Memorizing Vocabulary Fights Depression

Memory Palaces and DepressionDear Memorizers,

The video on this page gives one of the finest demonstrations of the Memory Palace method I’ve yet to see:


Because the guy simply didn’t believe he could do it!

But guess what?


He built. He memorized. He conquered.


Notice how that the moment he faltered, all he had to do was “go” to the location where he had stored the associative imagery.

Success rate?


That’s how it works, dear Memorizers.

For any language. Any time.

It’s just a matter of preparing a Memory Palace, creating some zany images and then going about your business until the time comes to bring those words back to the tip of your tongue.

The right way.

The Magnetic way.

And just think. Using this technique can also help cure depression.


Who Knew?


Actually, I knew. It’s no big secret that I was once severely depressed.

I almost dropped out of grad school.

But when I started using Memory Palaces, my depression cleared right up.

No more sleeping in all day, no more reading difficult books through clouds of confusion.

And everything I read that I wanted to remember, went straight into a Memory Palace.

If you haven’t gotten started with using the Magnetic Memory Method, please grab my Free Memory Improvement Kit.

You never know, using mnemonics might just help you clear up any depression, should you be unlucky enough to suffer it.

No matter how old you are, no matter how young, Memory Palaces are the closest thing we have to real magic.

Until next time, Abracadabra. And then teach someone else what you’ve learned about Memory Palaces. Teaching a skill is one of the best ways to learn it and helping people improve their memory is one of the best ways we can make the world a better place. The more we remember, the more we can remember. And the more we learn, the more we can learn.

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