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Dear Mature Learner,

I know that brain exercise apps are a dime a dozen. 

People gather them by the ton, play with them for a few hours, but then...

Still suffer from poor concentration, fractured focus and life-destroying brain fog!

But let me ask you this:

How would it be if you could complete one simple brain exercises that actually improves your memory? 

And I mean improve

Every day. With every piece of information you encounter - like names, numbers, facts, dates and more.

Guess what?

I really can help you improve your ability to remember anything by 100%... 200%...300% (or more).

The process uses a simple brain exercises you can learn in 5 minutes (or less) on this page. 

So if improving your memory so that it is reliable interests you, this is important:

I Can Show You Brain Exercises That Will Eliminate Brain Fog Quickly


And if you'll let me, I'd like to help you:

  • Learn the best and most practical brain exercises...

  • The right brain exercises for you and your life purpose...

  • ... and give you the right strategy for using brain exercises to increase your focus, concentration and memory fast. 

To do this, I want to give you all the same brain exercises I use to keep my memory sharp every day. 

But you actually don't have to use them everyday. Four times per week will do. And you can model this simple exercise starting now.

But let's face it:

You might be thinking that you don't have enough willpower to complete even one brain exercise 4x a week.

Here's the truth:

Willpower isn't the answer.  

But consistency is, and there are distinct ways of offloading all that heavy discipline onto a simple brain exercise schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Even better:

I'll show you how to track your progress so that you know your memory, focus and concentration are improving.

Why The Key To Real Results From Brain Exercises Is Already Within You

The key to experiencing better memory, focus and concentration is not to follow the recommendations of some downloadable app.

I'm being straight with you about this:

The key to memory improvement through brain exercise is to understand your memory and have guidance with using brain exercises that reflect you and your life.

You just need someone to help you unlock all of the best brain exercises and the right material already swimming around inside your head.

Is "Mental Lego" The Best Way To Eliminate
The Pain and Frustration of Endlessly Suffering Brain Fog?

To be honest, "Mental Lego" is just a metaphor. It describes piecing bits of information together in your mind for brain exercise.

But even if it's just a metaphor, it's a powerful one. 

And it shows up how to make authentic brain exercises fun. 

To make that happen, let's begin with...

The 4 Details Observation Exercise

Have a look at this image: 

4 Detail Brain Exercise Magnetic Memory Method Tutorial

No, you won't see people carrying balloons around every day.


But for the sake of an example, just allow yourself to notice 4 details about this person. 

As you consider the 4 details you choose, think of each as a piece of "Mental Lego." 

For example, "black shoes" is a piece of "Mental Lego." "Red hair with cropped bangs" is another. 

To help you remember these details, you can "snap" the two pieces of information together. Maybe all that red hair is growing out of the black shoes, for example.

After mentally snapping on a white skirt and some balloons, move on. Go about your day. Forget about it.

Later, it will take only seconds for you to come back a few hours later in your mind and ask yourself, "What were those details I noticed?"

Without much prompting or prodding or worrying about the outcome, just let your mind wander. What details did you connect together as pieces of "Mental Lego"? 

This simple activity is known as "passive memory exercise." 

It is used in hospitals around the world to help people recover from brain trauma. 

As simple as it seems, memory experts like Dr. Gary Small recommend simple brain exercises like this for all people, including those as young as their 20s. 

Why? Because...

Memory Loss Starts At A Younger Age Than Most People Think!

Seriously, give this exercise a try at least 4 times over the next week.

On the bus, train or walking through any store, notice just one person.

Gather a few details about them (gloves, glasses, bags, clothing, hair, etc.)

Connect them in your mind as if these details were pieces of Mental Lego.

Then set a reminder and ask yourself later, "What did I observe about that person earlier today?" 

This simple "passive brain exercise" will sharpen your memory fast. 

After that, you'll literally feel greater focus, concentration and memory because you're practicing observation and recall using your memory. 

Again, you don't have to complete this simple mental exercise every day to feel the benefits. But at least 4x per week is recommended. 

A "Next Level" Brain Exercise Using A Memory Palace 

In "passive memory training," you're basically connecting "Mental Lego" in the void of your mind. 

The information sticks together through the power of association and connection. 

But to take things to the next level so you can turn names, foreign language vocabulary, numbers, dates and facts into "Mental Lego," you need a place to store it all. 

You've probably heard of a Memory Palace before. 

Or, you might have heard of something called a Mind Palace, the Journey Method, the Roman Room technique or many other terms. 

I prefer "Memory Palace" for reasons we can talk about at another time, but the brain exercise this technique provides is more important than the terminology.

And in case you're wondering how drop-dead simple it is to create a Magnetic Memory Palace, let me explain.

Once you know the secret principles behind correct Memory Palace creation, it should only take 2-5 minutes to create something like this:

Anthony Metivier Brain Exercise Memory Palace of Berlin Apartment

I use this Memory Palace for my own brain exercise a lot. It's based on an apartment in Berlin where I lived and learned German.

I know it might seem crazy at first, but here's the thing:

Learn this Memory Palace creation skill and you will memorize massive amounts of information quickly - all while exercising your brain in ways that create durable brain health.


