Can A Memory Palace Heal Nightmares?


Let’s face it…

We’ve all suffered from nightmares. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, sometimes they’re deeply connected with a rough passage through life.

And yet…

Since first starting with dream recall, I’ve never had what I’d call a “nightmare.”

My childhood was littered with them, however.

I think these terrible nocturnal experiences were tied to all the surgeries I needed thanks to a ruptured eardrum. As a result of this problem, I needed tubes. These were taken in and removed repeatedly over several years …

But I’m not going to fill your ears with these tales of nighttime woe or the images they involved.

I don’t even particularly want to hear descriptions of your nightmares. I’m not a dream therapist, after all. 🙂

What does interest me, however, is what you’ve done to deal with your dreams when they haven’t been nice.

Do you just let it go and get on with your day?

Do you carry a feeling with that takes time to subside?

Do you tell a loved one or friend?

Ideally, if you’re practicing dream recall, you’ll write it down.

It’s part of creating that nighttime portrait I was telling you about. It’s like creating a graph that lets you see spikes of activity over time.

Form becomes as important as content, especially when you hit an earthquake or volcano.

You can relive it in the safety of paper as you externalize and study your nighttime seismograph.

And over time, with a dedicated dream recall practice, you can bring balance to your nighttime life.

The other thing I would suggest to speed up the process of healing nightmares is to place your disturbing dreams in Memory Palaces.

Yes, I know that Memory Palaces are precious things. You almost don’t want to get them involved.

But the fact of the matter is that Memory Palaces can serve as neutral territory.

Just as we use Memory Palaces to enliven the material we want to remember using vibrant color and intensified action, we can drain our negative dreams of the intensity that terrifies us by placing those fears in a familiar location we’ve reconstructed in our minds.

Try it sometime.

When you wake up from an unsettling dream, place as many details as you can remember into one of your Memory Palaces.

Or write them down as you would normally to get the fullest possible recording of the dream on paper and then transport the dream into a Memory Palace.

(If you’re new to Magnetic Memory Dream Recall, then writing them down first before doing Memory Palace work is probably the better option).

Either way, once you’re in the Memory Palace with the dream, or looking at it from whatever way that you look at dreams you’ve placed there, before you do anything else, drain the dream of colour until it’s black and white.

You may even want to make it like an old scratchy movie, which will allow you to eliminate and reduce the sound. This is another powerful strategy for neutralizing a nightmare.

For especially bad dreams, you can speed them up and add sound, as in a comedic movie where everything speeds up and everybody sounds like Mickey Mouse. Make it so that you have no choice but to laugh at the dream.

To that younger version of myself, who from the ages four to ten had intense nightmare that caused so much disturbance throughout the day that it could not help but to invite new nightmares the next night, I would advise myself to eliminate the color from the dream and then using the powerful safety of a Memory Palace, wrap it up like newspaper and throw it out the door like Sigourney Weaver ejected the monster in Alien out into space.

I ain’t saying that this will be easy.

It could take some deliberate practice with dream recall.

And definitely some familiarity with Memory Palaces.

But if you’re interested, and for some reason not already on board the Magnetic Dream Recall nightmare-healing journey (potentially, depending on your sincerity of effort), the train departs from here:

How to Remember Your Dreams

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