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From: The Desk of Anthony Metivier

To: Sufferers of Mental Agony Around The World

Dear Friend, 

Have you ever been so frustrated, you wanted to throw yourself off a bridge? How about in front of a speeding train? 

Maybe a bottle of pills chased by booze before you hang yourself from the bathroom door handle?

For many years, I was tortured by such urges. 

Like yourself, I’m a pretty smart person. 

I should have been able to figure it out. 

I should have been able to make it stop.

But I couldn’t. And that’s what hurt the most.

At that time, I was doing my Ph.D., and the fact that I couldn’t stop my brain from the pounding urges to destroy my body made my suffering so much worse. “You should be able to figure this out!” I used to tell myself for hours on end. 

Then one winter, a letter arrived. 

It was from the government. 

It was some new policy.

You know the kind. 

It was dreamed up by a bureaucrat who said that my student loans would be coming due early. 

I stood there with the letter shaking in my hands.

Tears were forming in my eyes. 

Outside, the snow was almost sixteen feet high. 

The radio was talking about how they’d need to bring the military in to clear it all away. 

I tore the letter up, pulled a bottle of Guinness from the case I kept in my closet, and went back to bed. I watched magicians for hours on end to escape my world of problems.

My bedroom was the only place that was safe because every time I went to the university, I had to take the subway. 

And taking the subway meant facing that horrible urge to jump. 

Anyway, I finally got myself up to campus and on that day, I made an incredible discovery. 

It was a discovery that started a process of transformation so profound, I not only healed myself.

I wound up helping thousands of people around the world. 

I helped them study better because their minds could focus. 

I helped them learn languages faster because they gained the courage to speak. 

I helped them finally stop the roaring mental noise that was holding them back from becoming the architects of their dreams.

The best part? My mind is now free and clear of the evil depression that plotted for decades to bring my life to an end. 

Now I have a “Victorious Mind,” and you can too if you’ll let me help you out.

If You’re Punishing Yourself Right Now,
You REALLY Can Make It Stop

If you’re anything like me, you’ve read all the self-help books. 

Maybe they helped you a little bit here and there.

They’ve helped me too, and more than a little.But it was never complete. Never led to making me feel whole. 

And now I know why.

You see, a lot of them don’t realize that they’re really just setting you up to fail. 

On the one hand, they might give you templates and step-by-step actions to take.

That’s fine, but it’s usually based on their own peculiar circumstances.

There’s no real science in it. 

On the other hand, a lot of them are so noodly and intellectual, you always feel like “I get it… I think…” And then…

Nothing. Happens. Because you didn’t get it. 

And what you thought about was just empty air. 

So again, on behalf of all those teachers, I want to apologize. 

They truly did not know they could not help you as well as they helped themselves because they were missing self-awareness of the secret ingredient I FINALLY discovered after years of torment.

From the Ruins Of Rage, An Upward Spiral Begins...

Over the years, I explored so many self-help books. 

I implemented their ideas like crazy.

And I do mean crazy.

I even wrote letters to angels and dropped them in the mail because a guru said it was at least worth a try. 

People with weird ideas like that are actually pretty rare, and I’m only sharing that with you because I want you to know that I was willing to give up my personal values to finally remove these horrible, self-destructive urges. 

You see, I was a skeptic then, and am still quite a skeptic now.

And a lot of the claims made by people in the self-help community make me angry.

A rage that only made my problems worse. 

But in this case, part of my fury was justified. 

See, these gurus either violate common sense or something much worse. 

They describe rituals so difficult to complete, tortuous journeys that take so many years of practice, few in the modern world will ever go to such extremes. 

But during one of my darkest hours, I realized something about the gurus who had helped me the most.

They all had one thing in common.

They all had one thing in common.

And when I realized this simple fact, I started to experience the most rewarding upward spiral my life had ever known.

I’m still rocketing skyward as we speak!

Here’s How You And I Will Erase The “Blind Spot” Of The Great Spiritual Teachers Once And For All

If you’re ready to read one simple book, I will share with you how I saved my life. 

The key is counterintuitive, but once you get it, you will, like me, wonder how you didn’t see it all along! 

See, it’s not about the noise in your mind. 

It’s how you respond to it. 

Once you understand it, and go beyond understanding it…

That right there is when everything starts to change.

