ignorance?

They lumber onwards, like tramps of the mind, gobbling down another lucid dream training instead of pursuing what really works:

Developing Vivid Dream Recall.

Instead of seizing the basic human birthright of powerful "night memory," most people wind up never living to their expectations.

They never lucid dream because they're focusing on techniques that simply do not and cannot work for all dreamers. 

Worse, they never get the benefits of vivid dreaming, which can guide you to living the life you truly want to lead. 

Instead, they sell themselves like zombies for low wages, giving up all  the time for learning and self development their dreams urge them to enjoy.

They remain slaves to desperate acts of "reality checking" and fiddling around with their alarm clocks instead of using techniques that actually work.

The result?

They wind up leading lives that distance them even further from their dreams.

So they throw up their hands and say, “Why work at lucid dreaming at all when you’ve you’re just going to forget going lucid even if you have one?”

My response:

Everything You Need To Help You Permanently Remember Any Dream Is Already In Your Memory

And it's simple to start connecting with these resources you've had throughout your entire life.

You just need to tap into the same autobiographical memory abilities every person on the planet shares.

That and the “Magnetic Memory Method” for unlocking your "night memory."

When you tap into the powerful assets you already hold dear in your autobiographical memory, here’s what happens:

You rapidly activate the white matter in your brain.

White matter is the stuff that carries information between the regions of grey matter.

And the more you use the white matter in your brain, the more efficient all parts of it becomes. You develop what scientists sometimes call “fluid intelligence.”

And to help you develop this special level of intelligence and direct it at your dreams…

I Invite You To Discover The Untapped Learning And Memory Assets In Your Life By Unlocking...

I wrote How to Remember Your Dreams to help people discover fascinating aspects about themselves.

To trigger and fire powerful brain chemicals while they do it.

And to go beyond mere fluid intelligence about their dreams by strengthening short term, long term and "night memory." 


Because when you access your "night memory" in particular ways during the learning process based on a special understanding of your "Magnetic Memory," you improve your memory overall.

Totally On Autopilot!

No joke.

It all just starts happening naturally.

Best part:

You stop experiencing that terrible feeling of being perpetually stuck on start when it comes to your dreaming goals.

Those negative conversations you used to hold with yourself?

They disappear.

Instead, you feel motivated, energized and start feeling in control of your dreams, your mind and your entire life.

Better than that…

You Will Resuscitate Your "Night Memory" From Something Far Worse Than Death!

Let’s face it:

Without the secrets revealed in How to Remember Your Dreams, your brain is kind of like a zombie…

Not quite dead.

But not living either.

To quickly get your brain out of this ‘Living Dead’ mode, the tips in How to Remember Your Dreams I have for you include:

  • The “top secret” path to remember up to twelve dreams per night without getting up to journal. With this little known secret, you’ll discover exactly how to make your memory eager to recall even the most obscure dreams so you can learn about yourself each and every morning.
  • How to find the hemorrhaging holes in your dream recall practice so you never get it wrong again and stop suffering from every breed of failure.
  • The truth about dream journaling and how to make the practice so sturdy, you will become addicted to doing it the right way. (Even when every other teaching has previously let you down!)
  • A simple set of “to-do list” tweaks that will pump you up and eliminate the Fear of Missing Out on your dreams that strangles most other people from taking meaningful, consistent action with remembering their dreams.
  • How to ELIMINATE the mental exhaustion most people feel when they are not achieving their dreamtime goals.

It Would Be Impossible For Anyone To Make It Any Easier, But...

Now is not the time for wishing it was easier.

Now is the time for recognizing the truth about your brain and "night memory."

Although many other teachers offer really powerful tools…

Without "night memory" on your side, all their suggestions could be eroding your success.

The evidence?

I'm sorry, but it's probably in the sewage of cheap Ebooks  that “sell the sizzle” but never bring the steak already on your hard drive.

That’s why all the serious dreamers prefer advice from an authentic memory scientist who practices dream recall when they can get it.

Someone who has done the experiments.

Created the success stories in students.

And is backed by lucid dreaming experts and serious students who have woken up with more dream recall than they ever "dreamed" possible. 

Like Brian Nuckols recently shared:

"It's simple and incredibly powerful. I tend to remember 1 or 2 dream settings per night and that has already increased.