Because when you know how to unlock the power of what brain scientists call "Spatial Mapping" already inside of you, I can help you:

  • Literally “tune in” on any information so you can turn it into a easy, fun and compelling game that helps you memorize hundreds of facts, words, names or passwords with ease.

  • Visualize and FEEL any information so that it literally pops out in your mind like a "mental sore thumb" whenever you look for it. (This kind of sore thumb is much better than the hand pain created by hours spent tapping the screen playing useless brain game apps.)

  • Quickly play brain games with actors, friends, family and famous pieces of artwork that will help you memorize facts, phrases, formulas and more.

  • Use simple "mental gamification" strategies for feeling relaxed all day long because your mind is sharp, clear and focused.

Is This Really The Best Way To Get Brain Exercise?

To be honest? 

Until we've met in person or on Skype for a strategy session call, I really don't know.

Maybe Amanda Markham's experience with my "Mental Lego" brain exercises will help you decide:

Amanda Markham Portrait for Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Amanda Markham


I followed and actually DID what Anthony suggested and in 10 days was able to remember an additional 200 words in a language that is considered one of the most difficult for English speakers to learn. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this!

Quick disclaimer: 

Your exact results might not match Amanda's, or be the same as any of the endorsements and testimonials you'll read on this page. 

But what do you say?

Do you think you could follow in her footsteps and use the same simple brain exercises Amanda used to revolutionize her language learning life? 

To the tune of 200 words every 10 days?

I know that it might be a bit tough to imagine that happening to you right now, but it's truly possible for anyone. 

And it works because it's all based on a simple understanding of the deepest truths and mysteries of the human brain. 

I'm talking about...

The World's Only Brain Exercise That Helps You Create
An Entire Memory System Based On You

After helping thousands of others discover how their memory works in a personal way simply by using "Mental Lego" for brain exercise, I'm quite confident I can help you figure out the most authentic path to lasting brain fitness based on you.

Once you can focus on the basic foundations and how you fit in the mix of your personal memory improvement goals, you just have to "plug and play."

It's just that simple.

Pick the right "Mental Lego" and you will never forget the information you "play" with during your brain exercise. 


No need to take my word for it. 

The following endorsements share experiences of memory boosting delight that we're confident you'll experience too when you try the Magnetic Memory Method for brain exercise:

Barbara Oakley author of Mindshift Magnetic Memory Method

Barbara Oakley

Bestselling author and creator of "Learning How To Learn"

I’ve personally found Anthony Metivier’s memory tips to be extremely useful. He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around.

Alex Mullen World Memory Champion Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Alex Mullen

3x World Memory Champion & Med Student and Chinese learner

Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone teaching this more effectively and extensively.

Colm Gallaghar Portrait Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Colm Gallagher


When I use the Magnetic Memory Method, information sticks. When I try to do it alone (without the techniques Anthony teaches), it’s gone.

You would spend more money on one monthly payment of a car and get nothing from it.

But once you learn from  Anthony, you grow long after the money has left your account. I’m still growing and it’s FREE now.

Plus, Anthony shows great interest in your progress. His teaching is too good not to share.

Isn't It Time To Steal Back The Blood, Sweat & Time Wasted On
 Brain Exercise Apps When You Could Be Experiencing Real Brain Fitness
In Just Minutes A Day?

And as you probably know, it's getting harder and harder to find the time for exercising anything, especially your brain.

That's why you need a proven method for playing brain games that actually help.

The good news is empowering:

It's not hard to set aside the apps and improve your approach to brain exercise.


Because The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan gives you powerful tools designed to help you create your own brain games based on you - the only way anyone gets reliable results.

Just by understanding how the Magnetic Memory Method works, you'll make rapid strides in improving your memory, focus, concentration and ability to learn, comprehend and think better.


Every mental process you previously struggled with will will suddenly become fun. Especially when you have:

  • A Step-By-Step Way To Blueprint Your Own Magnetic Memory Palace Network For Turning Any Topic Into A Game
An Instant Boost To Your Confidence Using PROVEN Memory Secrets
A Dramatic Increase To Your Learning Speed Using Optimized Memory Skills
The Ability To Create Long Term Memories That Lead To Greater Knowledge And Professionalism In Any Field
  • 7 Compact Videos With Easy-To-Consume Ebook, Audiobook & Worksheets Bonus Material
  • 3 Detailed Memory Palace Walkthrough Videos So You Can See Exactly How Real Brain Games Work
  • The MMM Memory Palace Power Pack so you have multiple Memory Palaces for comparison and guidance 
  • My 3 Exclusive Memory Palace Maximizer Guided Meditation MP3s For Boosting Focus, Creativity And Spatial Memory

All things combined, you'll find that there really is no reason that you cannot move quickly from struggling with brain fog to enjoying laser sharp focus and memory champion-level memory abilities.

Now, would you like access to all of this incredible memory-boosting training through simple brain exercise using a Memory Palace that lets you memorize thousands of details with just a small amount of play with Mental Lego 4 times a week? 

If so, here's one last question: 

Would You Like To Know More About How You Can Quickly And Easily Boost Your Memory Fast - Or Pay Nothing?

If you answered "Yes" and want more information about our 100% Triple Satisfaction, 365-day guarantee (even if you're even just a little bit interested), click this green button now:

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