How You Can Easily...

Learn ANY Language Faster By Reviving Your "Inner Child"...

… while tapping into adult intuitions that will help you effortlessly read, write, speak and understand your dream language without ever feeling like a “conversational klutz” again!

From: The Desk of Anthony Metivier

To: Language Learners Around the World

No matter how rusted your memory might be at the moment, try for just a second to remember those carefree days when you were a kid…

Back when learning felt whimsical…

Like an adventure.

No, not everything felt that way. Serious adults marching back and forth at the front of the classroom sometimes made learning too serious.

They burdened you with the weight of unfathomable responsibilities and the shackles of time.

But what if I told you that you could relive your most carefree childhood moments on demand, and that doing so could help you harness time differently so you can easily master a new language almost as if you were a kid again?

After all, that’s a “memory hack” used by some of my most successful students:

Amanda Markham Portrait for Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

“I went from understanding only half of what I was hearing, to knowing 70% of what was being said in a very short time.

I’ve been very happy with using this method to increase my vocab. In only ten days, I was able to add 200 new words – which is a phenomenal result!”

Amanda Markham

– Anthropologist & Author

Noel Van Vliet Language Learning Fan

“As a long term language learner, I was skeptical about Anthony’s claims. So I put them to the test.

To conduct my case study I studied 127 new Spanish words.

I spent about 6 minutes on each word and recalled the 127 words in less than 7 minutes.

This means I learned a new word every six minutes. Or 6.68 words per session.

To be honest, all through the case study, the results have really surprised me. I knew it was a good method but I didn’t expect Anthony’s ‘Magnetic Memory Method’ to be that good.”

Noel Van Vliet

– Language Learning Expert & Blogger

Eldon Clem Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

“I have successfully learned 1,000 vocabulary words in a little more than 6 weeks, using your method.

This is the most incredible method I have used yet.

Thank you so much for teaching & coaching this.

Dr. Eldon Clem

– Professor

All of these language learners were willing to explore my teaching of memory techniques – and their chosen languages – with childlike wonder. And the results are clear.

Why am I convinced that these techniques will help you too? One simple reason:

I’ve been helping people predictably create connections, weave stories and build “memory castles” filled with vocabulary and phrases from dozens of languages for over a decade now.

And tricks like imagining you’re a kid again does work. Duke University just published a major study all about it – with a very playful twist…

Basically, the researchers asked half of the study participants to pretend they were art thieves. Those who took the task seriously (i.e., played with it and pretended to be robbers) remembered way more about the paintings in an art gallery than those who didn’t.

That’s just one study, but I’ve read hundreds like these from the field of memory. I’ve also worked with thousands of students and seen “tricks of the mind” like this work time and time again.

The best part is that merely imagining that you’re playing like a kid doesn’t mean you have to give up your most valuable adult skills. In fact, it’s the combination of treating language learning like a game and using strategies only adults understand that explains precisely why adults regularly acquire languages faster than kids.

You might doubt that, but consider this: By age 17, many young people still can’t write a proper sentence, let alone sit still.

As an adult, you’re far ahead of the game. It’s just a matter of reassessing your many incredible assets as a mature learner and directing your energies in a simple, but strategic manner you weren’t taught in school.

So it’s not a question of one thing or the other.

It’s a question of dusting off those cobwebs and revisiting what it was like to learn as youngster without so many critical filters ruining the fun. And feeling excited and alive because you’ve switched on your adult ability to use tactics and strategies to have more fun, more often.

If you’re open to that, I can show you how to turn even the most complicated grammar rules into fun puzzles you love to solve, as you endlessly delight in the language you want to learn as a living, breathing companion.

So now that you’ve enjoyed remembering the thrill of just how fun learning used to be as a youth, let’s make a little pact, you and I.

I’m gathering an exclusive group of playtime pirates and enlightened elves to join me in using the Memory Palace technique and other aspects of the Magnetic Memory Method to increase your enjoyment of each and every minute you spend on your dream language…

All I ask in our pact is that you keep reading and I’ll help you discover how to remove the rust gumming up the gears of your mind. So you can play again, with an incredibly refined set of strategies that make substantial progress inevitable.

On this page, I’m also going to show you how to…

Rapidly Grow Your Vocabulary & Earn "COMPOUND INTEREST" That Accelerates Your Fluency Simply By Learning To Play Again

Now, you might be thinking…

I’ve got a language to learn… I don’t have time for fun and games!

Let me suggest that you flip your normally scheduled program of adult thinking and ask yourself this:

Why do you have so much time for over-analyzing everything to the point that you never get anywhere with the language of your dreams?

And what if you could enjoy the benefits of boosting your vocabulary and speaking abilities faster without all of that adult analysis ruining all the fun quite so often?

See, children don’t really learn languages as fast as some people think.

But they do have two advantages…

1) They’re not thinking about what they’re learning at all!

2) They usually have what some learning scientists call “socially contingent partners.”

These are adults with an abundance of patience who essentially let the kids play with the language they are learning as they are learning it – without oppressive doses of constant criticism, worry and feeling like things are going too slowly.

No, the kids don’t necessarily think of it as a game, or even as play.

