New Video Reveals: The 3 Reasons You Must Be Using Memory Techniques When Learning A Language

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"Prior to discovering you and your teaching methods, I spent HUNDREDS of hours using flash cards (rote learning) reading books, and pursuing other "experts" in the field of learning and memory.  The first time that I heard you speak about the Magnetic Memory Method, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.  Until I discovered you and your method, I really did not think that anything like what you teach actually existed.  I am currently using your course - How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language to learn Spanish.  While I still have much to learn, I have experienced a mindset shift.  I realize now how much I had been limiting myself in terms of what was possible to learn.  Now, I believe that I truly can learn ANYTHING.  The greatest challenge, is figuring out what I want to pursue next.  I truly believe that your method is unique to anything else out there...I think it it groundbreaking.  You have really opened my eyes and my mind to the potential of my mind - and I thank you so much for that."

Jeremy Lambert
Jeremy Lambert

"You're probably thinking that Anthony's memory techniques are too good to be true. I did too! However, since learning about them, I've seen their practical use and have been amazed every since."

Liesbeth Heenk
Liesbeth Heenk

"I made a point of using your techniques to memorise the names and faces of people in the project I joined in April this year. There were 98 people in the list when I started and now there are over 180. In the first weeks of memorising, using your methods to actively commit the faces and names to memory, I certainly had the 'Metivier buzz' and was amazed at how much I could remember. No prizes for guessing which of the team stick in my memory best. That's right, about 98, and a bit more. The methods and principles you teach stick, and become in some way 'internalised'. You can't really forget the principles themselves, once you come to understand them."

David Winter
David Winter

"Your 'How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language' course has been most helpful because I'm learning Portuguese right now, and it's been a bit tricky keeping it separate from both French and Spanish.  Your course has not only helped me to keep the languages separate and organized, but it has also helped me to learn it faster and more thoroughly than I would have without the tools you provide."

Becky Rider
Becky Rider

"Being a global entrepreneur, languages and information are abound which are required if you want to seal business deals effectively and efficiently.

My secret tool is the Magnetic Memory Method by Dr. Anthony Metivier. It was through him that enabled me to quickly access information of any sort, and more interestingly languages from my brain on the fly.

I highly recommend this method for those who wish to learn a language fast and also for those who are required to recall massive amounts of information quickly. Forget about rote learning and learn the proper way to memorise."

Matthew Nekvapil
Matthew Nekvapil

"The applicability and utility of a memory palace needs no verification. I stumbled upon the concept after a 5 week (university level) German course, that I like to described as a failure to retain. I applied this method to learning vocabulary and the results again, speak for themselves. This ancient concept of metacognition is strange compared to the type of learning that goes on at almost any accredited institution, so changing the way you think about retaining knowledge may be challenging at points. Questions always come up, if left
unanswered a learner can lose motivation. That's why it's important to have a coach. Anthony's detailed response to a beginner like me, showed that he really does have a passion for his method and lifestyle. This is why the Magnetic Memory Method is a special service that can't be overlooked. Anthony's involvement with readers and their learning process shows a personal commitment from him, to a more efficient learning experience for us."

Connor Pate
Connor Pate

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