How You Can Easily Master The Best...

"Secret Weapons" For MAXIMIZING Your Personal Genius...

In Just A Few Weeks...

... as you effortlessly read and understand material that used to feel like it was conspiring against you!

Anthony Metivier with books

From: The Desk of Anthony Metivier

To: Lifelong Learners Around the World

After years of puzzling over the most driving question of my professional life, I finally figured it out.

The answer had evaded me for years until I started reading the biographies of earthshaking geniuses like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Warren Buffet.

You know what they all hold in common?

They ALL read with momentum.

In fact, Buffet reads with so much momentum, he proclaims…

“Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest."

But Buffet, being the straight-shooter he is, isn't finished.

Seconds later he pours out a bit of tough love from his bottle of reality pills. He says...

"All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

And that's because the way you've been taught to read, really is conspiring against you.

We all know the education system is broken, and only a small percentage of teachers read enough themselves to even have an inkling of what it's all about.

And if they did figure it out, why would they teach for a corrupt system in the first place?

See, the reason I don't teach at a university anymore isn't because I can't get a job.

When I saw how corrupt and broken that world was, I used my ability to study quickly to teach myself everything I needed to free myself financially.

Although I wouldn't say I built my online teaching business overnight, it was pretty close because of how quickly I'm able to master complex topics, and...

... maintain the correct mental attitude needed to get through the stuff you might not want to read, but still need to master if you're ever going to succeed as the architect of your future.

Want to make sure that you belong to the exclusive group of people who do read in the ways that make you as successful as the world's leading movers and shakers?

Keep reading and I'll help you figure out how to be one of those who not only can do it.

I'm also going to show you how to...

Enjoy The Flourishing  COMPOUND INTEREST That Accelerates Your Ability To Gather Even More Knowledge On Autopilot!

Even better.

What if you could enjoy the benefits of reading faster and understanding more without it having to read quite so many pages?

(Possibly as little as 5-10 pages a day, assuming they are the right pages?)

If you’re nodding your head and saying “yes” because you want to be a top performer who literally gets paid interest by reading faster and remembering more, then be sure to read each and every word on this page.

It could be the most important page on the Internet you ever read.


Here's The Only SURE-FIRE Way To Develop Wisdom

The kind of wisdom that helps you see and seize opportunities that everyone else is blind to.

The ability to dodge bullets and eliminate unnecessary obstacles from your life.

All while becoming a respected expert in your field and commanding the intellectual respect, greater economic certainty and dream life you deserve.

That’s compound interest. Paid directly to you. Because you finally learned how to read.

Not only that, but you learned how to constantly recover the love for learning.

The alternative is to become someone who passes only the tests necessary to live life as what education specialist John Higton called a “joyless little bean counter.”

Who dreams of leading a life like that?

The answer is no one. And the antidote is learning to read with love, and not only that, but to retain, know and use what you read.

But let’s face the facts.

Learning to read as much as you need in order to keep ahead and create the EPIC mental connections that improve your life can be challenging.

Really hard.

Many of the important books you need to be reading?

Let's not beat around the bush. They can be incredibly abstract.

It can feel impossible to know where to start.

If only someone could just tell you what it all means, reading should become faster and easier, right?

Especially if you’ve invested your time in learning techniques like reducing subvocalization and controlling your eye movements.

You know. The stuff they teach in the standard speed reading books and courses.

If you just count how many words you read a moment and contort your eyes exactly as they recommend, you’ll suddenly read and comprehend 3x more information, right?


It actually gets worse. Here’s why:

Even if you do get a bit more speed out of those books and courses, you’ll still only get a tiny glimpse at the big picture.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you’re not even sure you’ve understood that tiny piece of the puzzle you’ve eeked out of those books you know you need to master.

After reading thousands of emails over the years and releasing a few very successful “rants” against the corrupt world of “speed reading”...

I decided that I needed to fix this.

Not only because I’ve taught reading courses before at Rutgers University and the University of Saarland in Germany.

