3 simple steps to becoming a...


How to Tap Into Your Brain's Secret "Search Engine" to Effortlessly Learn a New Language... Master Complex Technical Terms... and Memorize Anything You Want!

Dear friend,

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a memory secret so unbelievable that I nearly fell out of my chair with shock…

According to modern science, there's a powerful "search engine" literally hardwired inside your brain...

A hidden capability for memorizing vast amounts of information...

On command...

With perfect accuracy...

And with almost no effort.

It doesn't matter if you think you have a "poor memory" or if you have limited time to study either. Because when you tap into this "search engine"...

It's like suddenly becoming a "Human Google." 

You can learn anything you want in just a few months. 

And I mean anything...

  • Find fluency in a new language...
  • Master the technical terms of your career...
  • Absorb the key concepts of a book or lecture...
  • Remember the names and faces of every person you meet...
  • Memorize an entire speech or poem word-for-word...
  • And I could go on and on...

The best part is... 

This isn't just passive knowledge. You can recall everything the instant you need it... no matter if it's months or even years later.

Now, if this sounds a bit crazy to you...

That's because it is!

I was skeptical when I first saw it too. 

And, when I shared this secret with language learning expert Noel Van Vliet, he straight up told me that it was "too good to be true."

Noel Van Vliet Language Learning Fan

Noel Van Vliet

Yet after using it to memorize 127 words of Spanish vocabulary in a matter of hours, he wrote back saying...

"To be honest, the results have really surprised me. I didn't expect [this] to be that good."

What Is This "Search 
Engine" Exactly?

Well, it has nothing to do with flashcards, "rote learning", or other common learning techniques taught in schools.

It does not involve long, tedious hours of study (just 15 minutes a day is all you need).

And, it's been scientifically proven to "significantly increase" academic performance... double the number of words you can memorize in a single study session… and even permanently rewire the brain for "superior memory performance."

Nelson Dellis Featured Image For Remember It Interview Magnetic Memory Method

Nelson Dellis

It's no wonder why 4x Memory Champion Nelson Dellis recently told reporters...

"[This search engine] is the number one technique that we top memory athletes use. If someone were to learn one thing, it should be that."

You don't have to be a top memory expert to take advantage of this though.

It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, a student or a working professional, a lifelong learner, or even a memory competitor...

All it takes is a willingness to try something new and a human brain.

And in this special report, I'm going to walk you through...

  • check
    The 3 simple steps you can use TODAY to become a "Human Google"... and unlock the hidden potential of your memory starting immediately.
  • Why "rote learning" and 99% of other memory techniques fail. (Hint: They actually "break" the natural design of your brain!)
  • An easy way to guarantee any new vocabulary word, name, fact, term, or idea will stick in your head permanently... based on modern science.

First though...

Who Am I… And How Did 
I Discover This "Search Engine"?

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

My name is Anthony Metivier.

I'm a "memory scientist" and creator of the "Magnetic Memory Method".

Over the last several years, I've taught memory techniques to over 81,000 students worldwide.

I've also received endorsements from multiple memory experts such as this one from Alex Mullen (3x World Memory Champion)...

Alex Mullen World Memory Champion Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Alex Mullen

"Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques accessible to the masses. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone teaching vocabulary acquisition more effectively and extensively."

However, I have a confession to make...

I Don't Have a "Good Memory"

In fact, I nearly flunked out of graduate school because my memory was so bad.

At my university, we had these big exams for the language requirement. We were forced to read – and I'm not exaggerating – a couple hundred books.

And then the professors would grill us on them for 2 to 3 hours straight.

Talk about intimidating!

Now, these exams would be hard enough to study for normally.

But to make things worse, my brain simply refused to absorb any of the material.

I'd sit there and study for hours and hours. And at the end of it all... I couldn't remember a darned thing.

My mind was completely blank.

On top of everything, my scholarship was running out. And I was so over my head with student loans that they weren't gonna issue me any more money.

I spiraled down and down into depression.

I'd think to myself...

What was the point of trying? There's no chance of passing these exams no matter how much time I spend studying. So why even bother?

I honestly thought about giving up on everything...Or about going and just living as a bum on the street. 

That's all my mind felt good for. 

Things were pretty dark, and I felt totally alone.

Yet over the last few years, I've discovered that my experience is far from unique...

TON of People Face Serious Memory or Learning Challenges

I'm not only talking about the 60 million people who suffer from illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer's.

I hear almost daily from folks about how hard it is for them to remember simple information... and how paralyzing that can be for them.

People tell me how frustrating it is to read a book or article and have no idea what it was about just minutes later...

How they're afraid of saying the word wrong in a new language and looking dumb (or even offending someone accidentally)...

Or how they're overwhelmed by endless lists of medical drugs, technical jargon, or other terminology they need to know for their profession.

