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This proven, 3-step Memory Improvement Method has helped people just like you make remembering as effortless as brushing your teeth. Register now to get free access to the same videos and ebooks that have helped thousands of people around the world:

This Memory Improvement Method Works!

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that the Magnetic Memory Method made a real difference for them. Here's what some of my students say about how this memory training has helped them:

I must say Anthony that you are inspiring.

Dare I say that the skills you impart are healing in that they gave me so much hope and encouragement.

It is more than that though… there is rare quality of kind support that is clear, real and present.

Your teaching is skillful and very helpful. You are not just another purveyor of some fancy gizmo that let me fall flat.

How fabulous is that?!

Nancy Jane Pierce

Image of Nancy Jane Pierce for her Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Prior to discovering you and your teaching methods, I spent HUNDREDS of hours using flash cards (rote learning) reading books, and pursuing other “experts” in the field of learning and memory.

The first time that I heard you speak about the Magnetic Memory Method, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

Now, I believe that I truly can learn ANYTHING.

You have really opened my eyes and my mind to the potential of my mind – and I thank you so much for that.

Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert photo for Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

How You'll Improve Your Memory


Download the Free ebooks and templates

Then you'll watch video one and complete a simple memory improvement exercise by drawing a simple "Memory Palace."


Create "Magnetic Imagery"

Then you'll watch videos 2-4 and learn about the power of association.

All memory improvement comes from making simple associations. The mental pictures you'll make will help you remember anything you wish, while becoming a more creative person in the process.  

But don't worry! You don't have to be creative or see pictures in your mind. That's a mistake other memory teachers make. You'll learn what really works in this free course.


Replace "Rote Learning" Forever

You'll learn the secret of "Recall Rehearsal" that lets you improve rapid recall without tons of repetition.

The Best Memory Science Transformed Into A Fun & Rewarding Game

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

Dr. Anthony Metivier, Ph.D.

I discovered the memory techniques you'll learn in this free course while I was struggling with clinical depression in graduate school. 

I almost dropped out and am so glad I found these techniques so I did not have to fail when I sat for my exams between 2006 and 2009. 

Since I started sharing these techniques with my first bestselling book in 2012, I've helped nearly one hundred thousand people around the world:

•Speak languages fluently.

•Recall complicated formulas, math equations, or numbers.

•Master the technical terms for your field of work or study… medicine and pharmacy, physics, chemistry, I.T., geology, history… you name it.

•Recite poetry, jokes, and even long speeches word-for-word (zero mistakes).

•Quickly absorb the most important ideas from books, textbooks, or lectures… (and being able to recall it all perfectly months later).

•Never forget a name or face again (even if it's a complex name from a different language)… and remember what you talked about even years later.

•And much, much, much more…

Join Me On This Mission

My goal is simple: 

To help mature learners like you go on mental adventures that help you learn and remember the information that improves your personal and professional life.

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