Could This...


Save Your Life From Destruction?

According to scientists you’re about to hear from, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

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From: The Desk of Anthony Metivier

To: Lifelong Learners Around the World

Dear Friend,

Do you think much about the future?

Are you worried about the rot your so-called smartphone is injecting into your brain each and every day?

The lack of attention span?

The inability to concentrate?

The crushing lack of focus and consistency in your life?

How about all the “hype” and “doom” about Artificial Intelligence?

If so, you’re not alone. I’m worried about these things too.

But I have a special advantage that you might be lacking.

It’s one that I’ve shared with thousands of people around the world.

And I predict you’re going to need this advantage because:

The Internet Is Getting Better And Better At DESTROYING Your Mind!

It’s true.

Corporations like Apple and Google are trying to create a “zero latency” environment.

This means that they are reducing friction at every possible step, using machines to learn how you react so they can cause you to behave in their favor, not your own.

Rather than think for yourself, they want to think for you.

And they are manufacturing your memory.

As a result, people are making important decisions in their lives based on lies and illusions.

Worse, many people are being tricked into “training” the Artificial Intelligences, which only makes many of us more concerned…

Especially as news cycle after news cycle keeps changing the temperature about the “escalating rate of change.”

Here’s what’s probably not going to change, something that has always been true:

Not knowing how to learn, remember and make decisions based on accurate memory is literally destroying lives.

Here's What To Expect If You're Not Prepared...

It’s true. Researcher Robert Clark has shown that mental literacy is key to being able to comfortably retire.

Without paying attention to all the information out there and remembering it accurately, people fail to properly attend to their future lives. Worse, they often don’t even try.

This lack of initiative boils down to shattered confidence. Courage, if the person ever had any, has been completely crushed.

You might even think of the growing destruction as “Internet-induced mental illness.”

Now, I feel that this term sounds dramatic, but I also know that it’s perfectly warranted. Here’s why:

Research by Krista Lepik has shown many people aren’t taking action on what they “learn” because of the mood changes caused by too much exposure to online social media and playing around with AI tools.

Lepik’s research is particularly interesting because it has shown how the technologies currently influencing our lives create sometimes very subtle, other times very profound levels of anxiety.

Lepik calls this “FOMO or fear of missing out.” Her research shows that it is created any time we are unable to “micro-check” the Internet.

This fact makes the problems you face incredibly urgent. Each day that you don’t get appropriate memory exercise, the rot creeps deeper in. And since your attention span is already compromised, you barely notice it happening.

Wouldn’t it be useful to stop this damage to your memory and thinking abilities?

I predict that it will be incredibly useful for you because I hang out with many people who have incredible memory. They aren’t constantly experiencing fear because they don’t need to “micro-check” the Internet every five seconds.

And those who are still able to remember and think properly will always have the advantage in society. And I know that you can be an extraordinary learner. You can be an incredible thinker who enjoys Internet technology without becoming a slave who allows it to destroy the quality of your mind… If you choose to be.

On the other hand, there’s also a long trail of tragedy. Those who simply do what they are told before pausing to consider intelligently and use their memory will be increasingly pushed aside in life.

For Example:

  • If you can’t pass exams, you can’t get a job
  • If you can’t keep up, you can’t keep the job you have
  • If you can’t learn a second language, you can’t increase your salary
  • If you can’t keep up with the demands of everyday life, you can’t possibly hope to retire

Instead of doing something about these problems, more and more people wind up living their lives as slaves to the system…

When they could be enjoying a life of transcending the system.

Rather than enjoying the fruits of a great retirement one day after enjoying a career filled with discovery, joy, travel and pride of family…

They wind up abandoned in low rent housing or a brutal nursing home with no one to care for them.


Because, quite frankly, they didn’t take the necessary steps to care for themselves when they had the chance.

This is truly Heartbreaking.

But if you want to avoid heartbreak yourself and enjoy a great career, learn multiple languages and experience the joy of contributing to your family at the highest possible level, there’s likely a missing ingredient.

Scientists like Jerry Jacques are calling for better “personal information management” if people want to thrive. As he notes:

“The development of information and communication technologies pushes individuals to deal with complex and large collections of digital information.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like feeling pushed around. Certainly not by a robot AI.

Neither do any of my students in the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

Rather, our preference is to glide to the front of the line.

Like Robert Spraggs.

He shared his test scores with us:

Robert Spraggs scores on Neuroanatomy Exam

Robert Spraggs Neuroanatomy score after the MMM Masterclass compared to class average

Robert Spraggs MMM Testimonial

Just look at that smile!