But you’re an adult. You can.

And you can learn how to stop over-analyzing everything to pieces. You can learn to be your own “socially contingent partner.”

Would you like to play with the languages you’re learning so you can learn like a kid again? 

If you’re nodding your head and saying “yes” because you want to finally make strides with the language (or languages) of your dreams, then be sure to read each and every word on this page.

It could be the most important page on the Internet you ever read.


Here's The Only Two SURE-FIRE Ways To Develop The Fluency You Crave & Deserve

Exploration and experimentation.

The ability to do those two things right there will help you dodge so many bullets and eliminate many unnecessary obstacles from your life.

All while becoming quickly commanding mastery of what it really takes to learn a language at speed.

Now, I teach how to use memory techniques as a means of putting some “rocket fuel” into the engines of memory you already own. You’re born with them, which means you can benefit from everything I have to share with you.

What are these “engines of memory”?

There are a lot of scientific terms needed to answer that question, but generally there are 5 key “engines” that the Language of Memory Live cohort helps you optimize.

They have to do with how you can rapidly memorize words and then “scale” to entire phrases.

  • Your memory for letters and words
  • Your memory for grammatical concepts
  • Your ability to remember “where” words and sentences are in your mind
  • The memory that helps you get started on learning tasks and keep going when things get tough
  • The muscle memory that helps you remember pronunciation and subtle differences in what you hear

I want to share with you all the details on how the Magnetic Memory Method helps you optimize and consistently fuel each of these “memory engines.”

By “optimize,” I’m talking about the wonderful way kids actually get more energy than they burn when they play. I’m talking about being so excited, you can’t wait to learn more words and phrases.

I’m also talking about learning in a “flow state,” where you use critical thinking in combination with tools like the “Memory Palace technique.” This special recipe increases the logical way you use your time, while decreasing the illogical, critical nattering the world has drilled into the brains of most adults.

To get into a learning flow state and stop all the doubts and mental chatter that ruin the fun, you’ll learn to use ancient memory techniques that have been themselves optimized based on my knowledge of decades of memory competition and countless scientific studies of mnemonics for learning.

Now, if you know my work, you might be aware of a criticism I sometimes get.

“That Dr. Metivier guy… he sees the Memory Palace technique as a hammer and everything you want to learn is a nail.”

Wrong... and Right...?!?

As far as I can tell, all information is spatial.

In my teaching experience over the past decade, true levels of skill with memory techniques switch on when people start to understand this basic fact – especially language learners.

So in a way, everything you need to learn in a language is kind of like a bag of nails. I just prefer to think of it as “Mental Lego.”

And I’m more than delighted to dig into the science with you about how the brain uses mental imagery to distribute words and phrases in different areas of the brain.

But I don’t believe any scientific understanding is necessary to use the techniques. That’s why I tend to save those discussions for the Q&A portions of my lessons.

That’s why my sessions are never about learning how to hammer nails. That just too much work.

Instead, I want to help you reach the point of mastery with using memory techniques for language learning… by playing with Mental Lego.

There’s another reason I make more courses all about play: It’s because I know how important it is to feel like you’re good at doing something. As psychologist Dr. Jan Tonnesvang puts it, mastery is a basic human psychology need.

And the fastest and most likely way for each and every one of us to master at least one language in our lives is through mastering memory.

Because I know how to teach memory techniques very well, because the science supports my teaching on top of thousands of years of mnemonic tradition, and because we can now hold seminars via Zoom, I’ve decided to bring you something very special.

Something that will help you never turn language learning into “work” again.

This is the same, 360-degree, fully-integrated learning experience you could previously only get from me at great expense. Assuming you were in the same city and accepted into the universities where I was teaching.

Image of Anthony Metivier helping some local entrepreneurs use Thinkific in Brisbane


I’ve got more than a decade of experience teaching memory techniques. I’ve got certificates from tests I’ve passed in different languages, and…

I know how to never take those pieces of paper too seriously.

After all, it was my spoken and written German that got me one of the most prestigious teaching gigs of my career… not a rubber stamp.

To help you enjoy an equally rewarding adventure with your own language learning journey, I’ve developed a brand new program that combines everything I know into one exclusive program.

Not only have I built this new learning experience for you from the ground up.

I’m now able to help you deeply integrate the world renowned Magnetic Memory Method with every memory-related aspect of your language learning mission in a step-by-step, online experience that will help you remember vocabulary, phrases, grammatical principles and even entire dialogues if that’s what you would like.


A 5-Week Live Learning Program

The WORLD'S ONLY 360-Degree integrated, step-by-step online learning system for serious language learners who want to remember everything they need on the path to fluency.

Here’s how it works:

This program is structured using my unique, 360-degree framework that immerses you in the key mnemonic skills required to truly develop as a language learner.

To accomplish this, I’ll take you through the 5 levels you need to ensure success as the architect of your fluency.

What makes Language of Memory Live so much better than any other language learning programs out there?



Experimentation and exploration.

These are the keys I hand you each week through fun lessons, entertaining takeaway exercises and real examples from languages I’ve studied myself and helped many others excel in. Using specifics to introduce the techniques along with fun, take-away exercises, I’ll help you focus and above all help you learn like a kid again…

All while tapping into your adult intuitions and wisdom, assets that will also become much more fun to use.

