Focus On Just These
And Your Memory Skills Will Soar!

... plus, exactly how I can help you memorize massive amounts of information or learn any language quickly without "grunt work" or making time and energy-sucking mistakes.

Anthony Metivier learning two languages at once

Dear Friend,

I might be able to read books in a few different languages now, but...

Back in 2003, incredible psychological pain almost forced me to take my life.

The experience of going through so much suffering totally crushed me.

After all, the depression landed during a time I was already balancing more than enough stress while working towards my Ph.D. exam.

In case you've never done a Ph.D., the process is intense.

In my case, it involved course work,  language learning and reading hundreds of books and articles.

That's all before you sit for two major exams and then a final dissertation defense.  That's three committees in total who grill you and your memory for hours on end.

The stakes were high too. I had sunk $78,000 into my education between 1996 and 2009. I couldn't afford to fail.

But I was doing all my preparation for these exams while juggling a few low-paying gigs to pay the bills and keep my student loans from growing any higher.

(If I'd known what was going to happen, I probably would have quit those jobs!)

Luckily, in the midst of this dark period, I randomly ran into a street magician. 

He performed some great tricks, and reminded me of a routine I'd performed often as a kid. 

I was feeling so horrible that my normal manners were not in operation.  My excitement at this memory took over and I grabbed the deck from him!

I performed for this magician the trick I remembered and completely blew him away. 

And what happened next created a shockwave that has impacted the entire world. 

You see, I started feeling hope. 


This is because the magic incident reminded me of how easy and fun it can be to learn.

And since YouTube was new on the scene, I could follow magicians to learn from. And since I was having fun, this learning project was painless compared to my intense Ph.D. studies.

The best part? 

It was only a few videos into my new learning project that I encountered the "Holy Grail" of magic. 

Basically, it's a trick where you need to have memorized a deck of cards to perform it.

"But that sounds hard!" I protested.

Nonetheless, something lit up inside me. Even though I was exhausted from my life-threatening depression, I was willing to give it a try.

But I Quickly Encountered A MASSIVE PROBLEM...

You see, I was able to pick up the tricks for memorizing cards with relative ease. 

My first deck only to took 15 minutes to memorize once I knew the techniques. And it only took about an hour to set up my first memory system.

But after I realized that I could use a similar approach to learn languages and complete my PhD...

The only problem was that the card memorization method didn't "translate" all that well to learning languages and memorizing hard philosophical concepts. 

I needed a technique that is always responsive. No matter what the information might be.

Moreover, I needed it to work no matter what was going on in my life...

That's why I'm proud to say the following about what I came up with over the next short while of studying and practice memory techniques:

The Magnetic Memory Method DELIVERS

The reason why probably won't shock you. It's a typical story of discovery and innovation.

You see, I read all the books on memory techniques I could find.

Sure, I learned a ton. 

But they were all written by memory competitors or people performing memory stunts. 

The few things they said about dealing with vocabulary and hard concepts made no sense to me. 

And when I tried their techniques for winning competitions with dense information, their techniques did not work!

No surprise when you think about it. Those competitors rarely speak multiple languages, few have advanced degrees, and worst of all...

After they finish their competitions... they forget everything they memorized!

Yet, each and every year, thousands of people study from memory competitors.

Luckily, that's changing.

And this (memorized) TEDx Talk has been part of the current revival of memory techniques for total personal transformation. 

Enter The World Of Real Memory Skills

So there I was... 

Rattling off playing cards, but with little idea of how to memorize information that matters.

Now, I'd realized that if I could get what I wanted to learn onto cards and then into Memory Palaces, everything was going to work smoothly.

But the associations I'd learned to make for playing cards were generic and vague. There's no way they could work for big words and tough concepts. 

That's when I took a look again at some of the books by competitors. 

Most of them had one thing in common. 

They mentioned ancient memory books. 

What were those books? 

And what did they say?

That knowledge is available to you right now, so if you're interested, keep reading...

If I were to sum up the instructions in those ancient books in one sentence, that sentence would be this:

The ancient memory tradition teaches you how to carry entire books in your head when you cannot carry them on your back.

That is exactly what I needed!

Not to "show off" by memorizing a deck of cards. 

Not to give some demonstration with thousands of digits of pi.


(Though you certainly can picture yourself learning the Magnetic Memory Method for any of these incredible outcomes.

After all, in 2019, our student James Gerwing won the 2019 Canadian Memory Championship.