As Jeremy wrote to to me recently…

"I have never been 'one of those people' who can remember things.

Whether it is a book or article that I read, or a discussion that I had... I frequently have difficulty recalling information. I struggled very much in school as a result of my inability to remember things."

Now, if you've ever felt this way before, or if you've ever struggled with your memory, I have a very important message for you today...



Why would I say such a strange thing?

Well, there are two reasons...

The first is that in this report, I'm going to show you exactly how you transform your memory.

It takes just 3 simple steps, and you can start immediately.

And the second is that there's a good reason...

Why People Struggle With Memory

See, for years I thought that my bad memory was a sign I was dumb.

Or that my failures in grad school meant something was "wrong" with my brain.

Yet one day in graduate school, I stumbled upon a discovery that upended everything I knew about memory and learning.

It happened while I was messing around with some magic tricks (mostly to escape the frustration of studying for school). And I stumbled upon a video about how to do a particular card trick...

Not by sleight of hand...

Not by carefully "forcing" your audience to pick the card you wanted them to pick...

But by using a legitimately memorized deck of cards.

When I saw that in the video I thought...

"There's no way. I can't even get through a sentence of French philosophy. How am I going to memorize a deck of cards?"

I was intrigued though.

The method in the video was unlike any approach I'd ever seen...

Now normally if you want to memorize something, people tell you to "learn by rote". Just review the material over and over and over and over again, and it'll eventually stick in your head.

And like most people, this is exactly how I'd always tried to study.

However, instead of having you repeat the sequence of cards to yourself 100 times...

This video showed a way to "encode" the information from each card into a special kind of "search engine index" in your head.

Then later, you could (supposedly) just remember that "index" – kind of like running a search on Google – and the exact sequence of cards would flash into your mind.

If that doesn't makes sense, don't worry.

I'll break down the specific steps in just a second.

And, to be honest, the whole thing sounded totally weird and confusing to me also.

I decided to try it though.

And to my surprise, within 15 minutes, the technique actually worked! I recalled the order of a random deck of cards... perfectly.

I Sat There In Complete Shock

I couldn't believe what I'd just done.

Then suddenly, it hit me...

Wait! The struggles I was having in school couldn't possibly be because my brain was "defective." After all, using this new technique,

I'd just memorized a whole deck of cards with almost no effort.

That meant...

The real problem wasn't with my memory... it was with how I had been trying to use it.

In fact, as I went on to discover...

There's a very good reason why most learning methods don't work. It all comes down to...

The Science Behind What Makes Something "Memorable"

Have you ever wondered why certain memories are so strong and long lasting? Why other memories just fade seconds after we study them? Or how can you guarantee a new vocabulary word, fact, term, or idea will stick in your head permanently?

Turns out, these are questions modern science has started to answer. And while brain science is obviously a complex field of study...

At a basic level, research shows that the difference between a "strong" and "weak" memory is about...

The strength of the physical neurons associated with that memory... and how connected those are to the rest of the brain.

So where a "weak memory" only forms a handful of limited connections to the rest of your brain...

Brain scan of weak memory to illustrate how memory improvement and the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass fails learners

Brain Scan of a "weak memory"

A "strong memory" is where you get a network of thousands of connections all across your brain...

Brain scan of strong memory to illustrate how memory improvement and the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass helps learners

Brain scan of a "strong memory"

For example, the word "pencil" is tightly connected to a detailed image of what a pencil looks like in your mind... plus tens of thousands of memories of using them in the past.

So that makes it way more memorable than the German word for pencil, "bleistift". (Unless you're fluent in German, of course.)

The point is...

If You Want Any Memory to Stick, You Need to Do 2 Things

One, you need to connect the new memory to other existing memories.

And two, you need to reinforce its neurons through repetition or by adding more intensity to the memory.

All memory techniques rely on these two actions. They aim to create a "strong memory" that you can recall perfectly later.

However, here's the big problem...

Take a second and think about what you're trying to memorize when you use traditional methods like "rote learning"...

  • Historical figures, dates, or events
  • The vocabulary of a new language
  • Technical terms or definitions
  • Theoretical concepts from textbooks
  • Numbers or math formulas
  • And so on

By themselves, these are just dry, isolated facts. They're not connected to our senses, our emotions, or any of our existing memories at all!

Or in other words, when you learn by rote...

You're Trying to Force "Weak Memories" Into Your Head

No wonder it's such a struggle!

Now sure, if you drill something into your brain enough times, you might be able to strengthen a memory by "brute force"... though usually only enough to pass a test on it.

But this method is terribly inefficient (and boring as hell).

Here's the good news though...

There's a quick way to turn everything you memorize into a "strong memory" so you can recall it effortlessly later.

It's the same, simple method I discovered while doing card tricks in graduate school.

You can tap into...