The exact thing I realized is that the “real deal” gurus, the ones I really had learned from…

They all quoted things from memory.


I’m talking about Tony Robbins.

Wayne Dyer.

Eckhart Tolle. 


Wisdom funneled directly from books. 

It doesn’t matter what stage they were on or who was interviewing them.

They were projecting ancient wisdom directly from their minds. 

And that means it was all deeply embedded in their memory. 

What does this mean for you? Maybe you’re already ahead of me on this point. 

You see, that’s their blind spot. 

They teach the greatest principles we all need for skillful living, but they do not realize that memory itself is the key!

And when you can remember, as if on autopilot, how to respond when your mind kicks up a fuss…

That’s where the upward spiral out of hell begins. 

The Never-Ending Bliss of
“Magnetic Cruising Altitude”

I don’t want to over-promise results. 

That violates my personal ethics and is precisely the thing I’ve been criticizing in some (if not most) of the self-

help gurus out there flogging their stuff.

So please realize this:

I still have a mind to deal with.

A body too!

But I do feel that it’s reasonable to call my new experience in life “blissful.” And that’s because it is. Anyone who looks me up can see it in my videos with their very own eyes. 

I’ve literally transformed in public. 

You can hear the depression in my voice on old episodes of the Magnetic Memory Method podcast and see it in my eyes in old videos. 

Then all of a sudden, everything changed. 

Sure, I still get bumped around once in a while.

But now I have simple tools for creating “cruising altitude.”

And for many years now, using these tools has been fantastic for fighting the turbulence we all face in life.

Here’s Exactly How It Works

I didn’t start by memorizing the quotes we all know and love from Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins. 

Far from it. 

I started a handful of simple steps, simple sounds and a little technique using my fingers to “neutralize” the noise emanating from my brain. 

It’s a simple and soft way to start exercising what scientists call “procedural memory.” 

When something you don’t want pops up, you soon have an automatic procedure to stop it. 

The results were incredible!

Instead of throwing books at the wall and jumping up and down on my laptops when I got angry, I was able to stop myself. 

Rather than listen to my mind pound out endless diatribes about how weak and pathetic I was and urge me to end it all for hours on end…

I used this simple “starter technique” to turn down the volume. 

And once I started feeling the results, I wanted more. 

Because my mind was now calm (or could be made calm on demand), I was able to start memorizing some of those quotes. 

This deepened the results far beyond anything I could imagine. 

When you can:

1) Stop the negative noise of the mind and…

2) Give it something positive to chew on instead…

Nothing Can Stop You From Becoming The Architect Of Your Dreams

I truly believe you can do it.

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to do all I can to share these techniques with as many people as possible. 

And convince them that this truly is the right path, the right decision to make right now.


Not right now.

I mean right freakin' now.

That's how could it feels to be free from the pain and I know you'll wish you started sooner with my special discovery.

The weird thing was, Tony Robbins himself proved to me that my guess was correct. 

Anthony Metivier at a Tony Robbins Event

Back in May of 2018, Tony Robbins swung by Brisbane for a one-day only event. Somehow I wound up with a ticket and what I heard him say after my first year of using what has come to be called the “Victorious Mind” technique totally blew my mind. 

You know how Tony is, right?He hardly stands still for a second. 

He was this far away from me when he said it:

Tony Robbins presenting in Brisbane in 2018

It was just a few simple words in an ancient language called Sanskrit. 

And then he talked about the Ashram in India where he’d learned it…

The same exact words I’d committed to memory when I was just getting started. 

From the exact same Ashram. 

And that’s when I knew it for sure. 

A Victorious Mind SOARS To Heaven Because It Remembers That It Can!

It’s a mystery to me why Tony Robbins hasn’t made the connection yet. 

Or Eckhart Tolle…

… though I think Wayne Dyer was closest when he wrote his great commentary on the Tao Te Ching.

But again, all of these fine teachers have it in common. 

They don’t just talk the talk. 

They embody it through memory. 

That’s what I learned to do for myself. 

And the long term freedom and relief from my years banging against the rocky shores of misery will never come to and end.

I know that with the deepest certainty and conviction I’ve ever known.

My untrained mind almost drove me to homelessness. 

It tried to kill me too. 

But my “victorious mind” finally took over. 