But also because I know how important it is to feel like you’re good at doing something. As psychologist Dr. Jan Tonnesvang puts it, mastery is a basic human psychology need.

And the fastest and most likely way for each and every one of us to master at least one topic in our lives is through reading.

So because I know how to teach reading, because science supports reading as the most likely path to mastery, and because we can now hold seminars via Zoom, I’ve decided to bring you something very special.

The same, 360-degree, fully-integrated learning experience you could previously only get from me at great expense. Assuming you were in the same city and accepted into the universities where I was teaching.

Image of Anthony Metivier helping some local entrepreneurs use Thinkific in Brisbane


I’ve got over a decade of experience teaching memory techniques.

So I’ve developed a brand new program that combines what I used to teach about reading with memory techniques.

Not only have I built this new learning experience from the ground up. 

I’ve now able to help you deeply integrate the world renowned Magnetic Memory Method with everything you read in a step-by-step, online experience that will leave you reading and integrating your knowledge with deep and impactful memories of everything. 


Read with Momentum Cohort Course Graphic

A 5-Week Live Learning Program

The WORLD'S ONLY 360-Degree integrated, step-by-step online learning system for serious learners who want to remember everything they read.

Here’s how it works:

This program is structured using my unique, 360-degree framework that immerses you in the key skills required to truly develop as a person of knowledge. Like Tesla, Einstein and Steve Jobs.

To accomplish this, I'll take you through 5 reading skills you need to ensure success as the architect of your future.

What makes Read with Momentum so much better than any other “speed reading” program out there.

The key is to give you the 5 key techniques for effective reading in a comprehensive way, without ever overwhelming you. In Read with Momentum, we use real reading assignments to introduce the key concepts, help you focus and keep it fun!

1. Targets & Systems

Does it really matter how fast you’re going if you’re reading in the wrong direction?

Not really.

If you’re as sick as I am of people with anonymous usernames bragging that they can read 800 words a minute without a shred of proof that they’ve accomplished anything meaningful in their lives, then you’re also fed up with people who have no direction.

In this module, you’ll discover how impactful people design their learning projects, create excitement, harness momentum and keep going even when life throws a curveball or they hit a snag in their ability to understand something.

If you’re heard of the so-called Feynman Technique (a way of teaching yourself to become at least as smart as he was), this is like that but much more powerful.

After all, this program is about helping you become the best possible version of yourself, not the next Richard Feynman.

That said, I've done the research and will teach you the key ways that top performers created learning targets for themselves.

Then, instead of relying on "motivation," they created systems that enabled them to do the reading required to reach their chosen targets.

I've modeled this simple approach for decades and wound up building the world's premiere memory training website as a result, not to mention transforming thousands of lives around the world.

If you want to create impact, I'll hand you the blueprint and show you how to get out of your own way so you can cruise toward success.

2. Speed Reading Exposed

Why is that all of these speed reading "techniques" exist in the first place?

Who came up with them?

What does the science really say?

We’re going to spend a module on this for two reasons:

It is absolutely critical to understand why these pseudoscientific ideas waste time and prey on the gullible.

You’ll sharpen your critical thinking skills by learning to interpret how people manipulate data and your emotions to get you to buy all kinds of things you don’t need

Make no mistake.

If you want to Read with Momentum, you’re going to need to learn how to blast through the garbage as if you have lasers in your eyes.

We’ll go into all kinds of cognitive biases that most people never teach in this module so you’ll never be duped by anyone again.

And the one or two good things that the speed reading world does teach (like priming)?

I’ll show you what real scientists call this technique and teach you exactly how to strengthen it. There are some subtle differences between how it works when reading digital vs. print and you’ll discover each of these.

But the best part is, you’re probably already doing it in a casual and amateur way. 

By the end of this course, you’re going to be doing it like a genius.

3. Extracting & Retaining Key Information

So many learners flounder because they either don’t know what to remember or can’t decide.

They’re totally overwhelmed by decision anxiety.

