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"EXACTLY HOW Thousands Of Spanish Learners Memorize THOUSANDS Of SPANISH WORDS
 By Making Learning Spanish Weird... And Fun!"

Keep reading and discover how you can remember any Spanish word forever in just 6 minutes (or less)!

Noel Van Vliet Was Skeptical...

Dear Friend, 

This is Anthony Metivier, creator of the Magnetic Memory Method, and it's true:

Noel had heard me claiming that people can memorize hundreds of Spanish words in incredibly short blasts of time using my Magnetic Memory techniques…

He'd encountered stories like those of Amanda Markham and Eldon Clem… reliably memorizing and remembering 200 words in 10 days and even 1000 words of a very difficult language in just six weeks.

Noel Van Vliet Language Learning Fan

Important Disclaimer: Your results might not be quite as dramatic as Noel's from day one. 

But they certainly can be. 

It really just comes down to learning the memory techniques you'll discover on this page and applying them.

And it's easy to do when you know how to “magnetize” words so that they stick in your memory.

Just so long as you follow the steps taught on this page.

But don't worry if you're skeptical at first.

Noel struggled to believe it himself. It all sounded too good to be true!

And when I mentioned that these people used ancient memory techniques with a new twist, he was even more skeptical.

His “BS warning radar” was screeching at headache volume.


Noel was still curious.

So, instead of walking away and saying “that’s not for me”... he decided to put my methods to the test.

And I’m so glad he did because there’s a great lesson you can apply right now to your own language learning activities.

So Here's What Noel Did...

As a Spanish learner, there were words he still wanted to learn, vocabulary that had for some reason evaded him and his memory. 

(Some language learners and polyglots call tricky words like these the “Stubborn Quintile.”)

In Noel's case, he had a list of 127 Spanish words in total.

Given the claims he’d seen from me, he felt pretty sure this was achievable in the few hours he had available for study.

And if it didn’t work? He could go back to his old techniques.

Now, I want to be honest with you: 

Even though I’ve heard many stories of success from people who use the Magnetic Memory Method, when Noel told me he was going to get out a timer so he could…

Make the words memorably "Magnetic"

Use a Memory Palace to quickly locate his words


Have a goal and keep an eye on the results

That Made Me Kind Of Nervous!

Not because I didn’t think the techniques would work...

Not because I didn’t think he would succeed...

But I did wonder ...

“Can he really learn that much, that quickly?”

I’d never timed anyone to see exactly how long it takes to learn a new word in minutes and seconds… not even myself.

So it was a tense time…

And when I saw Noel had emailed me with the results, I braced myself. I was pretty sure the results would be incredible...

… but they beat even my expectations

As Noel put it based on his use of the Magnetic Memory Method for Spanish:  “I learned a new word every six minutes” (That’s just 360 seconds per word).

And that’s not even the best part...

Noel then tested himself to see how long it would take him to recall all 127 words. He set his timer, and got to work.

Just 7 Minutes Later, He’d Recalled All 127 Words!

So … what’s the lesson here?

Noel used the techniques I teach in my courses to make the he wanted to learn “magnetic” -- so they’d stick in his memory.

Plus he stored them in a “Magnetic storage vault”... which made them easy and quick for him to recall, as he needed them.

The “Magnetic storage vault” is also known as a Memory Palace -- this is the ancient technique with a new twist that Noel was skeptical about (he’s totally won over now).

This is what a Memory Palace looks like:

Anthony Metivier Memory Palace based on a high school

Put simply, a Memory Palace is a “storage vault” for memories.

It’s a "floor-plan" for your memories that you can walk-through anytime - to recall memories anytime you need them.

I think of each corner in each room as a Magnetic Station.

This is the final key to “magnetising” words and phrases you need to learn in your new language. So now you have all three keys.

Words will stick in your mind when:

  • check
    You can imagine yourself using them in real-world situations.
  • check
    They’re connected to an image.
  • check
    They’re stored in a Memory Palace that serves as a Magnetic storage vault for the vocabulary you want to learn and remember. 

There Are Other Powerful Keys To Unlocking Your Memory...

Over the years, I've helped thousands of language learners improve their memory skills so they can learn a language faster - and start using their new language in real life situations.

And I've refined and developed the method into several different Magnetic Memory programs - including some that I created just for language learners.