That’s the look of certainty about the future and all the great times with family and friends ahead.

The question is…

How are Robert’s scores in the 90% range while everyone else is down in the dumps?

The answer is simple:

Robert used the Magnetic Memory Method.

And he’s not alone.

Why does the Magnetic Memory Method work for so many people?


All of my teaching is based on:

The best part? 

I have the support and acknowledgement of many of the best memory experts and competitors in the field.

Here’s what just a few have had to say:

Alex Mullen
“Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone teaching this more effectively and extensively.”
Alex Mullen
- 3x World Memory Champion, medical resident and accomplished student of Chinese
Next Level Memory Training Secrets with USA Memory Champ John Graham
"I consider Anthony Metivier a personal mentor. If there is someone who thinks about and uses memory techniques as often as he does, I haven't found that person. He connects the dots better than anyone I know and will teach you how to use mnemonics to enhance the quality of your life."
John Graham
- 2018 USA Memory Champion
Tony Buzan
"Anthony Metivier is a Warrior of the Mind!"
Tony Buzan
- Founder, World Memory Championship, Mind Map Innovator and Multi-time International Bestselling Author

Tony Buzan’s term, “Warrior of the Mind” is important.


Because the future is always coming.

And wise people who want to thrive in life must always do their best to be prepared.

That’s why I’ll never forget the day Tony gave me the Warrior of the Mind award for “Outstanding Contributions to Global Mental Literacy.”

The award came with the most beautiful brain cell pin I have ever seen!

Anthony Metivier with Tony Buzan
Warrior of the Mind Pin

How This "Warrior of the Mind" Overcame His Fear Of The Future

See, just because I’m a memory expert doesn’t mean I’m free from the threat of information overwhelm.

But my advantage, and the advantage of everyone I help, comes from exactly what Jerry Jacques calls it: Better “personal information management.”

But I don’t rest on my laurels. I focus on the future, not the past.

Sure, I’ve learned a few languages. 

Completed a Ph.D. 

Written many books. 

The science shows that my brain should be fortified for up to 32 years against issues like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Great! But that says nothing about how the technologies are ruining everyone’s mental abilities while information keeps growing and growing at an exponential rate. That’s why I practice the…

Infinite Memory Palace Technique!

I decided to learn this special approach to memorizing information because human knowledge keeps growing at an exponential rate…

And because technologies keep changing…

I knew I needed to take my own practice with the Magnetic Memory Method to the next level.

To prepare, I looked to our ancient teachers.

The people who needed to carry entire books in their minds when they couldn’t carry them on their backs.

People who kept focused during famine, war, pestilence, and plague. Problems far worse than any of us can possibly imagine.

And yet as “Magnetic” learners, they still managed to thrive.

But don’t think of me as some old-fashioned fuddy-duddy. I also constantly research the best contemporary memory science. And I’m always on the horn with my memory competitor friends to keep abreast of what they’re doing to keep their minds sharp.

Now, I’ve already proven that I have great students. And I’ve shown you how other leading memory experts endorse my teaching.

Plus, I’ve demonstrated countless times how easily anyone undistracted by the lunacy of computers can:

  • Experience fluency in a new language…
  • Master the technical terms of your career…
  • Absorb the key concepts of a book or lecture…
  • Remember the names and faces of every person you meet…
  • Memorize an entire speech or poem word-for-word…

And I’ve demonstrated my own abilities to do so, often in very “overwhelming” settings:

But because the future is a very big place, it’s time to focus on more than just the fundamentals.

I need to help you master those faster than ever before, and take you with me into the more advanced realms.

And since I’ve started teaching the “Infinite Memory Palace” technique while practicing it myself, I wanted to invite you to the traditional Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

This package includes:

The full “Magnetic Memory Method” Masterclass

Practical worksheets, step-by-step exercises, and action guides

In-depth modules on learning languages, remembering technical terms, reciting poetry, and dozens of other applications of the “Magnetic Memory Method”

And for the next few days only, I’m adding a very special bonus:

Inner Circle Lifetime Membership

When you join the MMM Masterclass today, you’ll also get access to my monthly group-coaching program.

In a phrase, this program is “infinitely expanding.”


Because the MMM “Inner Circle” is designed to help you shatter barriers to learning and unlock the full power of your memory.

Each month, we dive deep into a specific topic inside the Magnetic Memory Masterclass.