The Secret "Search 
Engine" in Your Brain

Instead of just trying to drill an abstract fact into your head, you first connect it to a powerful network of memories already embedded in your brain.


You leverage the ultimate "strong memory"...

Your instant ability to remember places and locations.

Now, some of you may have heard of this technique before. Joshua Foer featured it in his New York Times Bestselling Book, Moonwalking with Einstein.

And it's often called the "Method of Loci" or "Memory Palaces".


There's something critical that I've discovered about Memory Palaces after teaching them to tens of thousands of students...

The vast majority of people (including many "memory experts") don't fully understand how they work or how to use them properly.

That's why in just a moment, I'm going to walk you step-by-step through how to use Memory Palaces today to effortlessly memorize and recall anything you want.

But first, I need to be clear about something...

This isn't just some clever "hack" to use for magic tricks. Memory Palaces are...

Scientifically Proven
Method to Memorize Anything

There are more than a hundred studies showing just how effective this technique is.

For example… take the study published last year in the world's leading brain science journal, Neuron.

It found that Memory Palaces helped people go from recalling an average of 30 words (from a list of 72) to remembering more than 60.

That's right...

Using Memory Palaces DOUBLED the amount they could remember!

Or consider another study from 2014. 

After teaching college students how to use Memory Palaces, researchers saw a "significant increase" in performance.

But here's the craziest one of all...

Neuroscientists at Dartmouth recently suggested that your brain subconsciously uses Memory Palaces to store every single one of your memories.

I'm not exaggerating.

They found evidence that each fact, story, event, or piece of information you remember is directly linked to a memory of a physical location inside your brain.

You've probably experienced this before too...

If you revisited a childhood home or favorite vacation spot… memories of what happened there likely just popped into your mind (even though the original events happened years ago).

Now when you start leveraging Memory Palaces consciously...

The Results Can Be Truly Unbelievable

See, immediately after I discovered Memory Palaces in graduate school, I began using them to prepare for my exams.

And you know what?

I went on to pass every one of them.

My professors were stunned.

But more than that... I was stunned.

After years of struggling with my memory and learning, I was suddenly able to absorb anything I wanted. Even my depression started to fade as I found a renewed sense of confidence.

This doesn't only work for studying for school either. My students have used it to...

  • Absorb more than 400 complicated terms in a single month...

  • Become fluent in dozens of languages including French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and more...

  • Master the technical terminology of their career and even earn promotions at work...

  • Recite entire books of Scripture and other famous literature entirely from memory...

  • And I could go on and on...


I don't want you to blindly take my word (or even my students' word) for this. So right now, I'm going to walk you through...

The 3 Steps to Becoming the "Human Google"

You can use these steps to immediately tap into the "search engine" in your brain... and build a powerful archive of knowledge that you can access at will.

It's the same method I discovered back in graduate school.

And, more importantly, it's something anyone can use – no matter whether you're young or old, a student or working professional, a lifelong learner, or even a memory champion.

Let's dive in...

Create Your Search Engine "Index"

Let's say you're trying to memorize a 10 word vocabulary list to help you learn a new language. What do you do first?

I'll give you a hint...

You DO NOT start going through those list of 10 words. In fact, you should put the entire list away!

That's because one big mistake people make is they just start powering through their list of words.

First though, you need to prepare a space in your mind to connect those words to.

You need to create your Memory Palace.

The Memory Palace is like the "index" of your search engine. It's what lets your brain quickly look up those vocabulary words later.

Now, there are a million ways to create a Memory Palace. And over the years, I've developed a detailed, comprehensive checklist for Memory Palaces to ensure fast and flawless recall later.

But before getting into those specific details, it's important to understand the overall technique first.

So for right now, a simple way to get started is to...

1. Look around the room you're sitting in.

2. Identify 10 different objects in that room. These objects are the "containers" where you'll eventually store the vocabulary (or whatever you're trying to memorize).

For example, taking the room I'm sitting in right now, I might use objects like the desk, the chair, the light-switch, and so on. Kind of like this...

Magnetic Memory Method Student Drawn Memory Palace Example

Do you have your 10 objects?

Great. Now you're ready to move on to the next step – actually memorizing the list.

"Encode" the Information Into Your Memory Palace

Once you have the Memory Palace mapped out, it's time to store your list of words inside it.

Now, I need to warn you...

Not doing this step properly is a huge reason people fail with Memory Palaces. They often struggle to recall what they learned because they didn't "encode" the information into their Memory Palace the right way.

Imagine you're trying to store the German word for pen (stift) in the desk of your Memory Palace.

Many people will just go...

"Pen. Stift. On the desk. OK, next word."

Now this is better than the usual rote learning method. The desk gives at least one hook to help your brain to remember that word.

But it's still a relatively weak memory.

