Virtual Assistant Position Summary

The Magnetic Memory Method helps mature learners undertake mental adventures that unlock the powers of their memory. 

As a result, our students can recall and remember information that improves their lives in areas like language learning, school and professions like law, and medicine. Without advanced learning and memory skills, most people cannot enjoy the benefits of mastering those areas of interest.

But with our help, any motivated learner can fill any gaps in his or her skillset. And the best part is that these gaps can be filled in ways that are fast, effective and fun. 

In the past, we’ve been blessed with many creative team members who have brought great energy to the Magnetic Memory Method teaching project. As interest in the MMM teaching grows, our time as a team is increasingly stretched. And since the small details matter to the success of our students, we are seeking a talented individual capable of sharing our vision and helping us achieve our goals.

With this in mind, the ideal candidate for the position provides the following:


The mission for the Magnetic Memory Method Virtual Assistant is:

1. To understand the Magnetic Memory Method and help craft its presentation in books, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, email messaging, courses and other presentations across in a variety of media.

2. To go beyond mere content creation and administrative tasks and read deeply into what the Magnetic Memory Method is and help draw it out in all communications with the public.

3. To ensure that all parts of complex systems work in accordance with the goals of our website.

4. To create engaging and interesting social media posts, YouTube thumbnails and slideshow presentations. 

5. To create editing notes for videos based on proven models and seek ways to improve these models.

6. To answer and respond to email based on templates and seek ways to improve these templates.

7. To process customer refunds and seek ways to reduce these requests through constant improvement of our products. This requires observation of what has produced the request, including phone calls to follow up with customer concerns.

8. Produce reports based on designated KPIs.

9. Flag all serious issues and ensure I have received and corrected them. 

10. (Potential future role) To effectively handle the editorial production of Kindle, print editions and Ebooks along with material related to online courses. This may include bundling different books and courses together for different marketing purposes.


Achieving the key outcomes for this role involves: 

1. Learning and understanding the MMM Creed in full so that all creative and procedural tasks follow our company culture.

2. Understanding and use solid keyword research (including LSI research) and shareability.

3. Taking initiative in asking questions about what could be better for our team, customers, gathering data and providing interpretation based on your experience in your role. 

4. Ideal: To already be or become a qualified mnemonist yourself to better guide the production of the content and complete administrative tasks by September 31st, 2018.

This will involve passing a simple memory and knowledge field exam to demonstrate your expertise with the Magnetic Memory Method and the world of memory improvement at large. 


1. Honesty and integrity.

2. Efficiency (without sacrificing honesty and integrity).

3. Communication skills.

4. Ability to solve complex problems.

5. A high level of English proficiency (you do not need to be a native English speaker, but should be strong with grammar and clarity of expression).

6. Familiarity leading to intermediate skills with memory techniques (or willingness to acquire these skills to an intermediate level based on courses provided to you).

7. Critical thinking skills and an analytical, outcome driven mindset.

8. Empathy and strong orientation towards serving the Magnetic Memory Method global community.

9. Familiarity with and passion for education-based marketing.

10. Tracking activities, including creating and maintaining a database of editions, bundles and where they are stored.

10. Familiarity with Word, Pages, Scrivener, Grammarly, Hemingway App, Google Drive, Wordpress and other tools used in creating Ebooks and contemporary writing online.

11. Writing and research skills (a course will be provided).

12. Understanding of online automation in key areas of online business.

13. Communication skills to resolve any issues in a friendly, timely (i.e. laser fast) and efficient manner.

14. Going above and beyond the call of duty in order to make this the most exciting role it can be and your personal opportunity of a lifetime.

15. Understanding the bigger picture of community service and how it interacts with the goals of the Magnetic Memory Method.


1. Work experience in a company of less than 10 people based on blogging, podcasting and video material.

2. A background in education at any level (primary, high school, university).

3. Participation in any of our courses as a student.

4. Strong familiarity with Magnetic Memory Method content.

5. Competency with a variety of online platforms and graphic editors.

Please note that this position will begin with a few small projects and with the right candidate scale based on performance.


If so, Team Magnetic wants to hear from you. To apply, please send a video cover letter, CV and three references in a Google Drive folder shared with my email address. 

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon! :) 


Anthony Metivier