And that's after scoring 90% and higher on all his Latin exams.)

Now, most of the ancient memory books are incredibly difficult to read.

But the long and short of it is this:

They all focus on mastering your ability to memorize words.

In fact, one of the oldest books (from 90 B.C.E.) says that even way back then, his students were unwilling to focus on this fundamental approach.

Instead, they begged for endless examples instead of learning the theory and putting it into practice. 

Fortunately, much has changed since then. These days, information overwhelm is so intense, people are more willing to listen to their teachers. 

They just need to make sure their teachers know the memory techniques for that work for the long term, not just the latest memory competition.

So how do the ancient memory techniques help you out?

They do that by helping you change how you see words. 

Because here's the truth of the matter, also from the oldest book I know:

If you cannot memorize words, you're going to struggle to memorize information that matters.

Want to speak any language fluently? 

You need to memorize words. You cannot hope to memorize phrases if you're still unable to memorize individual words.

Want to recall complicated formulas, math equations, or numbers? 

You need to be able to translate those elements quickly into words.

Master the technical terms for your field of work or study? 

Words again. 

Recite poetry, jokes, and even long speeches word-for-word (with zero mistakes)?

All words. 

Quickly absorb the most important ideas from books, textbooks, or lectures… (and recall it all perfectly months later)?


Never forget a name or face again (even if it's a complex name from a different language)… and remember what you talked about even years later?

What are names other than... you guessed it. 


No matter what you want to accomplish, the secret is...

Focus on words. Learn to master what I call "Victory over Vocab" as your first step with memory training.

It is this focus that everyone has needed to finally become the "master of memory" you and I both know you also deserve to be.

How To Become a "Warrior Of The Mind"

Warrior of the Mind Pin

See that pin?

It's called:

The Warrior of the Mind Emblem for Outstanding Contributions to Global Mental Literacy

It's mine. 

Tony Buzan gave it to me.

Anthony Metivier with Tony Buzan

In case you don't know Tony, he was a revolutionary thinker about mind mapping. He also used his incredible successes as a bestselling author and TV personality to create the World Memory Championships. 

He's passed away now, but as you can imagine, it's a tremendous honor that he gave me that award. 

It has inspired me to carry on the knowledge and the values he so generously shared with me.

The question is...

Why did Tony give me this award? 

The answer is simple:

I earned it because I help people use memory techniques in situations where they matter. 


Like a "Warrior of the Mind" on a journey. 

And I guess I really am such a warrior. 

You see, I was a little worried Tony was going to hate me. After all, I'm not afraid to point out that memory competitors forget what they memorize after competing. 

But in reality, Tony loved me for making that point. He wanted to encourage me to keep the older tradition alive. 

And more than that, to keep helping people use these techniques in the real world, not just in competition.

Because it's in the real world where the stakes really matter.

And because I want you to be a Warrior of the Mind too, let me ask you this key question:

Will You Focus On Mastering These Two Simple Things?

To be clear, the two things that made the biggest difference for me was:

1) Victory over vocab.

This means mastering the ability to memorize words - both sound and meaning. This skill is the path to memorizing entire phrases and everything else.

2) Consistency on the path.

This means showing up to use the techniques at least 4x a week.

The best part? 

When you get engagement with these two things, the practice can only be described by one word:


And not just so you can use them during an emergency or to complete one exam.

You want them working on autopilot. 

You want to be able to use them in every day life.

I can teach you how to keep them humming in the background, always ready for use at the drop of a dime.

And to do so, that why I created a new learning opportunity called "Victory Over Vocab."

I have created it for people like yourself who are serious about mastering their memory.

Because once you've mastered the ability to memorize words, you'll probably also want to:

Use memory to constantly keep yourself inspired while enjoying the "autopilot" effect of better memory.

The ability to say what you mean and mean what you say in every circumstance.

A constant source of new ideas for improving your learning speed.

What I'm Doing Right Now To Improve
(And Preserve) My 44 Year Old Memory

  • Applying memory techniques every day, even when life gets tough. 
    Hardly a day goes by that I don't practice my memory, both in short training blasts and for long term learning projects.
  • Feeling calm and collected.
    I'm an entrepreneur and it's a stressful life. But I don't let that jeopardize my memory health. I memorize Sanskrit, meditate every day and fit in daily memory practice.
  • Remembering names (flawlessly).
    I present often in the community and it means the world to me when I can remember everyone's name. The skills are fun to use, incredibly easy and they make you feel great.