I reread my dream journal before writing this comment and there's been 9 incredibly vivid dream settings over the last two nights of sleep.

Also, the amount of reflection I've done within the dream itself has increased noticeably and I've gone lucid twice.

I introduced the technique to a friend of mine who almost never remembers a dream and she remembered two on the first night!

Whether you're experienced with dream practices or just getting started I'd highly recommend giving Anthony's methods a close look.

I'm so excited about the results that I'm doing a "content diet" so I can dedicate my free time to engaging with Anthony's training."

Make no mistake.

You can get great lucid dreaming books and courses. 

I've read many myself.

But here's the thing:

Your "Night Memory" Is Starving For More Accomplishment, Not More Activity

So sure, I'm all for reading and watching as much as you can.

But as I've grown older...

I'm more aligned with the "content diet" approach Brian just mentioned. 

If you're not already diving deep into the best possible training like he's doing, rest assured:

There's a dramatic change coming to your way of life when you do..

How A 41 Year Old "Night Memory" Fanatic Uses Dreaming To Ward Off Sclerosis Of The Brain And Hardening Of The Mental Arteries

How do I personally use my "night memory" to experience constant growth and fulfillment?

First, I started practicing "day dreaming" differently, based on what I recover from my dreams.

That means spending time with the dream material, which is made possible when you can remember it.

It's worth it too, because there's nothing even remotely as good on Netflix.

Then I stopped reading all the BS books on dream interpretation and started getting scientific about the process instead.

More importantly, I started changing my behaviors based on what my dreams were telling me, which led to seeking out better education and habits that still ensure the ongoing health of my brain and success.

My dreams literally help shield my brain against the destruction of today's increasingly unhealthy world.

Not just because remembering more dreams is deeply fulfilling.

But because, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, real scientific research and substantial evidence tells there is a better way to interpret our dreams (so long as we have the ability to accurately remember them).

Which is why I'm introducing you to:

The World's Only "Vivid Dream Maximizer" To Help You Master The Art, Science And Craft Of Remembering Your Dreams

To help others, I've decided to release How to Remember Your Dreams as an Ebook.

And if you act quickly, you still have time to get some exclusive bonuses before they're no longer available.

You’ll also receive copies of Dream Interpretation: A Primer and How to Use Your Dreams To Write Stories, Novels & Screenplays.

Yes, in case you're wondering, I have a Science Fiction novel on the market that reached #46 in Cyberpunk on Amazon.  The story is based entirely on a single dream and my next novel is not only destined to be another bestseller based on my dreams, but involves dreaming too.

I also worked as a story consultant on movies that actually got made, all thanks to my dreams.

Anyhow, this is not about my success, but the success I want to create for you as someone who has been there before and figured it all out. 

Together the "night memory" training materials in the Vivid Dream Maximizer will ensure you remember dreams consistently and know exactly how to use them to improve your life.

Morning after morning and night after night.

How These Dream Supplement Bonuses Stop Doubt And Lack Of Focus From Chipping Away At Your Results

Let’s face it.

We all get stuck from time to time.

And when that happens…

We often don’t know where to turn.

We don’t have a simple source of renewable energy to get us back on track and moving towards our goals.

All the more so when it comes to another troubling day at work…

Another unexpected tragedy…

More surprise details that life brings when you're busy making other plans that you struggle to handle for lack of consistent support…

But when you take care of this problem now and start using the Vivid Dream Maximizer Bundle, you'll get refueled any time you wish.

Best part?

You'll ACCESS A Community Of People Who Share Your Same Goals!

There are all kinds of bonuses on products out there.

Guess what?

They offer nothing but wild goose chases at best.

You can do way better than being seduced by bonuses by simply writing out the date on a piece of paper and committing to writing down your dreams every morning.

But when you get my Vivid Dream Maximizer, you'll be educated and inspired to join me in the "dream memory gym" and experience ongoing growth.

Here are just a few of the features that will help you each and every time you crack open the Ebooks in the Vivid Dream Maximizer:

Dream Interpretation: A Primer

Dream Interpretation A Primer Tablet Ebook Cover Image by Anthony MetivierPeer inside the mind of someone who spent years in psychoanalysis.

This is your chance to see how I learned the true and proper science of dream interpretation. 

