40 Of The Most Powerful Brain Exercises On The Planet (And Their Secrets For Improving Your Memory Fast)

The best part is that these brain exercises are so simple…

You can use them to create LASER FOCUS and Better Memory – even if
you’re new to mental training!

Brain Exercise Bootcamp
"This is the first time I've been excited about learning in 10-12 years! I already notice a tangible difference that I can demonstrate. You certainly opened up a new world to me."
Christian Altenburg
Christian Altenburg
- Metro Business Director at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia

From: The Desk of Anthony Metivier


To: Mental Performance Enthusiasts Around the World


Dear Friend,


The road to improving the quality of your memory is paved with snags and pitfalls. It’s definitely not as easy as the faceless corporations selling “apps” make it sound.


I know this first hand because I’ve done a lot of research and worked with thousands of people for over a decade as one of the world’s leading memory and mental performance experts.


As Tony Buzan (pictured here with one of my drawings) put it:


Tony Buzan with butterfly artwork by Anthony Metivier
“Anthony Metivier is a Warrior of the Mind!”
Tony Buzan
- Mind Map Expert and Co-Founder of the World Memory Championships​
Anthony Metivier with Tony Buzan

But my mind wasn’t always in top shape. And I certainly wasn’t always a “Warrior of the Mind.”


Far from it! 


And if you’re like me, then you’ve probably burned up a lot of time and energy looking for the “magic bullet” that leads to a better mind.

That means you’ve probably been misled more than once.


I’ve felt that sting myself… but luckily all in the name of research.


Along the way, I’ve built better brain exercises for myself than any app I’ve ever seen – and that’s after having visited the headquarters of one of the most successful “brain game” software companies on the planet. 

I’ve also spent hundreds of hours researching various apps.


I even paid a substantial fee to join an app development “incubator” in Brisbane. We mocked up a “Magnetic Memory Method” app and it looked really cool.


Cool, sure. But would it work?


After a ton of tests, people were happy. But they weren’t getting better results than my original brain training programs.


So I dove back into the research.


And I quickly realized that there’s a reason you can’t find a shred of science demonstrating that an app is going to help with memory, focus or concentration.


They can’t help.

(More on why in a minute.)


Sure, I would have made a pile of cash if I released my idea.

Sadly, selling such solutions is easy because desperate people easily mistake tapping buttons on screens for brain exercise. Many corporations and their digital fakery rely on desperation in the market.

So why did I say “no” to building an app?

First, activity is not accomplishment.

You can’t just be flipping cards on screens and expect specific outcomes that transfer into daily life.

Second, the screens are dopamine machines. They addict us by spiking our dopamine.

We don’t need dopamine spikes, even if they feel good. Or at least make us feel better after we’re addicted. Like soothers in the mouths of children.

But as serious adults who want to learn and achieve success, we don’t need a soother to relieve us from irritation.

We need something called “tonic dopamine.”

A steady flow of dopamine that proper mental exercise helps regulate throughout the day.


So, after all my research and development activities, I sat looking at the contract to finalize the app I’d developed.

And then I tore it up.


Without any regret whatsoever.


See, looking back at my journey over the past 10.5 years, there is one particular thing that has influenced my success


There Are Simply No Substitutes.

Nothing Else Comes Even Close.

Zip. Nada. Zilch.

So please just ask yourself…


What if you could cut to the chase and get the mental superpowers of the world’s top mental athletes without all the fluff?


And what if this “Warrior of the Mind” could help you:


  • Improve your speed of thinking?
  • Achieve higher levels of cognitive function?
  • Listen to and understand others better?
  • Get more things done?
  • Find words instead of getting your tongue twisted in knots all the time?

Well, now you can benefit from my knowledge of how to make these things happen.


Here’s why:


After putting the app development efforts aside, I thought of all the emails I’ve received over the years from people struggling to focus, to concentrate, to organize their minds.


And I remembered the dozens of private coaching clients I’ve helped and how we all agreed that my memory training is fantastic, but there is definitely a need for more exercises.


Sure, unpacking all that cryptic information has its place, and my fans tell me they love it. (Just check out the comments on my latest YouTube video…)

But when it comes to brain exercise, everyone has been telling me they want something more direct.


That’s why I vowed to create a self-guided brain exercise “bootcamp” that cuts down on the theory and gets straight to the ACTIONABLE exercises anyone can complete in just minutes a day.


Plus, I vowed to create a bootcamp that satisfies the conditions of REAL brain exercise.