What you need to do is "magnetize" the word. You need to create a strong connection between the word and your desk.

For example...

The word "stift" sounds kind of like stiff. And because weirder images tend to work better, you could visualize yourself drawing a "stiff corpse" on the desk with a pen.

Obviously, this is just the start.

I find that the more ways you add imagery, emotion, or energy when you encode a memory in a Memory Palace, the better. And in my advance training, I walk students through dozens of strategies… even for those who aren't "visual thinkers."

OK, you've got the Memory Palace, and you've placed your information in it. Now for the most important step of all...

"Run a Search" for Effortless Recall

This might sound kind of strange, but people often forget when using memory techniques that...

The point of memorizing information is not to memorize information...

The point is to be able to use that information.

It's to...

  • Remember key facts for an exam...

  • Recall the right drug to prescribe (and the precise dose) when diagnosing your patient in the hospital...

  • Have vocabulary just pop into mind as you're speaking a new language...

  • Or even create new connections and insights using the material you've studied.

Sure, memorizing random strings of numbers is a great "mental workout" to challenge yourself with...

But ultimately, the goal is to take advantage of what you memorized in your life.

This is why Memory Palaces are so great. Because recalling information is effortless in real time. It's easier than typing a search into Google.

All you have to do is think about your Memory Palace (i.e. the room and objects you stored the information in). And if you've done the previous two steps correctly...

The information will leap into you mind with almost no effort.

What's more?

As you test yourself and practice using that Memory Palace over time...

The stronger and more connected those memories will become... and the easier it will be to recall and use what you've memorized.

Now, after experiencing the power of Memory Palaces for my graduate school studies...

I Became Obsessed

I devoured anything I could get my hands on about memory... books, courses, scientific studies, you name it. I talked to university professors, best-selling authors, and memory grandmasters.

And of course, I didn't just learn about memory in theory...

I've run thousands of experiments to see what works and what doesn't.

As a result, I've taken Memory Palaces... ancient memory techniques… contemporary approaches… and countless other insights and discoveries from a DECADE of testing...

And I've combined everything into a simple, complete method that anyone can use to unlock their brain's hidden potential starting immediately.

I call it the "Magnetic Memory Method".

That's because it lets you "magnetize" words, phrases, technical terms, or any other information so they stick in your long-term memory... and so you can recall them effortlessly whenever you need them.

And when I started sharing this method with other people...

Their Response Blew Me Away

Here's just a handful of the letters folks have sent in to me about the "Magnetic Memory Method"...

I've personally found some of Anthony Metivier's memory tips to be extremely useful when I'm looking to memorize anything from foreign words to personal names, to equations. He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around.

– Barbara Oakley

Creator of the world's most highly attended
online course, Learning How to Learn

It is amazing how many Spanish words I am learning with ease. After sharing with family friends the number of words I am memorizing every day, the first response is generally unbelief. When we are out in the Latino community, my friends and family are now asking me for assistance.

– James Lewis

I have read the works of Harry Lorayne, Dominic O’Brian and Tony Buzan, and finally, Anthony Metivier was able to fill in the gaps I had been missing.

– Jessica S.

I'm 58 years old, learning French with an aim to be reasonably fluent in a year: thanks to this technique, I feel confident I can do it. I'm memorizing around 100 words a day now, and it's fun, too!

– Fiona

How cool is that last note from Fiona!

Here she is at 58 years old, memorizing over 100 words of French every day, and having a blast doing it.

Talk about inspiring!

Seeing comments like these really drove home for me how life-changing this method can be. And I knew that I simply had to get this out to more people.

That's why right now, I'm thrilled to offer you...

An Exclusive Invitation to the "Magnetic Memory Masterclass"

The Magnetic Memory Masterclass is a comprehensive training program on all things memory.

In it, you'll discover step-by-step how the "Magnetic Memory Method" works… and how to use it to memorize whatever you want (including vocabulary, mathematical formulas, names, facts, dates and even long speeches).

I do need to be very clear about something up-front though...

This is NOT a course where you just passively watch all the videos and lessons.

This is about taking action.

That's why the Magnetic Memory Masterclass is built around detailed exercises, worksheets and guides that you can apply immediately.

And everything begins with the...

"Magnetic Memory Method" Masterplan

No matter your current experience with memory techniques, the Masterplan is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

You'll discover the core fundamentals of the "Magnetic Memory Method."

And more importantly... how to harness them to unlock the full power of your memory today.

Here's how it works...

Magnetic Memory Method Memory Palace

MODULE 1: How to Build

Memory Palaces

Having a proper Memory Palace is the foundation of everything. And in this first module, I'll show you exactly how to build as many Memory Palaces as you need for what you're studying.

The process takes as little as 3 minutes and can be surprisingly fun. You'll discover...