Even better, one of my best students will be there too. He’s got a massive vocabulary in his dream language, follows all the principles and is willing to share his perspective during the Q&As that follow each lesson.

1. Targets & Systems

Does it really matter how fast you’re going if you’re reading in the wrong direction?

Not really.

If you’re as sick as I am of people with anonymous usernames bragging that they have an 8000 word vocabulary without a shred of proof that they’ve accomplished anything meaningful in their language learning lives, then you’re also fed up with people who have no direction.

In this module, you’ll discover how successful language learners design their learning journeys like a game to create excitement and harness momentum. This powerful process also helps those who succeed keep going when life throws a curveball or they hit a snag in their ability to understand something.

Instead of relying on “motivation,” you’ll learn to create systems that enables you to consistently achieve your chosen targets. And you’ll come to understand why motivation tactics usually fail based on neurological states no app I’m aware of can help you keep learning with joy over the long term.

I’ve modeled this simple approach for decades based on the world’s leading polyglots, neuroscience and mnemonics. As a result, I’ve wound up enjoying global travel with greater intensity, not to mention teaching more people around the world because I wasn’t locked into just one language.

Would knowing at least one more language help you in your career? The information in this module will make sure you get to the fluency level you need to get that raise or promotion and have fun while doing it.

Join now and I’ll hand you the pieces used in the game of mastering time and show you how to get out of your own way so you can cruise toward success. You’ll soon have all the Memory Palaces and insight you need to memorize thousands of words and phrases just by attending this first lesson – because you’ll finally stop learning in bits and pieces and use a game-like system to produce substantial results.

2. Mnemonics Exposed

Why is that mnemonics are so controversial?

Some polyglot “gurus” say they don’t use them as part of language learning, yet others swear by them.

What’s up with that?

And what does the science really say about how languages get learned?

We’re going to spend part of module two on this controversy for two reasons:

It is absolutely critical to understand why language learning “experts” are not always your best source of information about how your memory works.

I’ve interviewed the best of the best, and so far they have all come around to the fact that you simply must use some kind of mnemonic strategy to learn anything at all. While they play games of semantics, I show you exactly what’s happening in your brain and why this point matters to your success:

If you want to learn a language, you’re going to use mnemonics. It’s just a question of how skillfully and strategically you use them.

And that’s the best part: Since you’re already using Memory Palaces and a wide variety of mnemonics without knowing it, by the end of this lesson, you’ll know how to use these scientifically proven enhancements to how the brain works to learn like a pro.

3. Managing Materials

So many language learners flounder because they try to learn from too many sources at the same time.

They’re either totally overwhelmed, or flooded with decision anxiety.

Worse, some people are constantly chasing after the next “shiny language learning object.” They download this or that app, order yet another book or dictionary.

Then there’s the time suck of hiring the umpteenth tutor you don’t know how to manage, let alone milk for the words and phrases you want to learn.

The good news is that there are incredibly simple ways to remove these problems forever – and in many cases, recover value from the “sunk cost fallacy” that keeps so many language learners forking out for materials that cannot help without proper memory skills.

In this module, you’ll learn how to not only choose much better language learning materials. You’ll learn what’s truly important for your memory when using any resource. Whether it’s textbooks, audio programs, video courses or spaced-repetition software, I’ll show you how to use these tools in an optimal way.

Plus, we’ll cover the role of criticism, erasing your fear of speaking and reducing, if not eliminating the “monkey mind” chatter that holds you back from taking the risks in… well, looking like a child again. (Which is precisely what you need to learn as quickly as you deserve.)

I’ll also show you a jaw-droppingly simple way to work play games with language learning tutors so they become your springboard into fluency. Join Language of Memory Live and you’ll never waste another hour on thumb-twiddling as you wait for your teacher to teach you what you want to learn.

Before this lesson concludes, you’ll learn a simple exercise for finding and starting to use “Mental Lego.” I’ve selected an incredibly powerful exercise especially for language learners that will move your mind from chaos to focus on demand when you sit down to learn. You discover how to use Mental Lego with tutors and textbooks alike and never feel alone on the path to fluency again.

This is the part of the course where you’ll make the biggest transition from a passive learner who flounders to focus and truly awaken to the potential of books and courses you probably already own as you start memorizing actively by use the exclusive memory systems covered in weeks 4 and 5.

4. The Big Five of Language Learning

Reading in a foreign language is an utter waste of time if you can’t comprehend the material.

Or is it?

Not at all.

In fact, the sooner you start reading, the better.


Because books are one of the places they keep all the words and sentences!

Then there’s speaking, listening, writing, and memorizing.

How do you fit it all in? That’s covered in week one, so in this part of the course, you’ll learn how to optimize your memory for each and every part of these 5 “musts” of language learning.

I’ll show you exactly how to capture the most out of your language learning sessions with tutors.

You’ll discover how to memorize alphabets within hours instead of days, weeks, or months and years by exploiting a simple memory “hack.”

And you’ll never worry about misunderstanding what people say to you ever again.

