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If You'd Like Advanced Reveals & Extra Bonuses From My Forthcoming Book With Free Memory Improvement Tips...

Please join the MMM Virtual Street Team and I'll give you 

a first look at the Memory Palace I used to memorize a TON of life-saving information with ease. 

As part of the MMM Street Team, you'll also be invited to an exclusive training webinar titled, How to Memorize Large Volumes Of Verbatim Text In Any Language. (Date to be announced in Spring 2020.)

Why Bother?

I must say Anthony that you are inspiring.

Dare I say that the skills you impart are healing in that they gave me so much hope and encouragement.

It is more than that though… there is rare quality of kind support that is clear, real and present.

Your teaching is skillful and very helpful. You are not just another purveyor of some fancy gizmo that let me fall flat.

How fabulous is that?!

Nancy Jane Pierce

Image of Nancy Jane Pierce for her Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Prior to discovering you and your teaching methods, I spent HUNDREDS of hours using flash cards (rote learning) reading books, and pursuing other “experts” in the field of learning and memory.

The first time that I heard you speak about the Magnetic Memory Method, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

Now, I believe that I truly can learn ANYTHING.

You have really opened my eyes and my mind to the potential of my mind – and I thank you so much for that.

Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert photo for Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Join Me On This Mission

Anthony Metivier with book

My goal is simple: 

To help devoted learners like you go on mental adventures that help you learn and remember the information that improves your personal and professional life.

For nearly a decade, I've helped people around the world learn languages, pass exams, get better jobs and rapidly earn promotions. Simply by improving my own memory and sharing what I've learned.

But now it's time to take your memory skills to the next level. 

It's time to connect your memory back to its ancient roots. 

It's time to experience a connection with the raw clarity, focus and power of your mind, like never before. 

It's time to use memory to set your mind free

Free from the endless chatter. 

The torrent of worries. 

The misery-inducing fears. 

The scarcity delusions that imprison you and keep you from feeling less than whole. 

Well... what if a "new" ancient process I've discovered and written about is the key you need? 

With your help, we can take the message and method shared in my forthcoming book to the greatest heights and set many lives free of the suffering only memory can create.

Because memory truly is the key to why we suffer.

And by training it, memory reveals why and how don't have to suffer any more.

This is not hype. We all know this to be true, even if we haven't figured out how to shake the tyranny of memory so we can enjoy its unblemished bliss. 

So what should you do? 

Scroll up and sign up if you want to be part of this stage of the Magnetic Memory Method Mission. 

I'll do all I can to help you follow the steps between now and when the book is released, revealing many powerful tips along the way.

For now, I look forward to giving you a "sneak peak" of the Memory Palace that finally, after years of mental anguish, set me free to live in, and enjoy, the present moment.

The present moment alone. For the present, dear Memorizers, is all we have.

And you know that's true too. 

Let's join together and help everyone make this moment, right now, 100% Magnetic!  

Talk soon!

Dr. Anthony Metivier
"Memory Scientist"

Anthony Metivier with Enjoy Right Now Mural on wall in Berlin

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