  • The 5 rules for building the perfect Memory Palace. (Guarantees effortless recall... even if you have a "poor memory".)

  • How being a lazy bum will accelerate your learning. Warning: Working hard actually makes things more difficult to remember.

  • A weird way to expand your memory using "teleportation". Anyone can use this. And it takes less than a second.

  • Memory palaces are amazing. But there's one instance when you should not use them. (Lots of people make this mistake.)
Image of brain cluttered with brain exercise apps

MODULE 2: How to Store Knowledge

It's not enough to just have a great Memory Palace. You also need to be able to store knowledge inside it correctly.

This module will show you how to "magnetize" information so it permanently sticks in your Memory Palace... and your long-term memory. You'll see...

  • 6 ways to create "viral memories" that are impossible to forget... months and even years later.

  • Why pretending to kiss Tom Cruise will magically upgrade your memory. (Doesn't matter if your a man or a woman either!)

  • Not a visual thinker? Leverage the "Afterburn Effect" to quickly intensify memories.

  • Why you should stop taking notes at lectures. And, a simple "Squiggly Line Exercise" that ensures you remember 65% more of what's said.
How to Memorize a Textbook

MODULE 3: How to Memorize a Textbook

In this module, you'll get a detailed, example of Memory Palaces in action.

I'll walk you through how I inhaled massive amounts of knowledge to ace my graduate school exams... and how you can apply this to any learning project you're working on. Including...

  • How to read books with your "eyes open". (This may sound obvious, but the vast majority of people don't actually do this when they read!)

  • How to 10x your learning by actively forgetting most of what you study. Yes, I said forgetting.

  • Use the secret art of "bibliomancy" to rapidly master any subject... medicine, art, literature, information technology, engineering, you name it.

  • The little-known "Memory Temple" technique (used by multiple memory world champions).
How to recall information

MODULE 4: How to Recall Information

The goal of learning isn't just to dump data in your brain. It's to be able to use it in real life.

Discover how to not only recall anything you've memorized "in the moment", but also how to leverage that information to spark new connections, innovations, and insights. You'll also see...

  • How to awe your professors (and nearly guarantee an "A" grade) by unleashing "Atomic Bombs of Knowledge"... entirely from memory.

  • Why flash cards and most spaced-repetition programs can actually prevent you from remembering new information. Use this single, powerful app instead.

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Memory... and a devilishly fun exercise to help avoid them.

  • The real reason people struggle to remember names. (It's not what you might think.) Plus, a simple trick to avoid ever forgetting someone's name again.
Batman mnemonic example for the Magnetic Memory Method Mastermind

MODULE 5: Crushing Common Obstacles

Find out the most common mistakes that keep people from success with Memory Palaces (and learning in general)... and how to move forward no matter what. Including...

  • Struggling with concentration? Try walking in circles around a lamp post. It sounds weird. But it works.

  • How pretending you're an Italian can turbo-charge your memory. (This simple trick can help you memorize anything... even if you're not a "visual thinker".)

  • A simple way to build a personal "Memory Eraser" for getting rid of bad or difficult memories.

  • How to "re-animate" dry, boring information... by visiting a graveyard!
Illustration of what it looks like inside an Anthony Metivier Magnetic Memory Palace

MODULE 6: Advanced

Memory Palace Hacks

Got the basic technique down? Level up your memory skills using these powerful, advanced memory hacks. (Note: These are not for beginners.)

  • How to memorize information in "real time". You'll be able to walk away from any lecture, meeting or conversation and recall the essential facts... perfectly.

  • How a video game addiction can help you get better grades at school (or even get you promoted at work).

  • 4 easy Memory Palace "multipliers" (One of my friends used this to create room in his mind for over 100,000 pieces of new information.)

  • The "Homer Simpson Trick" for remembering anything. Plus, why binging on Netflix will make you smarter!
The Ultimate Memory Palace Success Secret for Consistency

MODULE 7: Ultimate

Success Secrets

Memory techniques aren't just about transforming your memory. They're about achieving success in all areas of your life. And in this module, you'll discover...

  • The ideal moment to end each individual study session. (Hint: It's when you feel like you're "in flow".)

  • Why chronic procrastination will make you a better student. (It took me years of slaving away in university to finally learn this.)

  • How to use a cheap, 5 cent envelope to instantly send yourself into a zone of "hyper-focus".

  • The devastating trap of Slave's Luck. And how to use "gold coins" to buy your freedom.

Now, the beauty of the "Magnetic Memory Method" is that you can apply it to anything. And one thing I've noticed is that when people get a taste for its potential...

Right away, they want to implement it all areas of their life. 

That's why the Magnetic Memory Masterclass also includes lessons on...

Practical Applications for the "Magnetic Memory Method"

Dive deeper into a personal learning project. Uncover new heights and possibilities with your memory. For you'll get in-depth trainings on...

