The BBC Sherlock Holmes And The Wickedest Memory Palace Ever

Sherlock Holmes BBC post on mnemotechnics.orgDear Memorizers,

Got an email from someone letting me know about Memory Palaces in a certain episode of Sherlock Holmes that I haven’t had a chance to see yet.

“Writing to you in case you’re not a fan of TV series, SHERLOCK, currently showing on BBC in UK.

Last night’s episode (3rd of 3 parts, series 3) the protagonist revealed at the end that he used a memory palace. It was a really great example of it even though his use of same could be deemed to be unethical in the programme!

Briefly story is about Sherlock trying to access the baddy’s vault where he believes he keeps all his information; he uses the information to blackmail people. Eventually at the end of a great programme, Sherlock does a deal to access the vault but is flabbergasted to find it’s not a huge library but a small room with a single chair. Baddy sits in chair and says it’s here he can access all the information he has accumulated just by thinking and tapping into his Memory Palace! “

Can’t wait to see it!

(Note: I originally made this comment at the great, amazing and absolutely Magnetic

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