Yet, there are incredibly simple ways to remove this problem forever.

In this module, you’ll learn how to interpret what’s important in what you’re reading and prove it to yourself and others.

This is where you’ll make the biggest transition from a passive reader who flounders to focus and truly awaken to the potential as you read actively and use my exclusive systems.

4. Understand On Demand

Reading is an utter waste of time if you can’t comprehend the material.

Or is it? 

Memory experts who should know better often preach that you shouldn’t memorize something you don’t understand...

But I’m here as a multi-times bestselling author, celebrated TEDx speaker and award-winning memory expert that such statements are utter nonsense.

I know for a fact (and you’ll know it too by the end of this course) that Einstein memorized things he didn’t understand all the time.


Because that’s how you get to master information the fastest!

From using the Memory Palace technique to image streaming and experiencing hyperphantasia, I will turn you into a human factory that pumps out insights deeper than you ever imagined possible.

The best part?

I have a series of exercises we’ll go through live that will give you the most astonishing “A-ha!” moments you’ve ever experienced.

And if you don’t absolutely break out with joy during this model, I’m sorry. You’re just not human.

5. Advanced Memory Techniques

I love big books. I read the biggest books I can find.

How to Read Faster Feature Image

Not only that, I make sure they’re also the most challenging.

In this final module of the course, you’ll discover exactly how the Memory Palace technique will help you keep ahead of what appears to be an infinity of books.

But instead of feeling overwhelmed and that you’ll never get anywhere, you’ll discover how to tap into that zettabyte of available storage space in your mind.

In case you don’t know the term, renowned neuroscientist Dave Eagleman uses it to describe how much memory storage the average human possesses.

A zettabyte is more than enough for all the information in the world. With room to spare.

That's why I can promise you Read With Momentum will deliver...

  • The 5 categories of books you must read in order to cultivate a “hardwired” mind that cuts like a laser-guided scalpel.

  • How to rapidly exclude books you don’t need to read so your shelf and mind aren't cluttered with irrelevant material.
  • How to deal with that nagging sense of dissatisfaction when learning projects don’t turn out the way you thought they should.
  • The key content-types I personally invest in for holistic education (and why it’s imperative that you invest in them too if you want to lead a fulfilling life).
  • How to experience insights from fiction at least as profound as from non-fiction, science, philosophy and other topics.
  • Why “speed reading experts” who tell you to suppress subvocalization are not only wrong, but are actually providing proof that they haven’t read or remembered the most important facts about the science of reading.
  •  Why the hardest kind of reading is also the most rewarding – and the TWO crucial steps needed to get yourself to do it.
  •   The hidden genius behind why top performers keep highly personalized “anti-libraries” and how to know if this approach really makes sense for you.
  •  Why you don’t have to “see” images or anything else in your mind to rapidly make associations that help you remember details for the long term.
  •  Why the Pomodoro technique can work some of the time, but can also be replaced with a much more powerful approach.
  •  And much, much more!

Christian Altenburg

"This is the first time I've been excited about learning in 10-12 years! I already notice a tangible difference that I can demonstrate. You certainly opened up a new world to me."

Christian Altenburg
- Metro Business Director at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia
Adolfo Artigas Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Photo

"I recently returned to university after 16 years… I was TERRIFIED. Everything is so different!

Anthony’s training has helped me reduce the anxiety of being unprepared in lectures and the stress of exams. NOW, I’m crushing my courses.

Anthony, in my opinion, is the greatest memory instructor in the world."

Adolfo Artigas
- US Navy and University Student
Alex Mullen

“Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone teaching this more effectively and extensively.”

Alex Mullen
- 3x World Memory Champion, medical resident and accomplished student of Chinese
Chetan Belgur Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

"Holy cow! It's only session 1 and there is so much to take away and apply.  And the 'Conquering Content' bonus is already worth far more than the tiny tuition.

A BIG THANK YOU! for putting together this course."

