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You Now Have All You Need To FINALLY Memorize All Of The Information Youʼve Ever Dreamed Of And Recall It With Ease So You Can Actually Leave Forgetfulness Behind Forever Using The Best Memory Tool In Existence … The Memory Palace!

Dear Memorizer,

First off, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on laying the new foundation of your memory experience by joining The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass! This course is truly revolutionary. For the first time there is a collected package of tools, strategies and insights needed to succeed with using Memory Palaces …

… an activity that I can say with all sincerity is THE MOST IMPORTANT AND MOST EXCITING PART OF MEMORY IMPROVEMENT because learning this special technique is the quickest way to getting massive results when you are engaged in life-changing activities like language learning, memorizing names for social success or giving speeches, taking exams and much, much more.

But my guess right now is that you’re literally aching to get started!

The opportunity you have before you now is indeed an exciting one … You now have in your possession the same information and material that has enabled tens of thousands of ordinary men and women with no special memory abilities to transform their lives simply by opening themselves up to these simple techniques.

Why will this be possible for you? Because NOTHING has been held back in these courses.

You’re getting EVERYTHING there is to know about using Memory Palaces to memorize foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, poetry (and much, much More!).

The Most Direct Path

Now, you might be wondering where to begin.

A lot depends on your goals and how you structure your own time. But in general, I recommend:

  1. The Masterplan
  2. The Exercises page
  3. The FAQ page to answer your questions
  4. The Study Guide to choose the next course
  5. Review regularly for updates and revisit the Exercises

For the fullest possible boost in memory, learn to memorize as many information types as possible and practice with them.

Holistic memory boosts come from being able to contend with multiple kinds of information. And although there is a bit of a "choose your own adventure" aspect to the training, this is the recommended path and I look forward to your progress updates along the way.

Now, the Internet with its dopamine spikes has ruined a lot of attention spans out there. So this next video is probably going to be one of the most important in the course.

Please use its suggestion in this course and every other you take in order to keep focused and conquer your goals.

Before You Start With The "Masterplan", Please Learn How To Rapidly And Thoroughly Complete Video Courses:

The strategies you've just learned are also given in the Masterplan. But to ensure you have the most comprehensive understanding of how the Magnetic Memory Method is going to help you, I wanted to make sure you have these learning tools straight away.

Now, one last step:

I highly recommend you take a moment to create a Memory Journal. (Like this one below by one of your fellow students of the Magnetic Memory Method):


You can model my basic morning page and evening page if you wish. (Yes, these are just made quickly by hand. No, your daily journaling doesn't have to be fancy in order to get you the outcomes you seek.)

Once you have your Memory Journal prepared, get ready to take notes as you go through the videos using the processes I've described.

Again, please start the Masterclass by completing the Masterplan.

In the Masterplan, you will learn the foundations of building and using Memory Palaces to memorize and recall anything in ways that are effective, elegant, easy and fun.

Next, please thoroughly complete the Exercises. They are essential to your success.

After that, the Masterclass lets you "choose your own adventure." However, if you're unsure or would like some suggestions, please check out the Study Guide.

When you have questions, the FAQ page gives you many answers to questions you might not have thought about yet.

Enjoy and be sure to implement what you learn by building and using Memory Palaces of your own. After the Masterplan, dig into any of the other courses that catch your interest. Watch each course from beginning to end and complete the exercises in each. And let me know your questions when you have them.

Enjoy and talk soon! 🙂



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