You always get an exclusive video “training guide” where I’ll personally walk you through that month’s topic in even greater detail. Each also includes bonus exercises, advanced tips and tricks, and strategies for overcoming common obstacles.

And the best part?

You won’t be learning this on your own…

That’s because I also hold one LIVE group coaching call every month.

These “Memory Dojo” sessions are your chance to ask me any questions you have about the “Magnetic Memory Method”, how to apply it to your specific learning project, or anything about memory whatsoever.

And you’ll be able to get ongoing, direct support from me (and your fellow students) via a private “Members’ Only Forum.”

The April 2023 topic?

Obliterating Obstacles & Remembering Your Productivity Commitments

This session is based on a member request, and I’ll be teaching you exactly how I’m dealing with information overwhelm, technological interference and my own concerns about the future…

All while continuing to hit my legendary writing, recording and video production goals.

The best part is that an entire treasure trove of pre-recorded lessons are already there for you. You can access the entire “Memory Vault” of our sessions going back to 2015 today.

Then, month after month, you’ll meet with the most fascinating people to discuss various memory techniques, topics related to productivity and personal discipline and get all your questions answered.

But that’s not all…

The Memory Dojo Magnetic Memory Method Graduation Bonuses

In addition to the traditional Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass and Inner Circle Lifetime Access, I’ve arranged a special set of “Easter Eggs” for you.

As you go through the training, you’ll receive exclusive lessons with leading memory experts…

Such as Alex Mullen (3x world memory champion)…

Lynne Kelly (bestselling author of The Memory Code and Memory Craft)…

Mark Channon (Memory Grandmaster and executive coach)…

4x USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis, and many more.

These bonus “Easter Egg” lessons will equip you with the essential toolbox of the world’s top “Memory Masters.”

And they’re packed with actionable insights like…

* A quick way to “debug” your memory… and reverse memory loss.

* The secret reason to take a “practice test” when studying. Hint: It has nothing to do with finding out what you know (or don’t know).

* How to amnesia-proof your Memory Palace by walking in circles. (Do this one simple step before trying to memorize anything.)

* Why cultivating a simple, safe and wickedly fun obsession will make you seem more friendly when you travel to a foreign country.

And much, much more…

Simply put…

My goal is to guarantee your success in your learning and memory goals. And I’ve included everything you need to unleash the full capability of your mind.

Because the sad reality is..

Having a "Bad Memory" Is Extremely Expensive

I’m not just referring to the emotional pain of forgetting the name of someone you just met…

Or even the loss that comes when you forget treasured memories with your families, friends, and loved ones…

Having a bad memory can cost you real money too.

A recent study found that forgetfulness costs people more than $6,000… just as a result of losing car keys, cellphones, jewellery, and other items.

But that’s not even the worst of it…

A “mental lapse” during an important work presentation could cost you (and your company) an important negotiation.

Failing to know the technical terms of your profession can mean missing out on thousands of dollars worth of promotions (or even get you fired).

Heck, I very nearly threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars and YEARS of hard work by almost flunking out of graduate school.

And that was long before information overwhelm became what it is today.

My ability to protect my own brain from the horrible destruction caused by technology is a big reason why I’m so passionate about helping people like you transform their memory.

I don’t want you to suffer like I did before things got as intense as they are today. I don’t want you to keep paying the price that comes from having bad memory.

And it’s why instead of charging $2,500, $2,000, or even $1,500 for access to the Magnetic Memory Masterclass…

You can enroll in the Magnetic Memory Masterclass and get lifetime access for just $347.

Now, I believe this is more than fair. Especially since I am constantly updating the program.

I certainly won’t live forever, but I’m doing all I can to make it “Infinite,” as I myself battle the forces of information overwhelm.

Why is this such a good deal?

Many of my students have happily paid even more than this for my training. And it’s been incredibly valuable to them because it’s not just about memory.

It’s about personal information management that works, not computer-mediated chaos that threatens your ability to enjoy the good life.

And because I’m committed to spreading this life-changing method to more people… and because I’m opening the Inner Circle for lifetime access for a very limited time only…

I’ve decided to make this an even better deal for you today.

When you act now, you can join the Magnetic Memory Masterclass at a significant savings…

In addition, your investment today is backed by my…

Guarantee seal

Seriously. You Can Enjoy My 365-Day "Magnetic Decision" Guarantee Without Any Stress.

You can register with confidence in this training program today and know I’ve got your back because…


As confident as I am with these techniques…


As many of my students have used them successfully…


And as much as I believe they’ll work for you too…


The only real way to see how they work is direct experience.


