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Coloring is a wonderful way to let your brain recharge, grow your creativity and even rehearse your Memory Palaces.

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Download the Creativity Kickstarter PDF.

As a special bonus to thank you for getting the first volume, here's a special link with the PDF for the second volume.  🙂

Limited Special For The May 2016 Promotion!

For a limited time only, please enjoy the special training, Language Learning For Introverts. It will help you get speaking practice into your language learning no matter how shy you may be. You can also download the MP3 for listening on the go. 🙂

For More Creativity And Self-Development ...

Since you're here and clearly have an interest in developing to become a better version of yourself, I've put together a short story with a compelling invitation at the end.

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Thanks as always for your interest in and support of the Magnetic Memory Method. Talk soon! 🙂

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