Now, you might be wondering… what counts as “real” brain exercise?

Here Are The Rules Not A Single App I've Seen In My Years Of Research Has Ever Satisfied: !

1. Real brain exercise ALWAYS incorporates new learning.

2. Real brain exercise is ALWAYS reasonably complex. (And sometimes unreasonably complex!)

3. Real brain exercise is ALWAYS varied and interesting.

4. Real brain exercise is ALWAYS engaged in frequently.

And above all…

Authentic Brain Exercise Always Improves YOUR Ability To Express Yourself While BEAMING WITH FOCUS.

Look, we know from research conducted by Dr. Tim Dalgleish and his team that self-affirming memories improves mood and self-esteem – something that time spent fiddling with brain exercise apps kills!




Because too much time spent with devices lowers serotonin and other chemicals while boosting dopamine to unhealthy levels.


That’s why so many people are struggling to formulate coherent ideas, follow a single train of thought and participate in discussions that draw upon creativity and working memory.


And to combat slumping focus and poor concentration, I’ve assembled the coolest brain exercises that increase your focus, concentration and ability to express yourself while giving you the tools needed to improve your memory.


I put together 40, app-free brain exercises that stimulate ALL of your senses.

These exercises will get you off the computer and help you:

The best part?

I’ve crafted this program in a way that helps you develop more self-responsibility as you learn consistently through play. Plus, every single element of this Bootcamp passes all of the rules I’ve listed above.



And When I Delivered It To My Best Students They Told Me The Value Was Jaw Dropping!



In fact, some people have told me it’s the most engaging brain and memory training course they’ve ever taken.



As Chetan Belgur has written about my brain exercises:

Chetan Belgur Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial
“Memory improvement apps might train you to have sharp eyes or develop your reflexes. But your brain exercise strategies help me solve real memory problems in real time. I don’t need a ‘smart’ phone and couldn’t use an app to solve my real-world memory problems anyhow.

If I had to pick between apps and your strategies, my choice is obvious: It will be your strategies.”

Chetan Belgur
- Vice President at KGISL Responsible for Intelligent Automation Practice

And as Robert Ponta puts it:

Robert Ponta Brain Exercise Magnetic Memory Method Comment
“AWESOME! Much better than mindless games. The way you train is the way you fight."
Robert Ponta
- Designer​

Or, from Daniel Welsch:

Image of Daniel Welsch
"Did the first exercise you suggested on the bus today. Super easy and satisfying."
Daniel Welsch

And that’s just the beginning.

Your Results Will Sky Rocket Once You Get Into The Nitty Gritty Of These Brain Exercises Because...

What really makes my new Brain Exercises Bootcamp so stunning is how you can endlessly combine the exercises with each other!




The quality of your thoughts will improve.


Your reading comprehension will soar.


Your verbal skills will start to shine.


And you’ll learn how to create your own brain exercises as you go along.


This aspect of the training is important because it helps release you from the ‘learned helplessness’ the app designers are hoping to create so you keep stupidly paying their monthly fees. Or worse, rotting your brain with their ad-filled “free” versions.


To help free you from the tyranny of these app providers, I will take you through 8 categories of brain exercise using the Magnetic Modes.


These categories will help you stay focused and dominate the mind-wandering currently holding you back from accomplishing so much in your life.


Each module provides 5 eye-opening exercises that you absolutely need if you want more focus and the ability to think at the top of your game.

You Will Discover The Ultimate Secrets Of Improving Mental Performance...

40 rapid action brain exercises!

The fastest path to amplifying your mental clarity!

A constant source of new activities for improving your cognitive speed.

These Are The Self-Replicating Exercises I'm Completing DAILY To Improve (And Preserve) MY 46 Year Old Brain

… and you can get the same improvements my best students and myself are benefitting from every day.


Soon, completing these exercises will enter your normal procedure and you’ll find yourself training practically on autopilot. You don’t even have to leave your home to visit the “mental gym” I’m handing to you on a silver platter.


These are expert brain exercises that literally create peace of mind as you do them.


Even better:


You’re getting the brain training you need to experience lasting boosts to your mental performance and all the risk is on me.


That’s because:

You're About To Get Unrestricted Access To 40 Brain Exercises That Self-Replicate As You Go Through The Course With...

Guarantee seal

Seriously. You Can Enjoy My 365-Day "Magnetic Decision" Guarantee Without Any Stress.

You can register with confidence in this training program today and know I’ve got your back because…

I’m seriously dedicated to your success and guarantee that you’ll love completing my Brain Exercise Bootcamp.