Not woo-woo nonsense that will frustrate you and let you down.

This is the real path to understanding what your dreams really "mean" and how to use the results to continually improve your life.

How to Use Your Dreams To Write Stories, Novels & Screenplays

How to Use Your Dreams To Write Stories And Screenplays Ebook TabletWhat’s better than hyper-targeted "night memory" bringing you new dreams night after night?

How about having your dreams inspire and entertain thousands of people around the world?

This is your chance to finally scratch write that novel off your bucket list.

Above all, the feeling of seeing your dreams bring characters and scenarios to life will create energy and renew your inspiration for exploring the untapped potential of your dreams each and every night.

The Magnetic “Seal of Approval” Book Club

Thousands of memory improvement and self-development books clutter shelves around the world.

But who has time to read them all?

As a matter of fact, I do.

And using the Magnetic Rule of Three, each month I’ll share exactly what I’ve discovered in each book I feature and draw connections to others.


You’ll be invited to the Magnetic Memory Book Club webinars and receive replay recordings if you can’t make the session.

And since I have contact with every important living figure in the world of memory, sometimes the authors themselves will be on these calls to help unpack the “master keys” they’ve placed in print.

As a subscriber, you’ll always know what book is coming up next so you can read along. Or you can simply enjoy my reviews and the group discussion before deciding to add the recommendation to your collection.

Magnetic Memory Brain Health History & Science

Given the way mainstream media paints such a dark picture of the world, you might be wondering what makes successful people so happy?

Usually, it boils down to the deep connections successful people maintain with truth and tradition.

Knowing your origins and taking research as a cue helps create happiness during any period of stress or even disaster.

Knowledge of your brain and how memory masters of the past accomplished so many great mental feats guarantees you’ll be able to keep the “panic button” at bay as you get the maximum milage out of your memory practice.

Plus, I'll be sharing my prized brain health recipes with you too.

Magnetic Memory Insights For Entrepreneurs

I’ve never shared this with anyone before, but…

All my favorite Memory Palaces are based on the First Class seating areas of flights I’ve taken around the world.

Every month, I’ll teach you my best entrepreneurial tips so you can travel in imperial style too, anytime you wish.

You don’t have to teach memory techniques to do it. You just need to remember the basic principles of being an entrepreneur and let entrepreneurial memory be your guide.

If you are in business for yourself, or want to get there, let me show you how memory can make for a much smoother ride based on the Magnetic Memory Method Principle of “Cruising Altitude” in business.

And as you safeguard yourself from the stresses of ups and downs in business, you’ll be protecting the health and longevity of your brain and memory too.

But these aren’t just stories and principles drawn from my wins. You’ll learn from my struggles and failures too.

With these insider secrets, you’ll build your bottom line on your own terms.

And if you’re not an entrepreneur?

I reckon this will be still be your “must-read” section of every newsletter because as Digital Amnesia and Information Overwhelm keep ramping up, the bills are only going to get higher.

And think about your kids too. The need to be an entrepreneur, or at least self-employed, is only going to grow as the world keeps changing.

Magnetic Language Learning Tips, Tactics & Mnemonic Examples

Learn your language fast or slow. It’s completely up to you.

But when you tear open each new edition of my newsletter, you’ll receive quick tips you can apply immediately to your language learning process.

Forget about becoming bilingual. We’re talking about the journey to multi-lingualism and completely reshaping how you think of “language” in the first place (it’s not what you think it is).

No one outside of the newsletter will receive the secrets revealed in this section, which includes my own closely guarded Magnetic Imagery.

That’s right. Newsletter subscribers can “look over my shoulder” as I share for your pleasure, learning and creative pain reduction exactly how I’m using the Magnetic Modes taught in The Memory Connection to continue learning Chinese with the MMM CAMP MIST formula and reviving my old interest in Latin.

If you’re thirsty for consistency in your language learning life, let me demonstrate for you exactly how it’s done.

Magnetic Language Learning Tips, Tactics & Mnemonic Examples

Want mental exercise?

Learn a card trick. Learn to play card games better. Heck, just memorize cards.

After you finish playing, performing or just showing off, your friends will wonder exactly how you did it.