Chetan Belgur
- Engineer
Robert Spraggs MMM Testimonial

"I take a large course load (31 hours per trimester, 93 hours a year) and it was difficult to manage all the material and stay sane.

Now I enjoy studying and learning new material. It is pretty awesome.

I really enjoy this. Anthony makes learning not suck. I found some love of learning in very dense subjects. It is beautiful.

My ability to create new images with densely encoded material and my ability to recall the information without struggling at all has improved.

Do. It. As. Soon. As. Possible. No matter where you are what situation you are in, Anthony makes learning easier."

Robert Spraggs
- University Student
Next Level Memory Training Secrets with USA Memory Champ John Graham

"I consider Anthony Metivier a personal mentor. If there is someone who thinks about and uses memory techniques as often as he does, I haven't found that person. He connects the dots better than anyone I know and will teach you how to use mnemonics to enhance the quality of your life."

John Graham
- 2018 USA Memory Champion
Laura Roy MMM Masterclass Review Testimonial

"Your are really amazing. What I have learned has changed my life! I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am able to remember things now.

Topics I never thought I could master have become fun and easy."

Laura Roy
- Certified Medical Illustrator, John Hopkins University
Tony Buzan

"Anthony Metivier is a Warrior of the Mind!"

Tony Buzan
- Founder, World Memory Championship, Mind Map Innovator and Multi-time International Bestselling Author

Why Read With Momentum Will Help You

This program gives you 3 things you cannot get from anyone else:

1. A fully integrated system

In just 5 weeks, we’re going to dive deep into ALL the core skills necessary to develop yourself as an accomplished reader.

2. Learn by doing

Unlike many other books and courses, Read with Momentum uses real reading material as the basis for learning so you can feel your progress as you move through the program. And you’ll have fun along the way!

3. Sequential learning

The sequential learning methodology I’ve developed based on my years as a professor makes this program different from anything else you will find online.

This way, the feeling that some books you need to read are "just too hard" will disappear completely. You will always have a strategy for reading and understanding anything, no matter how complex. You will possess all of my secret weapons for rapidly comprehending anything.

Even better, you'll never feel left out of the conversation again. You'll be able to get straight to the core of the matter, use critical thinking to assess the various angles and contribute unique perspectives and solutions.

Here's EXACTLY How You'll Discover Your Inner Genius...

- 5 weeks of detailed, step-by-step instruction

Unlike a recorded online course, you’ll be on Zoom with me – connecting directly using high-speed internet.

- Focused discussion and real-time progress

A key part of being able to read with momentum is the ability to discuss what you’ve read. However, not everyone likes to speak in public, and I’m not the kind of person who likes putting learners on the spot, forcing them to have their camera on or participating in ways they’d rather not.

Instead, you have the opportunity at the end of each lesson to interact with me in a seminar-style discussion. Or, you can just hang out and listen in.

Frankly, these are the best part of my live courses, and I conduct them just as I did when teaching on-the-ground. Everyone benefits from either participating directly or listening in.

- Weekly summary videos condensing the lessons and expanding upon them

We all know that learning live isn’t for everyone. You’ll have all the replays, but also a condensed version.

And if you love the live experience, these condensed versions will give you powerful review and additional context that accelerate your learning.

- Downloadable learning material

You won’t have to scurry around trying to find the assigned readings. I’ve arranged everything for you.

I’m also not going to throw long and impossible texts at you.

Yes, some of them will challenge you. But you cannot expect to grow without challenge.

Rather, I know exactly how to use the principle of variety from the science of active learning to keep you engaged.

And although the assigned readings are short, they will open entire worlds of ideas and experiences for you. You'll wonder why you hadn't heard of them before.

And if you have heard of them, you'll wonder why you never thought about them using the critical thinking tools you'll discover in Read with Momentum.

Click to play

Guarantee seal

"Right Decision" Money-Back Guarantee

This program is backed by a 365-day “Right Decision” Guarantee.

Seriously. That's an ENTIRE YEAR.

