Ultralearning by Scott Young Book Cover

 I want to send YOU 1 of 2 copies of ULTRALEARNING by Scott Young! 

To be selected, just describe in 250-500 words what you want to learn and why it's important that you succeed.

Scott and I will announce our winners in a video (possibly a live stream if the tech works out) at the end of November, 2019 . 

Please include your name and best email address. We'll reach out to winners to get your mailing address once the giveaway is over and the winners have been chosen. :-)


Note: Successful entrants will need to supply a valid mailing address in order to receive their prizes.

For more information on Ultralearning, listen to my interview with Scott using the player below:


I'll Also Send Both Winners... 

The Memory Connection!

Debra with a copy of The Memory Connection by Anthony Metivier

Debra after receiving her copy of The Memory Connection featuring Nikola Tesla on the cover

(I saved a handful of copies for just such an occasion)

Can't wait to send the lucky winners their copies!