How I Will Support Your Focus On Just These Two Things

You now know that success with memory techniques boil down to two things:

Words and consistency.

Look, there's no mystery in this:

Success is always about ongoing practice and study.

And when you keep practicing just the simple memorization of words, this is what will happen:

You will be the opposite of the forgetful, brain dead stereotype we all despise.

You'll be implementing again and again based on new ideas and insights, month after month.

All because you chose to focus on what it really takes to become a "Warrior of the Mind."

Here's Where Your Path To Becoming A "Warrior of the Mind" Begins:


The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is the perfect solution to developing "next level" memory skills based on the ancient tradition and keeping consistent.

And in this new exclusive version of the program, for 30 days, you'll get a guided "challenge" to help you start building the habits of memorizing on a daily basis. 

I also want you to:

  • 1
    Peer inside exactly how students use these techniques: That's why I recently added a session with Nick to the course, "How to Learn and Memory the Vocabulary of Any Language." My examples will be tangible and more "real" in your mind when you see how someone else creates their own in real time.
  • 2
    The power of multiple exercises: You also get a dedicated course called "Visualization Mastery" that walks you through the examples you need to start poking into words. This is a complete course for building your "tools" or what we sometimes call "Mental Lego." Once you've gone through these, you'll be able to effortlessly "snap" new information into place, just like building a Lego castle and populating it with Lego people.
  • 3
    Additional courses and training sessions: As you grow your skills, the multiple video courses in the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass will help you stretch your abilities and memorize more information, faster. To take just one example, you'll learn how to reproduce Memory Palaces as many times as you want in multiple environments. You'll never have to worry about not having enough time or space ever again.
Illustration of what it looks like inside an Anthony Metivier Magnetic Memory Palace

Frankly, just one of the tips or exercises could be worth several thousand for you. Especially if you, like me, like a return on your investment.

Remember, my debt was $78,000 when I finished my Ph.D. But because I graduated with honors, it was within months that I won a Mercator Research Grant. 

That grant was 50,000 Euro. For the first year.

Back then, that was almost my entire student loan debt to the dime. Talk about an incredible return, something that never would have happened if memory techniques hadn't gotten me through those final brutal years of my studies.

And that's why my goal is for you to feel like this month's offer is the best bargain you've ever received.

Meaning that you'll be able to...

Claim Victory Over Your Entire Mind & Memory

Complete mastery will occur when you register today.

And it will happen fast because in this program, you will discover:

  •  The 5 rules for building the perfect Memory Palace. (Guarantees effortless recall... even if you have a "poor memory".)
  •  How being a lazy bum actually accelerates your learning speed. Warning: Working hard actually makes things more difficult to remember.
  •  A weird way to expand your memory using "teleportation". Anyone can use this. And it takes less than a second.
  •  Why Memory Palaces are amazing. But there's one instance when you should not use them. (Lots of people make this mistake.)
  •  6 ways to create "viral memories" that are impossible to forget... months and even years later.
  •  Why pretending to kiss Tom Cruise will magically upgrade your memory.
  •  Not a visual thinker? Leverage the "Afterburn Effect" to quickly intensify memories.
  •  Why you should stop taking notes at lectures in the traditional way you’ve been taught. And, a simple "Squiggly Line Exercise" that ensures you remember 65% more of what's said.
  •  How to read books with your "eyes open". (This may sound obvious, but the vast majority of people don't actually do this when they read!)
  •  How to 10x your learning by actively forgetting most of what you study. Yes, I said forgetting.
  •  Use the secret art of "bibliomancy" to rapidly master any subject... medicine, art, literature, information technology, engineering, you name it.
  • The little-known "Memory Temple" technique (used by multiple memory world champions).
  • .... and much, much more!

But it all starts by learning how to memorize words first.

And that’s why there’s no filler in any of the lessons in the MMM Masterclass. 

People really appreciate this about my training. Have a look:

What People Are Saying About Your Path To Memory Mastery

Peter Guirgius Magnetic Memory Method Mastermind Testimonial

“I would gladly pay four times the amount.”

“I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you do for your students! I just upgraded to the Mastermind status. With your excellent teaching and your proven methods, this was a no-brainer! (pun intended).

I also want to tell you Anthony that I would gladly pay four times the amount that you are charging. By the way that you are pricing your classes, I see that you have a heart to serve people and to leave the world a better place.