Go through all the lessons. Do the exercises. Put the lessons into practice by mastering how you read and learn using memory techniques.

Apply the methods you'll discover to everything:

Study for exams, or learn complex, technical terms for your job. If at any point, you decide Read with Momentum was not worth it for you… just write in, and I'll give you a full 100% refund.

If you're thinking that I must be crazy, maybe I am a little. But no more or less than other shakers and movers.

The truth is that I care about your success and don't want anything to stand between you and achieving the life of your dreams... a life that is only fully possible when you can deeply absorb the knowledge contained in books.

(Not video snippets. Not summaries. Not Wikipedia entries. Not anything except for the depth provided in substantial books by proven experts. I'm going to teach you how to read them in a way that is faster, much more fun and will feel as easy as is humanly possible.)

Why don't other people teaching memory techniques have such wonderful satisfaction guarantees?

I don't know. Maybe they're cowards. Maybe it's just a "product" to them. Maybe they don't give a damn about your success.

Well, I do. Your success is my dream. (Yes, YOU.)

So come in and get what you need. The risk is entirely on me.

Isn't that fair?

How Will You Know When You’re Successful?

This is totally optional, but for those who want it, I’ve arranged a final test.

Complete it and you will receive your very own Maximum Genius Certificate of Participation from myself and

This certificate can be handed to your employer, many of whom will reimburse your participation fee, either in part of full.

And if you're self-employed, in most countries this entire program can be submitted as a tax-reducing expense.


Could $8000 Help You Along "The Extra Mile"?

Lugano Kasyupa took the certification I offer seriously.

Not only did he send me a great pic of himself and his daughter with the completion certificate...

And he wound up getting an $8000 scholarship!

Here's what he wrote shortly after the good news came through:

Lugano Kasyupa Read with Momentum testimonial

Dear Professor Metivier,

I have been accepted to start my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership at Adler University in January 2023. Adler University's Department of Student Experience and Academic Advising (DSEAA) will soon finalize a degree completion plan for me, which I'll share with you when I get it. Today I have attached the proposed degree completion plan.

Adler University has awarded me an $8,000 scholarship and has transferred into my program a total of 33 credit hours from Cape Breton University's MBA-CED program. I am left with 57 credit hours.

I am at this point because you have instructed me and inspired me. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Lugano Kasyupa
- Read with Momentum Graduate

The background story is that Lugano took Read with Momentum very seriously.

And I went along the extra mile with him.

See, not only did I send him the certificate when the course was over.

I also wrote him a letter of recommendation for the award. And that's something I'm willing to do for everyone who goes through the course.

So if you've got big dreams, I've got your back.

Or, if you just want to structure your reading life better, I've got your back too.

Lugano Kasyupa Read with Momentum certificate

Rapidly Develop Your Reading Skills With Dr. Anthony Metivier – In Person!

Again, Read with Momentum is based on a program I've taught at universities around the world.

It is also based on my research into how top performers structure their reading, the same techniques I've modelled.

The same techniques that got me jobs at the world's leading universities because I knew my stuff. And I could prove my knowledge in job interviews and sample lectures I delivered.

And that's not to mention the research grants I've earned, the businesses I've built and the ability to condense huge ideas culled from dozens of books into a short TEDx Talk that has reached over three million people.

This Program Would Normally Cost $1800 (Or More) At University, But...

You Can Join Read With Momentum Now For Just $500!

Join this exclusive training program now and you'll experience:

  1. 1
     5 weeks of in-person training.
  2. 2
     Simple and actionable assignments that will revolutionize how you read.
  3. 3
    Dozens of powerful tips that will positively transform how you read, increase your speed of learning and develop your skills with memory techniques fast.
  4. 4
     Access to a community of like-minded learners who will become friends for life.
  5. 5
     Detailed instruction on how to use my exclusive tools, like the Magnetic Bookmark, Memory Palaces and simple hacks for rapidly remember names, dates, graphs/charts and entire passages verbatim. Name it, and I'll show you how to understand and remember it.  