That’s why I’m going to personally guarantee your investment in the Magnetic Memory Masterclass and Inner Circle for an entire year.


(Yes, you read that right. I said an entire year!)


I’m this seriously dedicated to your success and guarantee that you’ll love completing these programs.


If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, just let me know within 365 days and I’ll issue you a prompt and hassle free refund.

Here's How It Works

Sign up for the Magnetic Memory Masterclass at a significant savings today…

Watch the training lessons…

Do the exercises…

Join a few of our monthly sessions…

And apply the Magnetic Memory Method to whatever learning project you’re working on – be it studying for a test at school, becoming fluent in a new language, mastering technical terms for work, or anything you want.

Then in two, three, or six months…

Evaluate for yourself whether these techniques are working for you. Notice how you effortlessly recall what you memorized… How you’re able to rapidly absorb new information… How your mind feels sharper and more focused.

And if for any reason you decide that the Magnetic Memory Masterclass isn’t a fit for you… just send me a note, and I’ll refund your money.

Remember, you don’t have just 30, 60, or even 90 days to test drive this…

You have an ENTIRE YEAR.

Yes, I know some people may take advantage of me because I’m offering such a generous guarantee. But I’m willing to take that chance to make this as low-risk as possible for you today.

The fact is, my training never faces any problems.

No matter where you currently stand in life, you can succeed and I will help you.

And this is because I have your “Infinite” memory in mind.

Adolfo Artigas Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Photo

"I recently returned to university after 16 years… I was TERRIFIED. Everything is so different!

Anthony’s training has helped me reduce the anxiety of being unprepared in lectures and the stress of exams. NOW, I’m crushing my courses.

Anthony, in my opinion, is the greatest memory instructor in the world.

I’ve purchased many tons of memory courses and the majority of them are regurgitated techniques and processes.

But Anthony's training has all the memory fundamentals with an organic, evolving and ever expanding element. He is constantly creating and tweaking techniques, so his students have the highest possible return on their efforts.

I’m currently teaching this to both my boys. It’s a super competitive world out there and our kids need the skillset to not just compete but excel!

Listen, if you are going to choose an memory instructor, would you chose a guy who obtained a PhD, two M.A.s and a Bachelor, or a guy who’s teaching grocery list memorization after reading one memory book?

Do yourself or your kids a favor and sign up for the course. Your future self will thank you!"

Adolfo Artigas
- US Navy and University Student

These Results Should Retail At $3217, But...

You Get Your Own "Infinite Memory" Now For Just $347!

Get this exclusive training package now and you’ll receive:

Plus You'll Get These EXCLUSIVE Bonus "Turbochargers"!

Available nowhere else, I’m including three powerful trainings with your registration today:

Turbocharger #1: How to Remember Your Dreams

How to Remember Your Dreams Ebook Cover on Tablet by Anthony Metivier

Dreams are a gateway to your subconscious memory.


And when you tap into them, you can unlock a wealth of new creativity, inspiration, imagination, and memory… before your feet even touch the floor each morning.


This isn’t just for the fun of it either (although it is certainly fun)…


You can harness your dreams to…


Uncover novel solutions to problems you’re facing in your work, family, or anywhere.


Find new ideas or narratives to weave into a piece of writing or art you’re working on.


Discover your deeper life intentions and goals from a whole new perspective…


Unlocking clues completely unique to you that will help you survive the technological threats that are looming above us all.


And much, much more…

Turbocharger #2: Mind Map Power Tips & Walkthroughs!

How to Learn and Memorize A Randomized Deck of Cards Book Cover by Anthony Metivier

This is not just a clever trick for magicians or memory champions. And it applies to far, far more than just cards.




Because it’s a compact (and easy-to-carry) exercise you can use to level up your memory skills.


See, when you memorize a deck of cards, you upgrade each of the key elements of your memory (including your ability with Memory Palaces… working with numbers, words, and images… and more).


All of those skills transfer directly to mastery of everything else.


Basically, it’s like a short, power-workout for your mind.


An exercise that fends off overwhelm, protects your brain from distractions and helps you move closer to the experience of having an “Infinite” memory.


What’s more? It’s fun and easy too.

Turbocharger #3: Lifetime Access to the MMM "Inner Circle" & "Memory Vault"

Magnetic Memory Method Inner Circle

Since 2015, I have held monthly live-coaching sessions.


