Frequently Asked Questions About Fluency

Dear Language Learner,

Thanks for your interest in Fluency! 

Since I've been getting a TON of questions about this unique and powerful memory program for language learners ...

I thought I'd take a moment to answer some of the most frequently asked questions you've been asking me.

Let's dive in...

Q: What's included in Fluency and what do I get?

Fluency is a program designed to help you improve your memory for the specific goal of boosting your vocabulary. You'll also learn how to rapidly memorize phrases, the characters of any alphabet and grammar rules.

Each course includes audio content, PDF exercises and downloadable cheat sheets.

My only rule when creating the Fluency was this:

The memory techniques must be easy, elegant, effective and fun to use. I've accomplished that for thousands of people.

Q: Are there any bonuses?


In addition to Fluency, you're also getting:

The Ultimate Language Learning Secret

Speak from Memory

These two courses will ensure that you know exactly how to apply your memory to the "Big Five of Language Learning" and know exactly how to speak the language you've learned so that you achieve fluency fast.

Fluency also comes with two surprise demonstration courses that walk you through applying the method for vocabulary, phrases and what some people consider "difficult" alphabets and character sets.

But Fluency is also a "lean" course of study focused on getting you a specific outcome. As Judy Coleman once wrote about my memory training:

"Anthony Metivier does for memory improvement what Bruce Lee did for the fighting arts. Metivier has taken all of the techniques of the masters of memory and condensed the teachings into a very "focused", "no nonsense", "where the rubber hits the road" approach that amazingly works for me better than any other.”

So these bonuses are directed at getting you the results you're looking for. If you want the memory advantage in your language learning experience, get Fluency and I'll help you and your brain excel.

Q: What's the difference between Fluency and other Memory classes?


No memory trainer alive has put in the work I have to create a worldclass experience for regular language learners who are interested in results instead of frills and gimmicks.

As John Dziki said:

“Anthony is not a Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you a ways to learn something useful not how to memorise a 1,000 digit number."

Fluency is focused 100% on memorizing words and phrases so that the experience of fluency in one or more languages can make a real impact on your life.

No fluff.

No dancing around or gymnastics.

Just hard-hitting memory training oriented on language learning that takes you from having a foggy memory to having sharp, focused and ready-for-action memory abilities that will have a massively positive affect on everything you do in life.

Q: How much does Fluency cost?

Normally this kind of program costs $197 or more.

And the bonuses would easily cost you another $97 (or more).

But as part of this special, I'm offering Fluency at just $67...

Which is saving you a ton, especially when you consider how much people regularly throw away on unnecessary language learning books and audio or video programs. I'll teach you exactly how to learn a language without ever having to waste a dime on any of those items again.

But if you like to take advantage of this special opportunity, please do so now. I can't hold this special price forever and it will be going up soon.

Q: Is there a guarantee?


I'm so convinced that you're going to love Fluency that you're going to want to keep your LIFETIME access forever.

That's why I'm happy to let you ...

Test-Drive Fluency For A FULL 60-days Before Making A Decision!

That's right.

When you invest in Fluency today, you can have access to this revolutionary program for a full year before deciding whether this kind of memory training is right for you.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Lastly, if you have any unanswered questions about this program ...

Here's What I Recommend ...

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Don't try and decide if this program is right for you ...

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Take a full 60-days and play around with what you've learned ...

If you like Fluency?

Keep it.

If not, no problem, simply let me know with a one-line email...

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No questions asked, no hassles and no hoops to jump through either ...

It's really as simple as that, so just ...

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Can’t wait to see you inside Fluency! 🙂