Plus You'll Get These EXCLUSIVE
Bonus "Turbochargers"!

Available nowhere else, I'm including three powerful trainings with your registration today:

Turbocharger #1: Genre Frameworks

Genre Frameworks

There’s this thing some people do at universities called “Film Studies.”  

Sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it?  

After all, isn’t "studying" just a bunch of hard work?  

Certainly, gaining knowledge about anything in the world requires time and effort.

But why on earth know anything about the movies?  

Well, for one thing...

Watching Movies Is Never Hard Work!

Reading books is one thing, but we also need to amp up our skills for "reading" things like movies, commercials and series.

When you learn how to see these different media for what they really are, some magical things happen to your life.

But I’m not just talking about the obvious stuff like coming to understand art, culture, economics, politics and human psychology.  

I’m also not just talking about picking up good research and communication skills, the kind of things that you’re bound to get when writing essays about the movies.

I'm talking about critical thinking.

You see...

Life is filled with vital problems. For thousands of years, people have been chewing on those problems and trying to find solutions – or at least ways to dumb down the pain.

Stories have always been one of the highest forms of solving humanity’s problems. This form of communication creates all kinds of images in the mind and makes discussions possible that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  

The movies have taken stories and made them an even higher form by bringing together nearly every art you can think of into one package: painting, acting, music, editing, architecture, lighting, cooking … the list goes on and on. Every movie is like a cathedral that required a helping hand from each and every artisan around.  

This means that each movie is a compression of the unconscious minds of every person involved in making it. If we know how to interpret the movies, we know how to interpret those minds. And those minds have clues about how to survive in the world.  

So if you’d like to learn critical thinking skills by tapping into other forms of media so you can see the simple solutions humans have created to solve complex problems and shared through stories, you'll want exclusive access to this bonus course. 

But there’s no time to delay. The previews are coming to an end and the show’s about to begin. Register for Read with Momentum so I can gift you Genre Frameworks now!

Turbocharger #2: Conquering Content

Conquering Content Course Image

Want to make an impact?

 Writing is the number one way to do it.

After all, "content is king" on the Internet. It probably always will be. Content defines the Internet.

But you know what?

Context is God.

That's why you'll want to create connections through writing, both for yourself and others.

And why not create financial security and an incredible lifestyle while you do it?

In Conquering Content, we look at the opposite of reading.

In this exclusive bonus, I share my success strategies for producing high-quality content based on that higher level of helping people experience context.

This is your chance to be everywhere online in a practical, and realistic way, even if you’re just starting out.

Just join Read with Momentum now and you’ll get instant access to Conquering Content.

New Bonus For 2023! 

Fluency Power: Foreign Language Reading Made Easy

Anthony Metivier reading books in Chinese and German

Imagine strolling through the streets of Berlin and stopping to effortlessly read a classic (or contemporary) German novel. Picture yourself exploring the vibrant markets of Tokyo, effortlessly deciphering Japanese from the titles you find in niche bookshops.

In this bonus training, you'll discover how to "manufacture" an insatiable curiosity that gets you reading in any language – even if you don't feel ready yet.

Follow the simple steps, and soon you'll have the ability to comprehend and enjoy texts written in your chosen language.

Why do you need to read in at least one other language?

It is the key to global success: Imagine the power and prestige that comes with being able to read in a foreign language. This bonus gives you a competitive edge in today's globalized world.

Cultural immersion: Reading in a foreign language immerses you in the culture, history, and traditions of different nations. Reading using the strategies you're about to discover helps you effortlessly develop the language skills necessary to dive deep into foreign literature and gain a profound understanding of diverse societies.

Supercharge your mind: Scientific studies show that learning a foreign language enhances cognitive abilities and boosts memory. I'll show you how to use reading for brain-boosting exercises to strengthen your mental agility... even if you barely know the language.