To make sure that the replays are priceless, I prepare detailed tutorials based on member questions, including:


  • How to use your body as a Memory Palace
  • How to learn extremely difficult concepts
  • How to memorize directions and stop getting lost
  • How to set goals and stick to them

And much, much more…


These sessions take place during the final week of each month, and you can submit your questions and have them answered even if you can’t be there.


When you can attend, you’ll find yourself in the company of the most fascinating people. Some of our members have formed long-term friendships, made business deals, and even submitted exclusive lessons of their own.


Long story short: You’re getting the best of all possible worlds when you join this program.

Secure Your Lifetime Access Now!

Now, this is the point where I’m supposed to remind you of everything you’re getting when you sign up for the Magnetic Memory Masterclass…


How you get access to all of its in-depth lessons…


How you’ll get dozens of actionable exercises and step-by-step instructions for how to transform your memory starting immediately…


But instead, I want to share something a student named James Lewis wrote to me recently…


“I actually wake up each morning excited about picking up and memorizing new words from a Spanish Dictionary!


Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?!”


We do.


Because our minds haven’t been corrupted by the “quick fix” lies of the corporations and “apps” trying to hijack your mind.


We are “Warriors of the Mind.”


How cool is that!


The point here isn’t just that studying can be fun and enjoyable.


It’s about feeling excited and alive!

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

Dr. Anthony Metivier

Creator of the Magnetic Memory Method & Brain Exercises Bootcamp

About Your "INFINITY-FOCUSED" Leader

Bestselling author and course creator, Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.


He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams.


There’s no hype in this training, just legitimate brain fitness routines that work to improve the quality of your daily mental experience.

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

How Long Will This Take?


Not as long as you think.


Some of my students have completed all of the videos over the course of a weekend.


But here’s the thing:


It’s not about how long it takes. It’s about using these brain exercises for the rest of your life. Otherwise… why bother getting started?


If you’re worried about your ability to follow through, stop. This program includes tips on becoming a “consistency engine.” Just follow these suggestions and you’ll create irresistible follow-through for yourself.


What if this doesn’t work for me?


So far, these exercises have worked for everyone who gives them their honest best.




Plus, this isn’t necessarily the kind of thing where after five minutes you’ll say, “Oh wow, it’s working!”


But it might, and you could wind up saying something like William J. Morse shared as he was going through this material:


“This is full of so many amazing useful techniques and tools. I initially skimmed over the MMM and now am revisiting to actually study and accomplish. I now know to listen carefully and to not omit one step in any of your programs. This myriad of information with many subtle steps and techniques automatically and amazingly wake up the brain.

Thanks for sharing insights from your years of study and work.”


But some people will take longer, so here’s the way I suggest you think about this:


You’re getting results by doing what memory experts do. Period. And the course material includes scientific research if you also want to learn the how and why.


Of course, you will notice these simple techniques improve your memory, and all the more so as you apply the new learning to memory tasks.


Ongoing memory development is simple, effective, and it gets you up to speed doing what you want to do:


Learning faster and remembering more. No “brain app” comes even close when it comes to helping you achieve that.


How is the MMM Masterclass delivered?


This is primarily a video program with a bonus area that includes some PDF and audio elements where relevant to the training. You’ll receive account access by email.


You’ll also receive information about joining the monthly coaching sessions. I’ll be introducing you to the group personally.


What’s the difference between the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass and other books and courses?




No memory and mental performance trainer alive has put in the work I have to make a world-class experience for regular people like you and me.


As John Dziki said:


“Anthony is not yet another Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000-digit number you’ll never use. His training is focused and can make a real impact on your life.”


What does John’s statement mean for you?


No fluff.


No dancing around or gymnastics.


Just hard-hitting lessons that set you up with a sharp, focused, and ready-for-action brain. Being switched on like this will positively impact everything you do in life. For the rest of your life.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel overjoyed by this program, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund within one year. That’s 365 days you have to decide if this program is right for you. There’s literally no risk!

P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of mental fitness that will prepare you for the growing information overwhelm yet to come.


And because you’ll have a community of people who want to support you, you’ll never be alone. You will improve and experience the mastery we all enjoy.


At the end of this day, this is about memory improvement and something else. I already mentioned it above and it’s well worth repeating:


It’s About Feeling Excited And Alive!


No matter what stresses, pressures, or worries about the future we might face.


But remember:


If you don’t jump on this opportunity right now, you won’t just be missing out on incredible boosts in how you’re using your brain.


You’ll also miss the exclusive bonuses designed to take your creativity skills, concentration, and memory to the next level in a way that only Anthony’s “Magnetic” approach can help you create.


Don’t miss this opportunity!

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