Even if I’m only “mini-famous” (something my wife likes to say, maybe to keep my ego in check), it is my duty to get this powerful process into your life.

Just Imagine What You’ll Be Able To Do With So Much Peace And Freedom

I’ll tell you some of what’s going to happen.

First of all, I want to help you succeed in life. 

And we know that success is inevitable when we SET and ACCOMPLISH written goals. 

That’s where a truly “victorious mind” starts.And let’s face it. 

Unsuccessful people fail because they omit this essential step.

But I’m going to teach you how to create a “Memory Journal.” It will become an accountability partner that won’t let you fail to experience the ultimate reality I have in store for you.

This special process, it truly is my secret weapon. And I’m the only person who teaches it in this exact way.

So, if you have a big dream or goal, but can’t get your mind to stop running in circles, it’s a VERY good thing you read this letter today. 

Listen, even if you’ve never done anything like this before, you owe it to yourself to see your dreams become reality.

You owe it to yourself to develop a “victorious mind.” A mind that prevails over all the junk and adverse situations that make life more challenging than it has to be.

And since I’m a world-renowned memory expert, and because the secret of combining memory and meditation transformed my life so dramatically, I’m going to help you learn exactly what finally unlocked the life I never thought possible.

It is very simple to describe:

We meditate in a variety of ways.

And we cleanse our memory of the past in a way that makes it possible for us to rise up in the future. 

Out of hell. 

Forevermore in heaven.

Are you ready for YOUR turn?

Next Level Memory Training Secrets with USA Memory Champ John Graham

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John Graham
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Tony Buzan
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Here’s How To Get Started

The Victorious Mind is the world’s first and only book to share a flexible framework for cleansing the mind.


It shares with you exactly what to do and how to do it, one step at a time. 

And if you find that some of the suggestions aren’t quite right for you, no problem. I always share alternatives and ways to modify everything to suit your lifestyle and learning preferences. 

It’s a simple book and you can download the Ebook and the audiobook for reading on the go. 

I’ve also got a few bonuses for you that are exclusive to this offer.

Who This Is And Isn’t For

If you don’t like trying new things, this book isn’t for you.

But if you’re willing to read an engaging book and try a few experiments with your mind, you will:

  • Use memory-based meditation to sharpen your thinking

  • Learn how to practice this sustainable, life-affirming routine on autopilot because you never forget to do it
  • Discover powerful methods for enhancing attention, concentration, and much, much more!

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You really can’t put a price on the value of completely eliminating negativity, self-doubt and all the obstacles your mind puts in front of you.

Especially not when you really want to succeed in life without facing barrier after barrier as constant new crises erupt from within. 

And let me be transparent with you.

It probably costs me $10-$20 just to show you the ad that brought you to this page. 

That’s okay. I really want you to experience these benefits. It’s my mission.

(And it’s my mission because I owe it to the world to get as many people these techniques as I possibly can.)

If you find that $4.99 really isn’t worth it to you, then no problem. 

Just shoot me a quick note and I’ll send back each and every penny. 

But if you simply follow the advice in the book, you will get the same results I did. 

And when you stick with the program by reading the book:

  • The fear of death goes away

  • Energy draining "blah blah blah" disappears

  • Saying and doing unhelpful things is immediately reduced

  • You look back at the end of each and every day and feel deeply fulfilled, because...

    You were fulfilled throughout each and every minute of the day. That and...

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Bonus "Tickets To Heaven"!

Ticket to Heaven #1: The Configuration

The Configuration

Ever hear of the "hero's journey"? 

It's the idea that life is filled with calls to adventure. 

You know the kind.

You have big dreams and you feel that "pull" to take action.

But how many times do you actually answer that call?

If the answer is a big fat zero, you're not alone.

But there's an explanation behind why some people bravely go after their dreams and others whimper in fear. 

And once you've discovered "The Configuration," you'll be free to say "yes!" and become the architect of your dreams.

Ticket to Heaven #2:
30-Day Meditation Challenge

30 day meditation challenge

You’ll soon find that the memory-based meditation I teach you is extraordinarily fun. 

It’ll be all the more so when you're not going it on your own.

That's why I'm giving you access to The Victorious Mind Discussion Group and a set of  simple daily meditations.

Just follow the steps. 