Save time and money: Traditional language learning methods can be time-consuming and costly. I'll help you skip the lengthy classroom sessions and learn at your own pace, right from the comfort of your own home. No more wasting time on commuting or expensive textbooks.

The joy of self-expression: Imagine being able to read and understand your favorite books, poetry, and articles in their original language. Even better, as you fully embrace the beauty and nuances of literature in your chosen language, you'll be able to speak with natives about the books they love too.

Remember, the ability to read in a foreign language is not just a skill—it's a gateway to personal growth, cultural enrichment, and expanded opportunities. Don't miss out on this life-changing experience. Enrol in Read with Momentum today and unlock the power of reading in a foreign language.

Secure Your Spot Now!

Now, this is the point where I'm supposed to remind you of everything you're getting when you sign up for Read with Momentum

How you get access to all of its of in-depth lessons…

How you'll get dozens of actionable exercises and step-by-step instructions for how to transform your reading life starting immediately…

But instead, I want to share something a student named James Lewis wrote to me recently...

"I actually wake up each morning excited about picking up and memorizing new words from a Spanish Dictionary!

Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?!"

We do.

That's because the minds of people in the MMM Family haven't been corrupted by the "quick fix" lies of the corporations and "apps" trying to hijack your mind.

We are "Warriors of the Mind."

How cool is that!

The point here isn't just that reading can be fun and enjoyable.

(Although that is absolutely the case when you break free of the boring, tedious methods that most of us are taught in school.)

The point is that having advanced reading and comprehension strategies is about more than just the material we master or the ideas we memorize.

It's about feeling excited and alive!

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Anthony Metivier with lots of books
Dr. Anthony Metivier

Creator of the

Magnetic Memory Method &
Brain Exercises Bootcamp

About Your "MOMENTUM-FOCUSED" Course Leader

Bestselling author and course creator, Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for reading effectively and memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams.

There's no hype in this training, just legitimate learning routines that work to improve the quality of your daily mental experience. 

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

When does this course start and finish?

We begin on Sunday, May 28th. The sessions start at 5pm PST/8pm EST. The final session will be on June 25th. Each will be 60-90 minutes.

There will also be the exact same sessions for people in the European time zones: 8pm London every Sunday from May 28th to June 25th. You are welcome to attend both times each week if you want extra exposure to the lessons and more Q&A time.

How long do I have access to the live sessions replays?

How about lifetime access? You’ll get to keep all the replays and additional materials.

Are the lessons live?

Primarily, yes. You’ll also get condensed summary videos to supplement the live replays for review and additional layers of details on the key concepts.

In other words, if you love replays, you'll have access to each and every one. If you don't, by the end of the course, you'll also have crisp, final versions of each module. These will include focused and direct answers to all the major questions that were answered during the live lessons.

What do I get every week if I enrol?

Every week you’ll get to attend a new live session and shortly thereafter a condensed session with the key points covered in-depth. You’ll have a variety of short reading exercises with all materials supplied to you.

I will make additional reading suggestions, all of which are optional. It will not impact the program if you do not wish to follow-up with any of my suggestions. This course is about enabling you to plow through what you want to read.

There will be some very short readings I will conduct in the lessons themselves. In fact, the first module has a short paragraph that helps me demonstrate one of the most powerful reading techniques I know. You'll wonder why no one has ever shown this to you before. You'll then have one of the most explosive comprehension tools you can use for the rest of your life to completely absorb yourself in everything you read.

What's the difference between this live program and the pre-recorded Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass and your other books and courses?


No memory and mental performance trainer alive has put in the work I have to make a world class experience for regular people like you and I. 

As John Dziki said: 

"Anthony is not yet another Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000 digit number you'll never use. His training is focused and can make a real impact on your life."

But unlike the MMM Masterclass, in Read with Momentum... 

1) The focus is on reading and comprehension strategies first, memory second. They actually go together, and I'll teach you how to ensure that reading, comprehension and memory flow together.