How to Memorize Terms and Definitions

Discover a weird way to "steal someone's brain" and memorize long lists of complex and confusing terms from Medicine, Information Technology, Science, Literature, and more. My students have used this to ace their exams, stun their co-workers, and even earn promotions.

How to Memorize Names and Faces

Forever banish the embarrassment of forgetting someone's name just minutes after meeting them. Use these two secrets tricks to automatically (and subconsciously) remember any name… even if it's long, complex, or in a different language.

How to Memorize a Speech

Burn your prepared notes and blow away your audience by reciting your speech entirely from memory. Most people think this is extremely difficult… but all it takes is a specially designed Memory Palace and an hour of "practice".

How to Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

Rapidly master the core foundation of French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, or any language whatsoever. Memorizing new vocab words is as easy as "reciting your ABCs". And, you'll be able to recall each word perfectly "in the moment" when you're speaking that language.

The Ultimate Language Learning Secret

Want to learn a language fast? Use this fun, but unconventional approach to quickly "soak up" an entire language like a sponge. Note: I personally used this step-by-step method to become conversational in Mandarin in just 3 months (starting from ZERO).

Speak From Memory

Don't have anyone around you to practice speaking a language with? (Or are you an introvert who doesn't want to practice by going out and "talking to strangers" at a bar?) Find out how you can master a language… without ever speaking to a single person.

How to Memorize Poetry

Impress your friends (and professors) by reciting poetry, long jokes, or an entire book of Scripture... purely from memory. All it takes is a little known "holy grail" technique used by top memory champions.

Memory Destroying Foods

(And What To Eat Instead)

What does food have to do with memory techniques? Turns out... a lot. Discover 5 simple diet "tweaks" that will instantly upgrade your memory.

How to Memorize Math, Numbers, Simple Arithmetic & Equations

Whether you're studying math in school, working as a professional engineer, or you simply want to recall someone's phone number... this lesson will show you how.

Not only will you be able to memorize the most long and complicated formulas… but you'll be able to deploy them flawlessly even under extreme stress.

As you can see, there's no limit to what's possible using the "Magnetic Memory Method."


And the Magnetic Memory Masterclass is designed so you can choose for yourself how fast you want to learn... and what areas of memory you want to master first.

It has everything you need to get results like...

I have struggled so much with Russian vocabulary over the past two years. Mr. Metivier is correct when he says saying that there are better ways of learning vocabulary than rote memorization. I learned my vocab list for the whole month in one day!

– Lisa Martin

Prior to discovering you and your teaching methods, I spent HUNDREDS of hours using flash cards (rote learning), reading books, and pursuing other 'experts' in the field of learning and memory. But now with the Magnetic Memory Method, I believe that I truly can learn ANYTHING.

– Jeremy Lambert

Since I came across this method all missing pieces came together. I am able to memorize 300-400 words [of German] per month. Great method!!!

– D. Stojanovic

I started using your system last January and love it. My fluency has gone way up. But most importantly, my confidence has risen.

– Matthew

Now, over the past few years, I've come to notice a common trait among my most successful students...

They don't try to do it all alone.

They set up external support and accountability to ensure they accomplish their goals. They find study partners to share the journey with. They absorb the wisdom and mindsets of experienced "Memory Masters."

And most of all…

Instead of just giving up when they get stuck… they actively seek out the help they need.

And because I want to ensure you have the support you need to succeed no matter what

I've decided to create a special, new addition to the Magnetic Memory Masterclass

The Memory Dojo

What is the Memory Dojo?

The Memory Dojo is a 12 month coaching program designed to help you shatter barriers to learning and unlock the full power of your memory.

Each month, we'll dive deep into a specific topic inside the Magnetic Memory Masterclass.

At the start of the month, you'll get an exclusive video "training guide" where I'll personally walk you through that month's topic in even greater detail. It'll also include bonus exercises, advanced tips and tricks, and strategies for overcoming common obstacles.

Though you won't just be studying this on your own...

Because I'll also be holding a LIVE group coaching call every month.

This is your chance to ask me any questions you have about the "Magnetic Memory Method", how to apply it to your specific learning project, or anything about memory whatsoever.

And you'll be able to get ongoing, direct support from me (and your fellow students) via a private "Members' Only Forum."

But that's not all...

When you successfully complete each month, I've arranged a special "graduation bonus" for you.

You'll receive an exclusive lesson with a leading expert... such as Alex Mullen (3x world memory champion), Lynne Kelly (bestselling author of The Memory Code), Mark Channon (Memory Grandmaster and executive coach), 4x memory champion Nelson Dellis, and many more.

The Memory Dojo Magnetic Memory Method Graduation Bonuses

These lessons will equip you with the essential toolbox of the world's top "Memory Masters." And they're packed with actionable insights like…

  • A quick way to "debug" your memory... and reverse memory loss.