So whether we’re talking about memorizing unique poker tells or a special technique for mentally “destroying” cards so it’s impossible to lose, these secrets will take your enjoyment and winnings to the next level.

The Only Way Out Of The Clutches Of Digital Amnesia?

No. There are other paths.

In fact, I've given away many of them on this page already.

But I've also given you just a small peek behind the curtains of what the Magnetic Memory Method Print Newsletter reveals.

Rest assured:

Once you start receiving all these insider memory improvement tips, tricks and secrets, you'll benefit from a vibrant, healthy and sane memory in our insane world of information overwhelm.

But you might be asking…

Why print? Why can’t I just get a PDF of The Memory Connection and the monthly newsletters?

Sorry, but even though I’m not throwing technology out of completely, all the research in the world - including my own reading habits - reveals one important fact:

Deep, permanent, transformational learning requires the Tactile Dimension.

Escape The Quagmire Of Information Overwhelm

Frankly, you’re missing out on so much mental autonomy as the exclusive owner of  human brain if you’re not reading and interacting with print.

That’s very bad news for the health of your brain.

The good news is that every month I’m going to deliver simple “Operating Plans” that will help you completely remove Digital Amnesia from your life.

The reason you can’t take diligent and consistent action has everything to do with how digital information makes it harder and hard to whittle down to action.

Yet, with a continuous “refuel” of the Ultimate Memory Improvement Supplement, I can help you…

Get Off The Social Media Rollercoaster And Enjoy Rock Solid Memory And Concentration

The name of the game is developing consistency.

Taking real, impactful, meaningful action over the long haul, without ever feeling like you want to give up.

I’ll give you the specific tools I’ve developed along the way so you can experience the core values of the Magnetic Memory Method and consistently implement its guidelines in your life.

Manage Your Memory By The Book

The only catch is that in order to get the Newsletter, you've got to get the book and vice versa.

That's because they work together.

Whereas The Memory Connection helps you discover the unlocked potential of your memory by discovering hidden meanings that make improving your memory more than fun and rewarding.

The Magnetic Memory Method Newsletter makes it addictive!

Together, these publications free you up to understand the secret cycles of your personal energy and true passions so you can “systematize” your life.

That means that you can stop “putting out fires” day after day as you leap from one emergency to the next.

You’ll get all the tools you need plus the follow-up that will keep you aligned with a commitment to goals that you’ve finally been able to create the right way for once in your life.

And you’ll keep moving steadily towards those goals, knocking them down one by one.

Because this training material is so powerful, there’s no way I’m letting any of it get lost on your hard drive. The Memory Connection and the Magnetic Memory Method Print Newsletter are professionally produced “real pages” that you wont’ be able to ignore.

Here’s more of what's included with your subscription:

  • How to find your purpose and create a brand new vision that helps you stretch and develop personally, without ever falling prey to frustration
  • Counter-intuitive methods for creating accountability by understanding your accountability style… these three categories are completely new and have never been revealed to anyone outside of these pages before
  • Discover why trying to learn TOO MUCH fries your brain and how to completely EJECT “cognitive overload” from any learning experience

If You Care About The Health Of Your Memory And Brain...

The value here is seriously over-the-top.

The results you’ll gain as a result of reading The Memory Connection and visiting with me in print once a month will easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your meager investment as you rapidly increase your knowledge about everything you could ever hope to know.

Look at it this way — the cost is a painless drop in the bucket compared to how much money you'll spend on things that won't have a significant difference in your life.

For little more than $0.09 cents a day over the next year, you can improve your memory with ongoing support.

And because using memory techniques is such a game changer for anyone serious about improving their performance at school or in their profession, that’s why...

You Simply Can’t Afford Not To Invest In This Life-Changing Memory Improvement Subscription!

Yes! Send Me The Memory Connection With My First Issue Of The MMM Newsletter!

Start receiving the Magnetic Memory Method Print Newsletter starting today and achieve fantastic breakthroughs that help you improve your memory and keep track of everything in your memory - just like the world's perfect search engine.

When you invest in this comprehensive memory subscription today you’ll receive…

#1) The Memory Connection – You’ll get receive a hard copy of this book delivered to your door. This is the ultimate step-by-step guide to using my proven memory techniques and skyrocket your ability to memorize anything.

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It’s easy to get started right away.

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