2) You are meeting with me live, which gives you instant feedback, accountability and real-time community with other serious, mature and dedicated learners. There is no other way to get this kind of attention on your personal learning goals without paying my individual coaching fee. And even then, you would be paying several thousand dollars to cover the five hours of detailed instruction you'll be receiving in Read with Momentum.

3) There is no other way to get this information. In fact, one of the problems with other reading programs is that they aren't structured in anything even remotely optimal. Read with Momentum is based on an incredible program I was privileged to teach under supervision from a world-class educator. Much of my career success can be traced to what I learned from reading by having learned how to teach it from Dr. Spellmeyer at Rutgers.

You're also getting direct access to everything I've learned since, which involves a substantial amount of research into the skill of reading from the earliest reading and comprehension manuals to the wealth of science-based principles we have available to us now.

How much time per week will this program take?

Each person currently reads at a different speed, and you will be able to go at a natural pace without forcing yourself to adopt any weird speed reading techniques.

I recommend you set aside approximately 60 minutes per week on top of the live sessions (totaling approximately 2-3 hours per week).

If I can't attend live, will the replays still help me?

Yes. Just because these sessions are live, doesn't mean they are unstructured. We will start with dedicated presentations, followed by the assignments and expertly led discussions. All major questions will be covered again in the crisp summary videos you'll receive each week for each of the five modules.

How long do I have to enrol?

Enrolment closes on the date mentioned on the registration page.

Is Read with Momentum self-paced?

Absolutely. Not only that, but it’s designed to reduce overwhelm. You can join us live or go through everything on your own time. Everything is totally customisable.

That said, the results from this course do depend on you being accountable to yourself. The live setting is designed to create that personal investment and get you excited about each and every step as you start reading in much more intelligent ways that lead to more impactful results.

And when you join us live, you’ll be learning with a cohort of other students, which makes everything much more exciting.

Is this program for beginners?

Not exactly. If you don’t already know how to read the English language, it probably isn’t a fit. You should be able to read and understand everything on this page and have a basic understanding of common vocabulary and grammar.

So long as you can do that, you’ll find this program valuable.

Who is Read with Momentum not for?

If you’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to practice the art and science of reading well and expect to get better by simply watching videos and hoping something will rub off on you, this program is not for you.

If you're shy and prefer not to be on camera while in the Zoom classroom, no problem. All that matters is that you complete the assignments and experiment with the techniques you'll be learning.

Does this work for all kinds of reading materials?

Absolutely. This program gives you a complete methodology for reading any kind of text with momentum and remembering the core information, the nuances and the granular details. Whether it’s science, literature, math or philosophy, you will absorb and apply the “secret weapon” used by great learners effortlessly.

What if I don’t like the readings you assign?

That’s precisely the problem we’re going to solve. Top performers and legitimate experts aren’t controlled by their “like/dislike monster.” They can read anything it takes in order to accomplish their goals.

When you’re done this course, nothing will stop you from reading with momentum ever again.

If I miss enrolment this time around, when will it open again?

The next time I open Read with Momentum will be mid-2024.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel overjoyed by using your new Read with Momentum processes, just let me know within one year and I'll send you a prompt refund. That's 365-day to work on what you've learned and experience the results. All I ask is that you try the techniques as described. Isn't that fair?

Anthony Metivier John Hancock

P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of reading and comprehension abilities that will prepare you for the growing information overwhelm yet to come as the world keeps getting more complex. 

And because you'll have a community of people who want to support you, you'll never be alone. You will improve and experience the mastery you've always wanted. 

At the end of this day, this is about reading, comprehension, memory improvement and something else. I've already mentioned it above and it's well worth repeating:

It's About Feeling Excited And Alive!

No matter what stresses, pressures or worries about the future we might face.

But remember:

If you don't jump on this opportunity right now, you won't just be missing out on incredible boosts in how you're using your brain.

You'll also miss the exclusive bonuses designed to take your creativity skills, concentration and memory to the next level in a way that only Anthony's "Magnetic" approach can help you create.

Don't miss this opportunity!

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