All of those problems have a cause that stems from memory. And wherever there’s a cause we can identify, there’s a cure.

And if not a cure, then a means of playing with the issue like a kid so that frustrations quickly transform into fun puzzles that help you play your way to solving.

5. Advanced Memory Techniques

Please don’t let the word “advanced” worry you.

As far as I’m concerned, if you know where your fridge is, you’re already an intermediate-level memory master. In this module, I’ll explain why.

And in this final module of the course, you’ll discover exactly how the Memory Palace technique will help you keep ahead of what appears to be an infinity of words and phrases you can’t keep up with.

You can keep up with it all.

And instead of feeling overwhelmed that you’ll never get anywhere, you’ll discover how to tap into that zettabyte of available storage space in your mind.

In case you don’t know the term, renowned neuroscientist Dave Eagleman uses it to describe how much memory storage the average human possesses.

A zettabyte is more than enough for all the information in the world. With room to spare.

That’s why I can promise you Language of Memory Live will deliver…

Why Read With Momentum Will Help You

This program gives you 3 things you cannot get from anyone else:

1. A fully integrated system

In just 5 weeks, we’re going to dive deep into ALL the core skills necessary to develop yourself as an accomplished reader.

2. Learn by doing

Unlike many other books and courses, Read with Momentum uses real reading material as the basis for learning so you can feel your progress as you move through the program. And you’ll have fun along the way!

3. Sequential learning

The sequential learning methodology I’ve developed based on my years as a professor makes this program different from anything else you will find online.

This way, the feeling that some books you need to read are “just too hard” will disappear completely. You will always have a strategy for reading and understanding anything, no matter how complex. You will possess all of my secret weapons for rapidly comprehending anything.

Even better, you’ll never feel left out of the conversation again. You’ll be able to get straight to the core of the matter, use critical thinking to assess the various angles and contribute unique perspectives and solutions.

Here's EXACTLY How You'll Discover Your Inner Genius...

Linda Myers Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review Portrait

“You have changed my life!!

I am back to my old self of studying and learning on a daily basis. But with your techniques it is more fun and all around better.

Right now I have 10 different Memory Palaces I am actively engaged in them for Spanish words. I find it easier (as a beginner) to have multiple Memory Palaces of 10 – 12 items each. I also have one with 17 items to stretch my skills.

I have referred you to 4 people already thanks to my success!”

Linda Meyers

– Spanish Learner

Christian Altenburg

“You have changed my life!!

I am back to my old self of studying and learning on a daily basis. But with your techniques it is more fun and all around better.

Right now I have 10 different Memory Palaces I am actively engaged in them for Spanish words. I find it easier (as a beginner) to have multiple Memory Palaces of 10 – 12 items each. I also have one with 17 items to stretch my skills.

I have referred you to 4 people already thanks to my success!”

Christian Altenburg

– Metro Business Director at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia

Adolfo Artigas Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Photo

“Anthony’s training has helped me reduce the anxiety of being unprepared. NOW, I’m crushing it.

Anthony, in my opinion, is the greatest memory instructor in the world.”

Adolfo Artigas

– US Navy and University Student

Alex Mullen

“Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses, especially for language learning. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone teaching this more effectively and extensively.”

Alex Mullen

– 3x World Memory Champion, medical resident and accomplished student of Chinese

Chetan Belgur Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

“Holy cow! It’s only session 1 and there is so much to take away and apply. And the bonus content is already worth far more than the tiny tuition.

A BIG THANK YOU! for putting together this course.”

Chetan Belgur

– Engineer

David S Matthew Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass law school testimonial

“I’ve used the Magnetic Memory Method to:

  • Pass the Bar and become a licensed attorney
  • Acquire several more professional certifications
  • Learn Spanish (Muy bien!)

Dr. Metivier teaches his extraordinary effective method with crystal clarity in just a few short hours.

Calling a course with him a wise investment is a severe understatement.

David S. Matthew

– Lawyer

Robert Spraggs MMM Testimonial

“Anthony makes learning not suck. I found some love of learning in very dense subjects. It is beautiful.”

My ability to create new images with densely encoded material and my ability to recall information without struggling at all has improved.

Do. It. As. Soon. As. Possible. No matter where you are what situation you are in, Anthony makes learning easier.”

Robert Spraggs

– University Student

Portrait of Sunil Khatri for Memory Palace Mastery interview on Magnetic Memory Method Podcast

“I completed 250 kanji in 2 months. These include the Chinese and Japanese readings, with an average of 3 different pronunciations for each kanji.”

I also added a vocabulary of about 750 words – the vocab is a combination of the different individual kanji put together to make up the different words.

I’m now able to read (and write) basic words and sentences in Kanji and can read simple ads on TV and around Tokyo on trains and in magazines and newspapers.

The Memory Palace for Kanji allows me to recall the individual kanji and be able to read and write the kanji in the proper stroke order and then another memory palace is used for the vocabulary which references the Chinese or Japanese sayings for the words with multiple kanji.

I’ve started working on the next 250 which I also hope to finish in the next two months. This will put me at a 3rd-grade reading and writing level.””