I can't tell you enough how your memory techniques have positively impacted my business

Thank you Anthony for your servant’s heart.

Peter Guirguis
- Entrepreneur

“It 'shows' you how to be successful."

This does exactly what Anthony says and it "shows" you how to be successful. I have read 10 books on Memory Palaces and none demonstrate the method. Anthony shows you how to create personal experiences for long term memory retention.

Bradley Leese
- Learner
Bradley Leese Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial
Eldon Clem Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

“Thank you so much for teaching & coaching this."

“I have successfully learned 1,000 vocabulary words in a little more than 6 weeks, using your method. This is the most incredible method I have used yet. Thank you so much for teaching & coaching this."

Dr. Eldon Clem
- M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Jerusalem University College

So... What Exactly Is Included?

The Masterplan

Complete the Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan to embark on a no-holds-barred journey through everything you need to know about using memory techniques.

You’ll learn the most streamlined and useful way to create a “Memory Palace” to store information in your mind and turn it into knowledge that you can access when you need it.

You’ll discover the power of “Magnetic Imagery” and how to use “Recall Rehearsal” to make any information stick permanently in your mind.

You’ll receive these results because the MMM Masterplan includes the most-prized secrets of learning vast amounts of information quickly.

You really can make any learning project fast, fun and endlessly valuable to your studies or professional career. All you need is the world’s best memory improvement training that can show you how to memorize anything.

What Will You Learn In This Exclusive Memory Course?

  • Blueprinting Your Magnetic Memory Palace Network For Mastering Any Topic

  • Instantly Boosting Your Intelligence And Social Capital With PROVEN Mental Memory Secrets

  • Increasing The Speed Of Learning Dramatically

  • Creating Long Term Memories That Lead To Knowledge And Professionalism In Any Field

  • Breaking Through Any Barriers Stopping You From Learning Anything You Want

  • Gaining Every Competitive Advantage Using These Simple Memory Mastery Secrets

Anyone who wants to gain a truly unfair competitive advantage in their studies or profession needs to master their memory. This world class memory improvement course will show you how.

What You Get

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan is delivered to you in a compact video course with MP3s and exercises that deliver the most important skills you need to master your memory.

Once you complete the core course, you’ll use the Exercises to grow your skills and the MMM Study Plan to “choose your own adventure” throughout the rest of the MMM Masterclass.


7 videos with accompanying MP3s, PDF slides and worksheets. Includes bonus Memory Palace Walkthrough videos and exclusive “Meditation Memory Palace Maximizer” MP3s.


“As always, I am glad and overflowing with gratitude to the Magnetic Memory Method.
For example, the meditation audios in the Masterplan course are extremely powerful.

I always listen to them until I fall a sleep at night. I noticed that they helped me recall more vividly.

They also eased my anxiety.

You have enabled me to see life in a different spectrum. I’d love to thank you in person.”

– Jessica Villanueva



Despite many false beliefs that remembering vocabulary and phrases is the hardest part of learning a language, Anthony Metivier has proven time and again that you can use your memory to make it easy and fun.

In fact, the future has never looked brighter for language learners who want to easily remember 1, 2, 5, 10 or more new words and phrases every day. 

How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language is the world’s leading course on using a Memory Palace and other mnemonics to make progress in language learning fast.

Make your memory “leak proof” while learning any language. Nothing is held back in this course and the technique works for any language, including languages with character-sets like Thai, Chinese, and Japanese.

Rise above all memory challenges as you use these easy, elegant and effective techniques to finally scratch learning that language off your bucket list.

What Will You Learn?

  • The best way to use your Magnetic Memory Palace Network For Remembering Vocabulary And Phrases.

  • The EASIEST way to link even the most difficult sounds and meanings to things you already know like the back of your hand. (Believe it or not, your brain WANTS you to learn exactly in this way.)

  • How to “tune in” on the most important words you need to learn using the Magnetic Memory Method Vocabulary Builder.

  • Everything you need to spice up your imagination – even if you think you’re not creative.

If you’re serious about learning a language and are fed up with memory issues getting in this way, this course will help you. Just follow the instructions and enjoy nearly instant boosts in vocabulary as you use the language you’re learning as you adapt these easy techniques to your life.

What You Get

How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language is delivered to you in a compact video course that walks you through everything in detail. No stone is left unturned.

You get the needed exercises to experience rapid memory transformation that lets you capture vocabulary (and phrases) rapidly.