These programs teach the exact same techniques used by the language learners I've introduced you to on this page.

Just For You...

To help you along your language learning journey, I've put together the perfect memory program for Spanish language learners.

I've spent months working it all out... and I'm super excited to finally announce it!

I've now released the second edition of my International Bestseller How to Learn and Memorize Spanish Vocabulary.

It’s now an Enhanced Ebook that includes the 2nd edition of The Ultimate Language Learning Secret. language learners.

It also includes my top-level Magnetic Memory Method Vocabulary Builder so you never have to struggle with finding the words you want to memorize again.

Plus... you get lifetime Membership to my private "Language Learning Mastermind Group."

And to celebrate your commitment to learning Spanish with memory techniques, I’m also throwing in a couple of bonuses, which I'll come to in a moment.

Here's What's Included In
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This Enhanced Ebook Bundle is the Perfect Memory Boosting Language Learning Bundle For You Because...

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How to Learn and Memorize Spanish Vocabulary Second Edition by Anthony Metivier
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Here's What Else I'm Including With This Special Offer...


Bonus #1: MMM Memory Palace Power Pack: Normally $27, this resource let's you see the Memory Palaces of my best students. It will help make sure you're on the right track.


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"The most specific, practically useful techniques around..."

“I’ve personally found some of Anthony Metivier’s memory tips to be extremely useful when I’m looking to memorize anything from foreign words to personal names, to equations. He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around.”

Barbara Oakley Magnetic Memory Method language learning testimonial image

Barbara Oakley

Learning How To Learn

"You'd be hard-pressed..."

"Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone teaching vocabulary acquisition more effectively and extensively.”

Alex Mullen language learning Memory Palace testimonial image

Alex Mullen

3x World Memory Champion and Mandarin Learner

Just $7 With No Risk For 365 Days!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by the Magnetic Memory Method 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your ability to learn and remember Spanish vocabulary the next 365 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"I was very worried as I tackled this project, but..."

"You have been an incredible help to me. I’ve been able to memorize the Greek alphabet (sounds and symbols) frontward and backward. I was very worried as I tackled this project, but your techniques were so helpful."

Kevin Wax Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Product Review

Kevin Wax


"I'm thankful because it works!"

“I’ve been loving the program and can tell you really know your stuff. There’s wisdom in the simplicity of your answers and your Cognitive Overload avoidance strategies. I can tell you’ve put great effort into making the video courses and am thankful for that because it works.

If you’re someone reading this and debating whether or not you should invest in this program, ask yourself this question, ‘Can I really afford to not have these skill sets?'”

Andy Valdez Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Product Review

Andy Valdez


"Solid information and tools that have allowed me to take my language studies to a much higher level."

“I have completed several memory courses and have had varying degrees of success. However, Anthony gives some detailed advice and training tips, that have made memorization, languages in particular, a lot clearer to me.

Anthony has filled in the blanks so to speak and he has provided solid information and tools, that have allowed me to take my language studies to a much higher level. Not to mention the fact, that I am now able to expedite the whole process.”

Mike Newton Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Product Review

Mike Newton


You're Getting All The Proven Techniques Needed To Make Info Stick In Your Brain

Inside How to Learn and Memorize Spanish Vocabulary you'll discover all the advanced techniques thousands of language learners around the world use to make new words “Magnetic" and stick in their memory.

Grab it now and you'll learn how to:

  • Create powerful new Memory Palaces in just 2-5 minutes.
  • Organize your Memory Palaces - so you'll have instant recall of everything you store in them.
  • Discover your "sensory style" so you can attach new words to a feeling (this technique alone will supercharge your memory).
  • Use popular culture (TV, movies, actors, musicians … even politicians) to help you literally “embed” vocabulary into your long term memory.
  • Make new words impossible to forget.
  • Move from memorizing individual words to entire phrases once you’ve mastered the core technique.
  • Create a foolproof schedule for using your memory so that you take advantage of the 3 Magnetic Laws of Memory.
  • Transfer words and phrases you’ve memorized in your mind to the muscle memory of your mouth without worrying about mumbling, stumbling or fumbling.

Here's The REALLY Special Part...

Even after just a few days of learning these techniques, your friends will be begging to know where you've got this new "superpower" from (and of course it's up to you whether you tell them).

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