Sunil Khatri

– Entrepreneur

Next Level Memory Training Secrets with USA Memory Champ John Graham

“I consider Anthony Metivier a personal mentor. If there is someone who thinks about and uses memory techniques as often as he does, I haven’t found that person. He connects the dots better than anyone I know and will teach you how to use mnemonics to enhance the quality of your life.”

John Graham

– 2018 USA Memory Champion

Laura Roy MMM Masterclass Review Testimonial

“You are really amazing. What I have learned has changed my life! I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am able to remember things now.

Topics I never thought I could master have become fun and easy.”

Laura Roy

– Certified Medical Illustrator, John Hopkins University

Mark Hilder Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Photo

“The huge advantage of the Magnetic Memory Method is that the word or phrase will be anchored in your brain immediately and there is no need to spend 30 minutes a day going through flashcards.”

I’m learning Chinese and I think without the MMM it would have taken me a long time to establish any kind of vocabulary.”

Mark Hilder

– Chinese Learner

Jolita Danasiene

“I have learned 20 new Japanese words in about an hour! That is pronunciation, meaning, and the writing!!! This is amazing because there are some words that I was doodling for years and I still couldn’t remember how exactly they are written.

Now I can!

After taking Anthony’s course, my mind became clearer, better thinking patterns emerged, and I started learning new words much faster.

What are you waiting for?”

Jolita Danasiene

– Japanese Learner

Tony Buzan
“Anthony Metivier is a Warrior of the Mind!”
Tony Buzan

– Founder, World Memory Championship, Mind Map Innovator and Multi-time International Bestselling Author

Why Language of Memory Live Will Help You

This program gives you 3 things you cannot get from anyone else:

1. A fully integrated system

In just 5 weeks, we’re going to dive deep into ALL the core skills necessary to develop yourself as an accomplished language learner.

2. Learn by doing

Unlike many other books and courses, Language of Memory Live uses real examples as the basis for learning so you can feel your progress as you move through the program. And you’ll have fun along the way!

Plus, I happen to have an unpublished translation of Matteo Ricci’s guide to how he learned Chinese and other languages in the late 16th and early 17th century. You’ll benefit from what he was doing too because then there was no Internet and often nothing but a book to help you learn a language.

3. Sequential learning

The sequential learning methodology I’ve developed based on my years as a professor makes this program different from anything else you will find online.

This way, the feeling that some words and phrases you need to know like the back of your hand are “just too hard” will disappear completely. You will always have a strategy for absorbing anything related to the languages you want to learn, no matter how complex. You will possess all of my secret weapons for rapidly comprehending anything.

Even better, you’ll never feel left out of the conversation again. You’ll be able to get straight to the core of the matter being discussed and provide meaningful answers during discussions with native speakers.

Here's EXACTLY How You'll Revive Your Inner Child To Enjoy Endless Passion & Excitement As A Language Learner...

– 5 weeks of detailed, step-by-step instruction

Unlike a recorded online course, you’ll be on Zoom with me – connecting directly using high-speed internet. And you’ll have access to all of the recordings whenever you want to review the lessons and learn-by-doing exercises.

– Focused discussion and real-time progress

A key part of being able to learn a new skill is the ability to discuss what you’re discovering. However, not everyone likes to speak in public, and I’m not the kind of person who likes putting learners on the spot, forcing them to have their camera on or participating in ways they’d rather not.

Instead, you have the opportunity at the end of each lesson to interact with me in a seminar-style discussion. Or, you can just hang out and listen in. You can also send in questions between lessons and have them addressed live on a week-by-week basis.

Frankly, the Q&A sessions are the best part of my live courses, and I conduct them just as I did when teaching on-the-ground. Everyone benefits from either participating directly or listening in.

– Weekly summary videos condensing the lessons and expanding upon them

We all know that learning live isn’t for everyone. You’ll have all the replays, but we also know that watching replays isn’t everyone’s style either. That’s why you’ll also get a condensed version of each lesson.

And if you love the live experience, these condensed versions will give you powerful review and additional context that accelerate your learning.

– Downloadable learning material

You won’t have to scurry around trying to find the assignments and exercises. I’ve arranged everything for you.

I’m also not going to throw long and impossible tasks at you.

Yes, some of them will challenge you. But you cannot expect to grow without challenge.

Rather, I know exactly how to use the principle of variety from the science of active learning to keep you engaged from module to module. You’ll take micro-steps throughout the cohort.

And although the assignments are exercises are short, they will open entire worlds of ideas and experiences for you. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t heard of them before.

And if you have already heard of them, you’ll wonder why you never got them done before. You’ll make moves based on the simple wisdom shared in Language of Memory Live and enjoy my simple formula:

Take action. Get results.

"Fun Formula! But... What Exactly Does
Action Look Like?"

I know, I know.

“Just do it” sounds like a cliche. And you’re not wrong to wonder what does taking action look like.

A wee-bit further up on this page, I introduced you to Tom in a video he recorded after the brick-and-mortar version of Language of Memory.

This is part of what the game of action looks like and the smiles it creates after you learn the rules and start to play:

Anthony Metivier teaching memory techniques in Guilin China

That’s pure happiness!