34 brief videos with accompanying worksheets, exercises and the Magnetic Memory Method Vocabulary Builder.

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what word you should learn next in the vast and cluttered universe of language, the “MMM Vocabulary Builder” is worth the price of this course alone.

Most people find that with 2-5 hours of study and practice (including the time it takes to watch the full course), they’ve already memorized their first 10-20 words. After that, it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum rolling and this course teaches you how to do that too.

You also get two exclusive bonuses designed to ensure that you never struggle with learning a language again:

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Language Learning Secret

Bonus #2: Speak from Memory (For boosting confidence when talking in your new language)

Bonus #3: Detailed Case-Studies That Apply To All Languages


“Since signing up for your Masterclass I have taken a Latin course at the University of Alberta and scored above 90% (that is not common territory for me)!”

– James Gerwing

Educational administrator, Sherwood Park, Alberta
(And now 2019 Canadian Memory Champion!)



Miserable, isn’t it? You just met someone two seconds ago and already you can’t remember their name.

What if you could sit down for less than an hour and eliminate that problem forever?

There’s no reason you can’t learn this simple skill right away and leave the shame of forgetting names behind forever.

What Will You Learn?

  • Three ways to remember names and how to use them together for maximum effect.

  • How to remembers details about each person you meet, ranging from any details they mention to where and when you met.

  • Powerful ways to remember how people look and develop your visual memory so you can “see” better in the darkness of your mind.

  • Easy ways to practice remembering names and recalling them in person so that you’re never worried about making a mistake.

Who Is It For?

Frankly, this course should be required by high schools before sending young people out into the professional world. Anyone who wants to boost their socialization skills by a factor of 100 needs to know how to remember the names of everyone they meet.

What You Get

How to Memorize Names and Faces delivered to you in a compact video course with accompanying Ebook that walks you through everything in detail.


12, direct and to the point videos with accompanying worksheets, exercises and the accompanying Magnetic Memory Method For Names and Faces Ebook.

You also get a special bonus that will teach you how to recite the alphabet backwards and is useful for developing a “mnemonic key” that ensure you’ll always have the ability to create associations for remembering even the most complicated name.

Brace yourself for fun because this course and its exercises have great uses in social situations that you just have to try out to believe them!

Testimonial (Hundreds of Names Memorized!)

"If anyone is out there has ever thinking about,  'Should I work with Anthony?' The answer is absolutely, unequivocally YES beyond the shadow of a doubt."
- Lee Escobar



You’re wasting time listening to the standard advice about learning math. You can’t continue with “random acts of learning” as you study simple math, calculus and statistics formulas – at least not for long.

The truth is that learning math and remembering numbers can be incredibly simple. You just need to know how.

In How To Memorize Numbers, Equations And Simple Arithmetic, Anthony Metivier shows you everything you need to develop the right skills, the right mindset and the right dedicated memorization strategy for memorizing any number or equation.

Plus, you’ll learn how to find the right tempo for studying math to match your background and personal interests.

The key to learning and memorizing math is to follow a model. You won’t succeed without one. And your best bet is to supplement that math learning model with strong memory skills.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to visualize any number so that it literally pops out in your mind whenever you look for it.

  • How to use actors, other public figures and famous pieces of artwork to help you memorize math concepts, numbers and formulas.

  • Simple strategies for practicing recall so that you are relaxed during exams and can easily recall everything you’ve studied no matter how difficult.

Who Is It For?

If you’re sick of not knowing your credit card and banking numbers, this course provides the solution.

Likewise, if you’d like to be able commit multiple equations of any difficulty to memory, you’re in the right place for the most innovative techniques for remembering numbers on the planet.

What You Get

This course is delivered to you in a compact video course with accompanying Ebook that walks you through everything in detail.


31 meticulously crafted videos guide you through making the toughest information you’ll ever encounter melt like butter so it can integrate with your memory forever.

You also get worksheets, complete Ebook version of the course and audio MP3s.

Plus, you’ll explore an exclusive session with leading mathematician Robert Ahdoot who walks you through his process of using the Magnetic Memory Method to memorize 9 complex formulas in 45 minutes with perfect recall over 7 days later! You don’t want to miss the mnemonic examples part of the course!


“I started off listening to the Magnetic Memory Podcast in 2016. When set myself the goal to memorize 1200 digits of pi, well, I’m a guy with the opinion that you usually don’t get stuff done if you don’t either pay for something, make some monetary investment because otherwise you just feel, ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow.’

