Increase Memory By Taking Action The Magnetic Memory Method Way

Increase Memory By Taking Action The Magnetic WayTo Everyone Who Secretly Believes That The Powers Needed To Increase Memory Will Magically Fall From The Sky …

It’s true. Some people believe that you can get something for nothing.

But luckily not everyone.

Some people grab the Magnet by the poles and take action.

Not only that, but they take the right action.

What is the “right action”? you ask.

That’s what this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is all about, so please be sure to listen to every word because it may be the most important episode you ever hear. Then build your first Memory Palace and start using it.

And for your convenience, here’s the letter I received in writing. It forms the basis of the episode.

Give Me A Bit, I’ll Be Swimming Soon Enough

I received your postcard. Thank you very much for that. It means a lot and says a lot about you. It was a very nice surprise and seemed to add a sense of realism to you, your efforts and products, and support. It basically makes you a human and not just some guy on the internet. So, for that, thank you. I will use it accordingly, when I learn that part. I have learned much so far and it has been some serious amounts of work and I’m trying to think of it as good work.Right now, I am still creating memory palaces and moving through them. My approach to just about everything is the same. I infuse some knowledge with confusion, then repeat it to the point of clarity. I liken it to going swimming here in the cold Michigan lakes. Even on the hottest of days, all anyone has to do in order to cool off, is walk, jump or run, into any one of the 11, 500 lakes located here. There are also five, enormous “Great Lakes” that are much more preferable for swimming.
Anyhow, rather than jumping in and cooling down immediately, I tend to go: “Now, is it really that hot? I mean, really???  Ok, let’s go to the beach.”
Then I have to grab towels, apply sunscreen, get a couple bottles of water from the gas station, and of course fill my gas tank which is usually low. Get to the beach, find a place among hundreds of other people yet still inconspicuous. Then, finally approach the water. If it is too cold, I have to go in several times but only up to my ankles.
Meanwhile, the rest of me is burning hot, nearly sun – scorched and screaming “you got everything you need, just get in the water and splash around.” But …
I don’t! I wait and double check the water because cooling down cannot possibly be as simple as just going in. After about a dozen times of working my way up to thigh level water and retreating back to shore, I have exhausted my patience and just run and jump in and realize that I should have done so all along.
Right now, I’m about up to my ankles in confusion and repetition in your Magnetic Memory Method, but I have my towels, swim trunks, and sandals. Give me a bit, I’ll be swimming soon enough. 
For me, I have have doubts, as to whether or not I’m doing something correctly or not. I know a lot of that uncertainty stems from “having a bad immediate memory”, as I call it. Basically, I tend to forget the initial reasoning behind a particular idea or course of action and thus have trouble following through with the initial intended results as my needs, views and reasoning, all change along the way to the intended goal.
It’s not as ADHD as it may sound. I think it is just simply not remembering enough general information to justify the actions needed to move forward in life (or progress in a particular field of study). I have been blindly moving about, normally…job, mortgage, family and some other “normal” things.
That, mixed with time constraints, have led me to minimize expectations for myself, again forgetting to do more. With that, I have learned a lot from assisting my wife in her collegiate studies and have relaized this lack of memory use has been such a waste, and quite frankly, lame. So, once again, your methods and information are exactly what I needed and I thank you for all your help. 
Sorry, for the long winded rant. In my defense, I did just have two cups of coffee. 
Alright, I’m off to do some memory work. Thank you again for taking the time to hand write and send a postcard. 

The Only Way To Get Results

So as you can see, taking action is the best action. It’s the only way to get results if your goal is to increase memory.And if you’d like to get some of my Magnetic postcard goodness, registration info for the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is waiting for you right here.Further Resources:

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