But guess what?

The course wasn’t even over.

Tom didn’t wait for the course to end before following the steps I suggest.

The next day, Tom came to the class and had already memorized all those Mandarin phrases you see on the left side page of a simple notebook used in combination with the Magnetic Memory Method.

Not words. Phrases.

Complex ones too, and all using the simple drawing on the right side of the notebook.

It’s play, but as in all games that provide you with any fun, there are simple rules to follow.

If you don’t like the rules (which rarely happens), here’s what the “game over” button looks like:

Guarantee seal

"Right Decision" Money-Back Guarantee

This program is backed by a 365-day “Right Decision” Guarantee.

Seriously. That’s an ENTIRE YEAR.

All I ask is that you spend that year to apply all the lessons. Do the exercises and send them to me. Put the information into practice by mastering how you approach language learning by using memory techniques.

Apply the methods you’ll discover to any language:

Rapidly absorb a new alphabet or character set, learn complex conjugations and declensions, memorize short and long phrases that delight you to speak as you enjoy refining your pronunciation.

Now, if you’re thinking that I must be crazy for holding you responsible to your goals, maybe I am a little. But no more or less than other shakers and movers who get results for their students. And we all know that authentic learning is about implementation, which is why this simple request to actually use what you sign up for is in place.

It’s also here because I care about your success and don’t want anything to stand between you and achieving the language learning progress you want… a level of accomplishment that is only fully possible when you deeply understand what to do and how to do it.

Why don’t other people teaching memory techniques have wonderful satisfaction guarantees like this?

I don’t know. Maybe they’re cowards. Maybe it’s just a “product” to them. Maybe they don’t give a damn about your success and don’t want to spend time answering your questions long after the scheduled course dates are done.

Well, I do care about your success. In fact, your success is my dream. (Yes, YOU.)

So come in and get what you need. The risk is entirely on me.

Isn’t that fair?

Could $78,000 Help You Along "The Extra Mile"?

A lot of people read my many testimonials of how people have added thousands of words to their vocabulary.

So what? Maybe they have some kind of special gene or something like that.

I definitely don’t.

If I do, it’s a gene coded to give me depression, chronic pain and all kinds of other sob stories I have learned to move past thanks to memory techniques.

And thanks to memory techniques, I learned German in record time. So quickly, in fact, I gave a talk auf Deutsch that impressed the director of the Art History Department at the University of Saarland so much…

He made sure I earned the prestigious Mercator Grant so I could continue teaching there. Back in 2009, that grant earned me 50,000 Euro, which was the equivalent of $78,000 in Canadian dollars, give or take.

Frankly, memory techniques are not magic bullets. But they’re very powerful when you know what they really are and how to use them effectively.

Without effectiveness, there’s no path to efficiency.

And without efficiency, playing with your learning activities like a “wise kid” is next to impossible.

Why am I sharing this episode from my personal life? It’s because I took language learning way too seriously in the beginning.

When I finally learned memory techniques, and more importantly how to play with them, I realized one of my biggest lifetime ambitions: to teach as a professor and speak another language well enough to write and lecture in.

So if you’ve got big dreams, I’ve got your back.

Or, if you just want to structure your language learning life better, I’ve got your back too. I don’t know for sure, but chances are it could lead you towards a big payday too.

Rapidly Develop Your Language Learning Skills With Dr. Anthony Metivier – In Person!

Language of Learning Live is based on a program I’ve taught around the world.

It is also based on my research into how top performers structure their reading, the same techniques I’ve modeled.

The same techniques that got me jobs at the world’s leading universities because I knew my stuff. And I could prove my knowledge in job interviews and sample lectures I delivered.

And that’s not to mention the research grants I’ve earned, the businesses I’ve built, and the ability to condense huge ideas culled from dozens of books into a short TEDx Talk that has reached over three million people.

This Program Would Normally Cost $1800 (Or More) At University, But...

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Turbocharger #1:
The MMM Vocabulary Builder

There’s this thing some people do called “hunting and gathering.”

Yes and no, but it’s certainly not necessary.

See, I’m friends with the world’s leading polyglots and years ago I asked them to help me stop spending time on hunting and gathering so I could spend more time doing what I do best, and what you’ll soon be a master at too:

Life is filled with so many things to do, so let me help you instantly access the most mathematically likely words you’ll need to know in order to experience a meaningful boost in your fluency.

The best part?

You can use the vocabulary builder for daily memory exercise too based on some of the brain-building exercises you’ll discover throughout our 5 weeks together.

But there’s no time to delay. Register for Language of Learning Live so I can gift you the MMM Vocabulary Builder now!

Turbocharger #2:
Online & Offline Foreign Language Reading Hacks

Anthony Metivier reading books in Chinese and German

Imagine strolling through the streets of Berlin and stopping to effortlessly read a classic (or contemporary) German novel. Picture yourself exploring the vibrant markets of Tokyo, effortlessly deciphering Japanese from the titles you find in niche bookshops.

In this bonus training, you’ll discover how to “manufacture” an insatiable curiosity that gets you reading in any language – even if you don’t feel ready yet.