I only learned how to achieve my goal after I got into the Masterclass. Now I a South African record holder for 1200 digits of pi.”

– Marno Hermann



No skill impresses people more than being able to recite an entire poem off the top of your head.

Or how about giving a speech?

 That’s why How to Learn and Memorize Poetry is a course you must take if you want to possess the ability to impress everyone you meet.

Want proof I know what I’m talking about? Scroll up and watch me deliver a TEDx Talk like it was nothing. 

You can also search YouTube with my name and Ribhu Gita to see me reciting with eyes closed in ancient Sanskrit. 

As you're considering these demonstrations, why stop with poetry and speeches? How about dozens of jokes? Or the most important quotes you wish you had on hand, but always seem to forget?

While most people walk around lacking in knowledge, why not treat yourself to the ability to quickly and completely memorize any text you wish verbatim?

In this course, you’ll discover the prime pathways to using a Magnetic Memory Palace for memorizing anything you want to know word for word.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why it’s easy to memorize even the most difficult poems fast.

  • How to include the name of the poet, the title and any relevant details you wish to retain.

  • A special technique for reusing your Memory Palaces so you can take your skills to the next level.

  • Ways to practice reciting poetry and verbatim texts in private so that you’re calm, cool and relaxed when delivering your lines in public.

Who Is It For?

Anyone interested in developing a skill that distinguishes your value of a person will benefit from this course, but it has been designed with the needs of speakers, serious students and professionals in mind.

What You Get

How to Learn and Memorize Poetry is delivered to you in a compact video course with accompanying Ebook that walks you through everything in detail.


17 crisp videos with accompanying worksheets, exercises and the accompanying Magnetic Memory Method For Poetry Ebook.


“I learnt the ancient Koine Greek through brute force rote learning that took years of tears and pain.

I now remember whole chunks of passages in this old language, and words of another language I’m learning with such ease that I often think it can’t be this easy.

The “work” has been to calm my anxieties and temptation to go down the brute force, and the effort to move towards creating memorable images which are tied to images and locations I already know.

Anthony is a very attentive, wise, and an effective guide and teacher. I am very grateful to him.”
– Jeannie Koh



The Magnetic Memory Method is here for you to explore every possible aspect of memory – including answer your questions about how to remember your dreams.

If you’ve ever wished that you could recall every minute of the dreams that pass through your mind while sleeping, now is your chance to stop them from flashing by and hold onto them forever.

What You’ll Learn

Learn all the steps to seduce your memory into helping you remember 6-7 (or more) dreams per night.

Use Anthony’s simple morning formula to achieve fantastic dream recall results by creating the perfect “dream incubator” for storing everything so you can easily remember any dream you wish years later.

Discover Anthony’s specific methodology for understanding the critically important topics you’re processing during your sleep so you can fine-tune your daily activities and expand the pleasure you take in life. And you can have it all without the meaningless woo-woo of “New Agey” dream interpretation and other nonsense.

Figure out how to use your dreams to become more visually creative – and if you’re a writer, you’ll discover an endless source of narratives.

Learn Anthony’s simple, but incredibly powerful model, for catching yourself in unhelpful daydreaming.

Create your own personal philosophy on how to live well in this world. Figure out how easy it is to remember your dreams and use them to create the life you really want to live and improve your memory in the process with these practical strategies.

Who Is It For?

This video course is for anyone looking to turn their dreams into “memory wealth.” Many come to dream recall with visionary zeal in the hopes of going lucid night after night. This is NOT the focus of this course.

How to Remember Your Dreams is for you if your key goal is to remember your dreams, explore an alternative form of memory improvement, develop your creativity and live a more interesting life.

What You Get

A thorough, 9-video course with 94-page Ebook. You also get two bonus videos and PDFs. The first teaches what it really means to interpret your dreams and how to do it. In the second bonus, you learn how Anthony uses dream recall skills to write entire novels. A sample novel is available to owners of this course upon request.


“This is an amazing course. I remember more and more of my dreams everyday and they’re so helpful for problem solving. Thanks Anthony!”
– Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D

Brain Exercise Bootcamp

Plus: An Exclusive Livestream

As if all this weren't enough, on June 1st, 2021 (6pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern), you'll be able to attend a live learning experience.

As you can guess, this session is called:

"Victory Over Vocab."

