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Before You Go …

Discover the Amazing Secrets of How to Have A Better Memory AND More Creativity

Dear Memorizer,

Before you examine the free worksheets you’ve just received, I want to introduce myself and tell you why your being on this page is so crucial to both yourself and the world.

When I started the Magnetic Memory Method, my goal was to get memory techniques into the hands of the masses so that they could see just how easy, elegant, effective and fun they can be. And the reason the Magnetic Memory Method is so important has been felt by the thousands and thousands of people who have read a book from the Magnetic Memory Series, taken a video course or seen one of my YouTube videos.

The results for those who use the Magnetic Memory Method have been phenomenal and all of this is just in the past 2 years since the first book was released. I’m now grateful to have you joining the rest of us to improve your memory and achieve memory miracles in your mind.

But the question is: Why is all of this important?

Consider this:

Being able to recall information is one of the healthiest things you can do because it relieves stress, anxiety that alone increases your productivity and performance in every area of your life. This in turn creates more happiness, greater income opportunities and there’s no reason to stop at this. When you learn the next level, which is advanced dream recall abilities, you actually learn to make memory part of your daily activity first thing every morning.

Learning to consistently and effectively recall your dreams can change your life and motivate you to move even further towards success as you start improving in every area. When you develop advanced dream recall, you memory functioning  can reach levels where your creative motives and insights may be channeled in many different ways.

Now, I’m not talking about developing the ability to bend reality or anything like that.

I’m talking about creating amazing new opportunities for yourself simply by making memory improvement a central part of your life and allowing it to propel you forward into truly unique forms of what memory can mean and be for you.

Thus, the Magnetic Memory Method is one of the most powerful tools to get you there, to help you go from forgetting just about everything when learning a language and the names of important new people you meet to experiencing a fully awakened memory center in your mind.

All of what you’ve just read details what the Magnetic Memory Method and myself as its creator stand for.

Let me tell you what the Magnetic Memory Method stands against. “Against” is such a forceful word to use, and yet the Magnetic Memory Method most certainly does stand against the belief that some of us are born with poor memory abilities, which is a belief that keeps so many people trapped in boring and mediocre lives. It keeps them stuck in a society built and governed by institutions that put them through schools teaching lessons that were almost instantly forgotten so that people could wind up living unfulfilled lives and die at a young age with so many dreams going unfilled.

There’s a new way.

The Magnetic Memory Method is a way to leap ahead with your memory abilities and solve many of these problems as a result.

So here’s my very strong suggestion to you:
Check out the resources on this website and realize that the Magnetic Memory Method is one of the most powerful programs that has ever been introduced to those who are seeking memory improvement.

And who isn’t?

Quite frankly, I’d like to see the Magnetic Memory Method in high schools and colleges all around the world, and in fact, it’s already started happening.

But for you, it’s just beginning.

Starting now.

So subscribe to the Magnetic Memory Method podcast. Read the posts on this blog and check out the other memory trainings available to you by clicking the links on this site. What else do you have planned to move your memory abilities forward?

And if you invest in anything you find on this site and don’t like it – even if it’s just the sound of my voice – simply return it within the guarantee period.

But I know that if you give the material a try, the Magnetic Memory Method is going to make many positive changes in your life – and if you order any of my video courses and send me the receipt with “2 more please” in the subject line, I’ll send you free access codes so that you can share these amazing memory trainings with the people you most care about.

That will be the first step towards the most remarkable change in how you use your memory and I know that you will write back to me in 30 days or less like so many thousands of people before you to share your remarkable stories of memory success.

I can’t wait until you do.

Magnetically yours,

Anthony Metivier

P.S. Click the training book cover for more information on how to remember your dreams:




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