Follow the simple steps, and soon you’ll have the ability to comprehend and enjoy texts written in your chosen language.

Why do you need to read in at least one other language?

It is the key to global success: Imagine the power and prestige that comes with being able to read in a foreign language. This bonus gives you a competitive edge in today’s globalized world.

Cultural immersion: Reading in a foreign language immerses you in the culture, history, and traditions of different nations. Reading using the strategies you’re about to discover helps you effortlessly develop the language skills necessary to dive deep into foreign literature and gain a profound understanding of diverse societies.

Supercharge your mind: Scientific studies show that learning a foreign language enhances cognitive abilities and boosts memory. I’ll show you how to use reading for brain-boosting exercises to strengthen your mental agility… even if you barely know the language.

Save time and money: Traditional language learning methods can be time-consuming and costly. I’ll help you skip the lengthy classroom sessions and learn at your own pace, right from the comfort of your own home. No more wasting time on commuting or expensive textbooks.

The joy of self-expression: Imagine being able to read and understand your favorite books, poetry, and articles in their original language. Even better, as you fully embrace the beauty and nuances of literature in your chosen language, you’ll be able to speak with natives about the books they love too.

Remember, the ability to read in a foreign language is not just a skill—it’s a gateway to personal growth, cultural enrichment, and expanded opportunities. Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience. Enrol in Language of Learning Live today and unlock the power of reading in any language in ways you will not have encountered before.

Secure Your Spot Now!

Now, this is the point where I’m supposed to remind you of everything you’re getting when you sign up for Language of Learning Live

How you get access to all of its in-depth lessons…

Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?!”

That’s because the minds of people in the MMM Family haven’t been corrupted by the “quick fix” lies of the corporations and “apps” trying to hijack your mind.

We are, to use a term Tony Buzan gave to me when he presented me with an award for my teaching, “Warriors of the Mind.”

How cool is that!

It’s about feeling excited and alive!

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

Dr. Anthony Metivier

Creator of the Magnetic Memory Method & Brain Exercises Bootcamp

About Your "Magnetic" Course Leader

Bestselling author and course creator, Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for reading effectively and memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams.

There’s no hype in this training, just legitimate learning routines that work to improve the quality of your daily mental experience.

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

When does this course start and finish?


We begin on Sunday, September 10th. The sessions start at 5pm PST/8pm EST. The final session will be on October 8th. Each will be 60-90 minutes.


How long do I have access to the live sessions replays?


How about lifetime access? You’ll get to keep all the replays and additional materials.


Are the lessons live?


Primarily, yes. You’ll also get condensed summary videos to supplement the live replays for review and additional layers of details on the key concepts.


In other words, if you love replays, you’ll have access to each and every one. If you don’t, by the end of the live course, you’ll also have crisp, review summaries of each module. These will include focused and direct answers to all the major questions that were answered during the live lessons.


What do I get every week if I enrol?


Every week you’ll get to attend a new live session and shortly thereafter a condensed session with the key points covered in-depth. You’ll have a variety of short exercises with all materials supplied to you.


I will make additional suggestions throughout the course, all of which are optional. It will not impact the program if you do not wish to follow-up with any of my suggestions. This course is about enabling you to experiment and explore at your pace and I’m here to help you learn the techniques accurately as you start to “play” with them and experience the joy of using them to learn any language with greater joy, momentum and maximum recall.


You’ll finish the course in complete possession of the most explosive set of learning tools you can use for the rest of your life. They’ll help you completely absorb yourself in everything you want to learn, not just languages.


What’s the difference between this live program, the pre-recorded Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass and your other books and courses?




No memory and mental performance trainer alive has put in the work I have to make a world class experience for regular people like you and I.


As John Dziki said:


“Anthony is not yet another Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000 digit number you’ll never use. His training is focused and can make a real impact on your life.”


But unlike the MMM Masterclass, where there is no real-time access to me, in Language of Learning Live


1) The focus is on language learning strategies as they relate to memory. I’ll teach you how to ensure that everything you do as a language learner flows optimally with how you use your memory.


2) You are meeting with me live, which gives you instant feedback, accountability and real-time community with other serious, mature and dedicated learners. There is no other way to get this kind of attention on your personal learning goals without paying my individual coaching fee. And even then, you would be paying several thousand dollars to cover the five hours of detailed instruction you’ll be receiving in Language of Learning Live.


3) There is no other way to get much of this information because I’m including new and interesting discoveries I’ve made over the years. Some of these are based on my own language learning activities, others stem from accomplishments and findings from my students.


There are other reasons that live learning works so well. One of the problems with other language learning and memory programs is that they aren’t structured in anything even remotely approaching an optimal educational environment. Not only do I know how to create such environments, but I also know how to encourage students to ultimately teach themselves.


Secondly, Language of Memory Live is based on a program I was privileged to teach under supervision from world-class educators around the world. Much of my career success as an instructor can be traced to what I learned from fantastic teachers at major universities and several private schools. So you’re getting a blend of my dedication to understanding the history, the science and everything related to memory techniques as you benefit from decades of my teaching experience as a highly trained professor.