Over 60 minutes, I'll teach you exactly how to memorize words and develop a "consistency engine." 

We'll close with a Q&A and go as long as you need to get every last question answered.

Frankly, the value of spending this time with me cannot be underestimated. But if you can't be there, you will have access to the replay. It will be in the vocabulary course within 24 hrs after the stream takes place.

On top of the above-listed incredible learning programs, I'm also including my course on how to memorize playing cards.

When James Gerwing told me he used the technique in this course to help him win the 2019 Canadian Memory Championships, I was shocked.

But not too shocked to record a session with him to discuss his approach. That's included with this course along with some bonus training drills I've come up with over the years. 

There are also a few demonstration courses so you can see more applications for the techniques. And if you like guest appearances like the one from James Gerwing, get prepared for 7 more Easter Eggs. 

As you might know, I'm friends with all of the worlds leading memory competitors and experts. They all know about my concerns around competition, and were very happy to help our community out by providing their best tips. 

It turns out that they use the techniques in every day life after all. 

So what do you say? 

Would you like to join this exclusive program?

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Don't spend another day of your life without this in-depth memory training. I've opened up everything I'm doing in my own memory practice and accelerated learning journey so you can benefit. 

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Anthony Metivier

Creator of the

Magnetic Memory Method

About Your Memory Improvement Teacher

Bestselling author and course creator Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams. There's no hype in his training, just techniques that work. 

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

How Long Will Mastering These Two Things Take?

Not as long as you think.

Each person is different, but generally this works best when you set aside a weekend for each course. I highly recommend starting with the Masterplan, then completing the Exercises page. After that, there's a study guide to help you decide which course to complete next.

The best part?

This program has a “consistency engine” built into it, which creates irresistible follow-through.

So the fastest way to experience more better memory is to use my program… and then start using the techniques themselves to learn more about them faster.

What if this doesn't work for me?

So far, this training has worked for everyone who has given it their honest best.

That's all I ask. You don't have to be perfect. You're allowed to make mistakes and you should ask questions when you have them. I want to help.

Ongoing memory training is simple, effective, and it gets you up to speed doing what you want to do: learning faster and remembering more than any of the other complicated memory programs can help you achieve.

How are the materials delivered?

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is an online bundle of video courses with a bonus FAQ section that includes answers to every question I've received over the years. 

Once inside, you just need to register for the discussion group using the link in the Vocabulary course. A few simple steps and you're in.

What's the difference between the Magnetic Memory Method and other memory improvement books and courses?


No memory trainer alive has put in the work I have to make a world class experience for regular people like you and I. 

As John Dziki said: 

"Anthony is not yet another Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000 digit number you'll never use. This memory training is focused and can make a real impact on your life."

What does this difference mean for your learning experience?

No fluff. 

No dancing around or gymnastics. 

Just hard-hitting memory training.

What does "hard-hitting" mean?

Training oriented on a consistent learning experience that takes you from suffering from foggy memory to having sharp, focused and ready-for-action memory abilities that will positively impact on everything you do in life.

For the rest of your life.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Some people still wonder if it's all really worth it. These tables will help you decide for yourself.

The Pros List

  • This program helps you learns 10x faster.
  • An insight about using statues suddenly unlocks hundreds of potential Memory Palaces in your city.
  • You realize that one small improvement to your current learning skills will save you hundreds of hours studying.
  • You race towards completing your goals.
  • You feel accomplishment every time you learn.

The Cons List

  • You stay at your current level of skill with no additional insight from a devoted mnemonist.
  • You struggle to imagine how the memory champions can possibly find so many Magnetic stations.
  • You fall back on rote learning and waste hundreds of hours running in circles. 
  • Learning slows to a crawl and dies.
  • You give up trying to remember and put up with a memory less than you deserve.
Barry Kurtz Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

 "After Two Months Of Additional Practice, Barry Kurtz..."

  • Doubled his comfort level and effectiveness in personal and business situations.
  • Committed to helping others use the techniques to grow his own understanding.
  • Enjoyed "fun and confidence through the use of these effective learning methods."
  • Benefited from "clear and usable" techniques.
  • Helped a friend prepare for a job upgrade test and enjoyed deep fulfillment from the act.
  • Developed his mind to a much greater capacity.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by the MMM 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel overjoyed by the memory training courses you receive through this special offer, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund within one year. That's 365 days you have to decide if the Mastermind is right for you. There's literally no risk!

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P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of memory. 

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