You won't find anything like these simple meditations anywhere else and they're completely unique to growing your ability to create "nuclear powered" skills of lasting mental peace. 

Ticket to Heaven #3:
Memory Mentors

Memory Mentors

Ever wished you could just pick up the phone and get advice from a master of memory and the mind?

Now you can!

I've recorded dozens of conversations with the best memory experts, memory athletes and world famous leaders of learning.

The best part?

I've turned these discussions into an exclusive Ebook available only with this special offer.

It includes mountains of actionable wisdom along with highlighted key points and additional exercises. 

You will never be alone on your journey again.

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Developing your own Victorious Mind is the most effective way to overcome your OLD story and start ERASING your conditioning from the very first hour you use my methods. 

This book gives you virtually everything you’ve been missing, literally your whole life, to truly experience mental freedom from literally anything that’s been plaguing you.

Now, I know I’m putting a lot out there. 

So let me make sure I’m clear on what I want you to hear:

I want you to imagine you’re standing at a crossroads in your life.

To the left…

Is continuing to spend all kinds of money, time, worry… and effort… trying, wishing, and hoping to find a way to BLAST THROUGH your old story… so you can LIVE your passion and purpose.

Because let’s face it…

It’s a scary, nasty world out there.

And if you don’t have the tools to thrive in life…

Like being able to instantly calm the mind so you can learn the things you’ll need to succeed as the architect of your dreams and fantasies.

How are you honestly expected to overcome the challenges we’re ALL faced with?

How are you honestly expected to be happy and fulfilled with so much noise in your head?

How are you honestly expected to believe in yourself and make NEW decisions, when you’re surrounded by a world that says, “You CAN’T do that.” 

And your mind constantly agrees.

Well, let me suggest this:

Nobody has the right to tell you what you CAN or CAN’T do.

Only YOU have that power.

And if you take the path to the right…

At the fork in the road you’re faced with, right now…

You’ll FINALLY get to exercise that power… to become the architect of your own dreams.

Are you ready?


Just click or tap the button below…

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You’ll have INSTANT access to everything you need to truly LEARN the stuff that helps you tell a brand new life story; 

The story YOU want to tell.

But please make your decision soon. 

This offer could be taken down or modified at any time, without warning. 

The Victorious Mind Audiobook Cover for Audible

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Anthony Metivier with lots of books
Dr. Anthony Metivier

Creator of the

Magnetic Memory Method &
Brain Exercises Bootcamp

About Your "Permanently Peaceful" Leader

Bestselling author and course creator, Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams.

There's no hype in this training, just legitimate brain fitness routines that work to improve the quality of your daily mental experience. 

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

How Long Will This Take?

Not as long as you think.

Some of my readers have completed the book and many of the exercises over a weekend.

But here's the thing:

It's not about how long it takes. It's about using these techniques for the rest of your life. Otherwise... why bother getting started? 

If you're worried about your ability to follow through, stop. This book includes tips on becoming a “consistency engine."

Just follow these suggestions and you'll creates irresistible follow-through for yourself.

What if this doesn't work for me?

So far, the techniques in this book have worked for everyone who gives them their honest best.


Listen, this isn't necessarily the kind of thing where after five minutes you'll say, "Oh wow, it's working!"

But it might, and you could wind up saying something like William J. Morse shared as he was going through this material:

"This is full of so many amazing useful techniques and tools. 

Thanks for sharing insights from your years of study and work."

How is The Victorious Mind delivered?

This book includes audio, PDF and video bonuses. You'll receive the access link by email.

You'll also receive a few helpful emails that will encourage you to get the most out of the book.

All around, look at it this way.

This book comes with no fluff. 

No dancing around or gymnastics. 

Just hard-hitting lessons that set you up with a sharp, focused and ready-for-action brain.

Having a "victorious mind" will positively impact everything you do in life. For the rest of your life.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel overjoyed by The Victorious Mind, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund within one year. That's 365 days you have to decide if this program is right for you. There's literally no risk!

Anthony Metivier John Hancock

P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of mental calm that will prepare you for the growing chaos of the world yet to come. 

And because you'll have a Victorious Mind of your own and access to our discussion group, you'll never be alone. You will improve and experience the mastery we all enjoy. 

At the end of the day, this is about calming our minds, but also something else.

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