You’re also getting direct access to everything I’ve learned in my own language learning journey, which involves a substantial amount of time spent prepping for tests in different countries. Although I do not identify as a “polyglot” myself, I know a lot about languages, language acquisition and have learned languages myself to varying degrees of proficiency. Above all, I have helped countless people improve their fluency because I can teach memory techniques for language learning from personal experience and interactions with many of my wonderful students. All of this value gets passed on to you throughout this course and beyond.


How much time per week will using the steps I’ll learn in this program take?


Each person currently learns at different speeds, and you will be able to improve yours by first getting set up and then developing a weekly language learning routine based on suggestions provided in the course.


There really is not cookie-cutter answer here, but I recommend you set aside approximately 60 minutes per week on top of the live sessions (totaling approximately 2-3 hours per week).


If I can’t attend live, will the replays still help me?


Absolutely. As long as you do the work and follow along with the exercises, you will still see amazing results. In fact, some of my most successful students didn’t attend the live sessions but took advantage of the replay option.


What if I have questions during the course? Will you answer them?


Yes, I’ll be available to answer questions during the live sessions and in our private Facebook group. If you’re unable to attend the live sessions, you can submit your questions ahead of time, and I’ll make sure to address them.


Do you have a refund policy?


Yes, we do. If you’re unsatisfied with the course, contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


For more details, check out our refund policy.


How long do I have to enrol?


Enrolment closes on the date mentioned on the registration page.


Is Language of Memory Live self-paced?


Absolutely. Not only that, but it’s designed to reduce overwhelm. You can join us live or go through everything on your own time. Everything is totally customisable.


That said, the results from this course do depend on you being accountable to yourself. The live setting is designed to create that personal investment and get you excited about each and every step as you start learning languages in much more intelligent ways that lead to more impactful results.


And when you join us live, you’ll be learning with a cohort of other students, which makes everything much more exciting.


Is this program for beginners?


Not exactly. If you don’t already know how English well enough to read this page without a translator or a dictionary, it probably isn’t a fit. You should be able to read and understand everything on this page and understand my podcast or videos to enjoy a meaningful understanding of that lessons.


So long as you can do that, you’ll find this program valuable.


English is not my mother tongue. Will mnemonics still work for me?


Yes. Memory techniques work in any language, and in fact English speakers use techniques borrowed from ancient India, Ancient Greece and I am personally informed by Asian and Aboriginal traditions.


It’s not about the language you’re learning, but how the mind interacts with sounds and symbols in any language that matters. You’ll see how and why this all works as we go through the program.


And the best part is that the more vocabulary you know from different languages, the faster you’ll come up with the associations we mnemonists use to memorize as quickly as we do.


Who is Language of Memory Live not for?


If you’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to practice the art and science of memory based on the suggestions, I’m sorry. It’s not reasonable to expect that you’ll improve by attending some sessions or watching videos. The Magnetic Memory Method I teach might rub off on you a little, but that’s not the goal. This progam is about learning by doing, so if you’re not willing to take action, this program is not for you.


If you’re shy and prefer not to be on camera while in the Zoom classroom, no problem. All that matters is that you complete the assignments and experiment with the techniques you’ll be learning. You don’t have to share anything that you’re doing as a learner, so long as you are taking action.


Does this work for all languages?


I haven’t studied every language under the sun. But it should.


Frankly, I was worried about Chinese when I started because there are aspects to it I couldn’t initially figure out.


But by “playing” with a few additional techniques I’ll teach you in this program, you’ll finish with a complete methodology for learning any kind of information encoded in letters, symbols, sounds, characters or even gestures.


We’re not going to go deep into sign language, but I have learned a very little ASL as an experiment and I know some of the Mandarin sign language used in noisy markets for numbers.


What if I don’t like the assignments?


That’s precisely the problem we’re going to solve. Top performers and mature learners aren’t controlled by their “like/dislike monster.” They know how to use their adult wisdom to buckle down and have fun during playtime.


And if you’re not there yet, I can help you get there so you’re capable of doing whatever it takes in order to accomplish their goals.


When you’re done this course, nothing will stop you from learning any language with joy ever again.


If I miss enrolment this time around, when will it open again?


The earliest time I will open Language of Learning Live again will be mid-to-late 2024.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel overjoyed by using your new Language of Memory processes, just let me know within one year and I’ll send you a prompt refund. That’s 365 days to work on what you’ve learned and experience the results. All I ask is that you try the techniques as described. Isn’t that fair?

P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of language learning abilities that will prepare you for the growing information overwhelm yet to come as the world keeps getting more complex.

And because you’ll have a community of people who want to support you, you’ll never be alone. You will improve and experience the memory mastery you’ve always wanted.

At the end of this day, this course is about reading, writing, speaking, listening and memorizing vocabulary and phrases and something else. I’ve already mentioned it above and it’s well worth repeating:

It’s About Feeling Excited And Alive!

No matter what stresses, pressures or worries we might face.

But remember:

If you don’t jump on this opportunity right now, you won’t just be missing out on incredible boosts in how you’re using your brain.

You’ll also miss the exclusive bonuses designed to take your language learning abilities to the next level in a way that only Anthony’s “Magnetic” approach can help you create.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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