Dear Friend, 

Have you ever wondered...

How exactly does an improved memory look like anyway? 

Good question. 

As Science Daily revealed in an article titled "How Does Memory Work?"...

...there's a HUGE difference between the brain shape and size of people with strong memory abilities and those struggling due to weak memory. 

If you have a poor memory, your brain basically looks like this: 

Brain scan of weak memory to illustrate how memory improvement and the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass fails learners

But even with a small amount of memory training, the strength of the physical neurons needed to experience strong memory increases dramatically. 

This happens because weak memory involves only a small amount of connections. But a brain trained to improve memory has thousands of connections that make it unstoppable

Once your memory is properly trained and you use memory techniques regularly, you brain will look like this:

Brain scan of strong memory to illustrate how memory improvement and the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass helps learners

The question is...

How do you create such a powerful network in your brain? 

And what will it help you achieve if you improve your memory correctly?

The first answer is quite simple. 

And you may have heard about the core technique before. 

After all, Joshua Foer featured it in one of the bestselling books of all time, Moonwalking with Einstein.

As good as his book is, I've discovered one thing in the seven years I've been teaching people how to improve memory full time. 

Most people don't understand the memory improvement technique Foer is talking about!

(Just read some of the reviews on Amazon to see their comments about this problem.)

Why The Bestselling Memory Improvement Book Of All Time Fails People

People aren't connecting the dots for one simple reason:

Foer learned and used the techniques primarily for memory competition. 

Well, I've competed myself. And I can tell you for a fact that memory training for competition is very different. 

I spent years researching many different memory techniques before sitting down to memorize playing cards, numbers and random vocabulary.

Those skills have nothing to do with what really improves memory in everyday life. 

But the real techniques I discovered really help. Using them, I was able to complete my PhD and learn German in record time. 

And because they helped me so much, I created the free course I'm offering you today.

It's a memory course that has helped thousands of people around the world:

•Speak any language fluently.

•Recall complicated formulas, math equations, or numbers.

•Master the technical terms for your field of work or study…
medicine and pharmacy, physics, chemistry, I.T., geology, history… you name it.

•Recite poetry, jokes, and even long speeches word-for-word (zero mistakes).

•Quickly absorb the most important ideas from books, textbooks, or lectures… (and being able to recall it all perfectly months later).

•Never forget a name or face again (even if it's a complex name from a different language)… and remember what you talked about even years later.

•And much, much, much more…

And it works for many people, not just me. Feel free to read these testimonials if you'd like some inspirational proof before registering for the course.

Who am I to be teaching a memory training course that fulfills all these promises? 

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

My name is Dr. Anthony Metivier. 

As mentioned, I hold a PhD. I'm also the author of over a dozen bestselling memory improvement books and video courses. 

John K. Dziki put it this way:

"What makes Anthony Metivier great is that he's not a mental athlete focused on winning competitions. He gives you a ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000 digit number."

I help people in this way by digging deep into the details. Like this:

Magnetic Memory Method Memory Palace

To be honest, my memory training isn't for everyone. 

And that's because I don't offer the quick fixes based on the silly marketing jive so common online. 

I want people to experience real results. 

And that's why you need real memory training. 

If you'd like an authentic memory improvement strategy that everyone from memory champions, learning experts and every day people agree is the most helpful they've seen... 

Get the entire 4-step course right now, for FREE:

See you soon!


Anthony Metivier

P.S. If you have any questions, just reply to the email I'll be sending you. I read all my email and will answer a.s.a.p. 

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