  • The secret reason to take a "practice test" when studying. Hint: It has nothing to do with finding out what you know (or don't know).

  • How to amnesia-proof your Memory Palace by walking in circles. (Do this one simple step before trying to memorize anything.)

  • Why cultivating an obsession with "sex and violence" will make you seem more friendly when you travel to a foreign country.

  • And much, much more...

Simply put...

My goal is to guarantee your success in your learning and memory goals. And I've included everything you need to unleash the full capability of your mind.

Because the sad reality is..

Having a "Bad Memory" Can Be Extremely Expensive

I'm not just referring to the emotional pain of forgetting the name of someone you just met…

Or even the loss that comes when you forget treasured memories with your families, friends, and loved ones...

Having a bad memory can cost you real money too.

A recent study found that forgetfulness costs people more than $6,000... just as a result of losing car keys, cellphones, jewelry, and other items.

But that's not even the worst of it…

A "mental lapse" during an important work presentation could cost you (and your company) an important negotiation.

Failing to know the technical terms of your profession can mean missing out on thousands of dollars worth of promotions (or even get you fired).

Heck, I very nearly threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars and YEARS of hard work by almost flunking out of graduate school.

This is a big reason why I'm so passionate about helping people like you transform their memory.

I don't want you to suffer like I did. I don't want you to keep paying the price that comes from having bad memory.

And it's why instead of charging $2,500, $2,000, or even $1,500 for access to the Magnetic Memory Masterclass

You can enroll in the Magnetic Memory Masterclass and the Memory Dojo for just 12 monthly payments of $84.

Now, I believe this is more than fair.

And many of my students have happily paid even more than this for my training.

Yet because I'm committed to spreading this life-changing method to more people… and because I'm opening the Memory Dojo for the very first time...

I've decided to make this an even better deal for you today.

For a limited time only, you can join the Magnetic Memory Masterclass at a significant savings…

In addition, your investment today is backed by my...

365 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

See, as confident as I am with these techniques...

As many of my students have used them successfully...

And as much as I believe they'll work for you too...

The only real way to see how they work is direct experience.

That's why I'm going to put my own money on the line. I'm going to personally guarantee your investment in the Magnetic Memory Masterclass for an entire year.

(Yes, you read that right. I said an entire year!)

Here's how it'll work.

Sign up for the Magnetic Memory Masterclass at a significant savings today...

Watch the training lessons...

Do the exercises...

And apply them to whatever learning project you're working on – be it studying for a test at school, becoming fluent in a new language, mastering technical terms for work, or anything you want.

Then in two, three, or six months...

Evaluate for yourself whether these techniques are working for you. Notice how you effortlessly recall what you memorized... How you're able to rapidly absorb new information... How your mind feels sharper and more focused.

And if for any reason you decide that the Magnetic Memory Masterclass isn't a fit for you... just send me a note, and I'll refund your money.

Remember, you don't have just 30, 60, or even 90 days to test drive this...

You have an ENTIRE YEAR.

Yes, I know some people may take advantage of me because I'm offering such a generous guarantee. But I'm willing to take that chance to make this as low-risk as possible for you today.


What's more?

If you enroll today, I've decided to also include..

Two Bonus Memory "Turbochargers"

See, while the vast majority of people are content to just coast through life and never push their limits.

The fact that you've read this far tells me you're different.

It shows you're someone willing to discover what's truly possible with your mind – a lifelong learner who's fully committed to growing and mastering new subjects.

And that's why I'm including two advanced bonuses today to help you take your memory to the next level.

Memory Turbocharger #1 – How to Remember Your Dreams 

Dreams are a gateway to your subconscious memory. And when you tap into them, you can unlock a wealth of new creativity, inspiration, imagination, and memory… before your feet even touch the floor each morning.

This isn't just for the fun of it either (although it is certainly fun)...

You can harness your dreams to…

  • Uncover novel solutions to problems you're facing in your work, family, or anywhere.

  • Find new ideas or narratives to weave into a piece of writing or art you're working on.

  • Discover your deeper life intentions and goals from a whole perspectives.

  • And much, much more…

Memory Turbocharger #2 – How To Memorize a Deck Of Cards

This is not just a clever trick for magicians or memory champions. And it applies to far, far more than just cards.


Because it's a compact (and easy-to-carry) exercise you can use to level up your memory skills.

See, when you memorize a deck of cards, you upgrade each of the key elements of your memory (including your ability with Memory Palaces… working with numbers, words, and images… and more). 

All of those skills transfer directly to mastery of everything else.

Basically, it's like a short, power-workout for your mind.

What's more? It's fun and easy too.

Now, this is the point where I'm supposed to remind you of everything you're getting when you sign up for the Magnetic Memory Masterclass

How you get access to dozens of in-depth lessons… 

How you'll get dozens of actionable exercises and step-by-step instructions for how to transform your memory starting immediately…

But instead, I want to share something a student named James Lewis wrote to me recently...

"I actually wake up each morning excited about picking up and memorizing new words from a Spanish Dictionary! Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?!"

How cool is that!

Now the point here isn't just that studying can be fun and enjoyable.

(Although that is absolutely the case when you break free of the boring, tedious methods that most of us are taught in school.)

The point is that having a good memory is about something more than just the material we master or the words we memorize.

It's About Feeling Excited And Alive!

It's the satisfaction of your friends turning to YOU when you're traveling in a country because you're the only one who's mastered the language...

The pleasure in being able to recite a beautiful poem or profound verse of scripture word-for-word...

Or the confidence that comes when you run into someone you just met and immediately recall their name.

And above all...

It's the energy that only comes when you truly live out your potential... when you grow and learn... when you unleash the hidden power of your own mind.

This is what I'm inviting you to experience today.

But it's up to you to take the first step.



Anthony Metivier

"Memory Scientist"

Creator, Magnetic Memory Method

Frequently Asked Questions

The Magnetic Memory Method almost sounds "too good to be true." Will it really work for me?

This is a great question. And the truth is, the results my students have gotten with this method can sound unbelievable at times.

So if you're skeptical...

I get it.

In fact, I LOVE it!

People should be skeptical.

You may be surprised (or confused) to hear that.

Most people are offended by criticism or will try to convince you that skepticism is a bad thing.

Not me.

And there are two reasons why I get excited whenever people come to me with doubts.

First, I'm a natural skeptic myself.

My immediate reaction to seeing memory techniques for the first time was... "I can't even comprehend a sentence of philosophy for school, so how the heck am I going to memorize a deck of cards?"

Only after experiencing it personally, did I believe that it could, in fact, work for me.

Second, skeptics often get the best results with this.


Because they don't just take some expert's opinion for granted (including mine). They have to go try it out themselves to be convinced that it actually works. They're determined to really see what's real and what isn't.

As a result, they come in with hunger and curiosity.

And that energy is really powerful when it comes to learning.

So if you're skeptical, that's GREAT.

That's why I've included such a bold and daring guarantee with this offer. You have an ENTIRE YEAR to test out the "Magnetic Memory Method" at no risk to you.

Watch the training lessons...

Do the exercises...

Apply them to whatever learning project you're working on – be it studying for a test at school, becoming fluent in a new language, mastering technical terms for work, or anything you want.

And then you can decide for yourself how well it works for you…


How do other memory techniques compare to the Memory Palaces.. and the "Magnetic Memory Method"?

Great question.

And really, there are many excellent memory techniques out there besides Memory Palaces.

I know this because I've personally used and tested all of them. (I'm constantly on the lookout for what works and doesn't when it comes to memory.)

Here's what I've found though...

You can use basically any memory technique INSIDE of a Memory Palace.

But it's much harder to do it the other way around (i.e. using Memory Palaces inside of other techniques.)

So that's a big part of why I like to use Memory Palaces as the foundation.

What's more?

As you'll see inside the Magnetic Memory Masterclass...

I actually incorporate a whole range of memory techniques like the journey method, chunking, the link method, and more to extend Memory Palaces and make them even more powerful.

Find out for yourself here…


My life feels crazy right now. What do I do if I don't have much time to study?

Well to start – unlike traditional learning strategies – the "Magnetic Memory Method" is designed to be efficient. It's designed to help you memorize new information in the shortest time possible.

So using it will let you get more out of the time you're currently spending studying.

More importantly though...

I've found this approach works better when you only work in short, tiny bursts. (As compared to slaving away for hour after dreadful hour.)

For the best results, I recommend people limit their study sessions to just 15 minutes.

That's it.

In other words...

If you don't have much time available, that's actually an advantage!

Discover how to master new information quickly here…


What if I'm not creative? Or if I'm not a "visual thinker"? Will I still be able to use the "Magnetic Memory Method"?

Now, while I personally believe that everyone is creative on some level…

Questions like these are a big reason I created the Magnetic Memory Masterclass in the first place. To help folks tap into their brain's deep "search engine" no matter if…

You don't feel like you're creative…

Or if you're not a visual thinker…

All it takes is filling in a few simple blanks on the worksheets provided.

And you'll have a perfectly-functioning Memory Palace to use immediately.


I've developed a very simple way to test whether this method will work for you. Just answer the following questions...

Where is your bathroom in your house? Where's the kitchen? Where's the bedroom? In your bedroom, where's your bed located?

Those places likely just flashed into your mind.

It was totally effortless.

And if here's the important thing…

If you can remember places like your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom… the "Magnetic Memory Method" will work for you.

See for yourself here…


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