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, just let me know within 365 days and I’ll issue you a prompt and hassle-free refund.

It's Time To Take Your Brain To The Next Level!

My rock solid money back guarantee removes the risk. You can register with confidence now because you have nothing to lose.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Module 1: Introduction and Developing Your Brain Exercise Matrix

This is the part where you’ll learn how to “automate” all the brain exercises by completing a few simple steps that challenge your memory and problem solving skills – so they grow.

Module 2: Kinesthetic Brain Exercises

Here you’ll learn ways to improve everything related to physical sensations, including a powerful mental calculation game you can play with your hands. 

Module 3: Auditory Brain Exercises

In this section, you’ll exercise everything related to your hearing and sense of sound. Although this is great for improving your alertness and attention throughout the day, it also helps develop your sonic memory. 

Module 4: Visual Brain Exercises

Developing your ability to see the world, and your visual imagination is made fun and easy with these powerful exercises. You’ll discover the truth about what it means to have a “mind’s eye” by stretching your visualization skills with beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises.  

Module 5: Emotional Brain Exercises

Here’s where you’ll learn to decrease stress and maximize your sense of well-being. You’ll use these exercises to develop resilience, confidence, calm focus and mental stability in your emotional life.

Module 6: Conceptual Brain Exercises

While tens of millions of people burn up their time and energy on mindless apps, I’ve been busy training much more savvy individuals to be smarter. You’ll discover how to turn ideas into mental “jigsaw puzzles” and exercise multiple levels of your cognitive ability within minutes a day.

Module 7: Olfactory Brain Exercises

To fully experience significant brain boosts, you need to exercise all your senses. In this module, you’ll learn to mentally divide different scents and play games with your brain’s sense of smell. 

Module 8: Gustatory Brain Exercises

Foodies will love the focus on taste in this module, but even if you don’t like eating, these brain exercises will “stir” up numerous cognitive benefits. 

Module 9: Spatial Brain Exercises

Here’s where you’ll learn a few exercises from the world of neurobics, but go much deeper than that. You’ll learn to activate your right hippocampus like the taxi drivers in London – all without having to travel or become a cabbie.

As you can see, you’ll be tapping into EVERY level of mental experience so you receive holistic boosts to your mental performance

Adolfo Artigas Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Photo

"I recently returned to university after 16 years… I was TERRIFIED. Everything is so different!

Anthony’s training has helped me reduce the anxiety of being unprepared in lectures and the stress of exams. NOW, I’m crushing my courses."

Anthony, in my opinion, is the greatest memory instructor in the world.

I’ve purchased many tons of memory courses and the majority of them are regurgitated techniques and processes.

But Anthony's training has all the memory fundamentals with an organic, evolving and ever expanding element. He is constantly creating and tweaking techniques, so his students have the highest possible return on their efforts.

I’m currently teaching this to both my boys. It’s a super competitive world out there and our kids need the skillset to not just compete but excel!

Listen, if you are going to choose a memory instructor, would you chose a guy who obtained a PhD, two M.A.s and a Bachelor, or a guy who’s teaching grocery list memorization after reading one memory book?

Do yourself or your kids a favor and sign up for the course. Your future self will thank you!"

Adolfo Artigas
- US Navy and University Student

These Results Should Retail At $897, But...

You Get Your Own Infinite "Brain Matrix" Of Exercises Now For Just $297!

Get this exclusive training “bootcamp” loaded with exercises and you’ll receive:

Plus You'll Get These 4 EXCLUSIVE Bonus Programs!

Available nowhere else, I’m including three powerful trainings with your registration today:

Bonus #1: 19 Memory Exercises Audiobook!

19 Memory Exercises Audio Progam product image with ear buds

As if all of the brain exercise covered in this exclusive Bootcamp wasn’t enough, I’ve included a bunch of my best memory exercises.

In fact, I assembled 19 in total and recorded them for you as an additional bonus so you never run out of activities.

These powerful memory exercises range from beginner “memory challenges” to advanced strategies that will increase the difficulty exponentially.

Go through this bonus and you will have easy-to-schedule memory exercises for the next 1.5 years. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get bored of any of them, but if you do, just check back. I’ll undoubtedly have added some more.

You don’t want to miss this bonus because it will help make sure you get enough of the right kinds of memory exercises to reach your memory improvement goals sooner and with less effort.

Bonus #2: Mind Map Power Tips & Walkthroughs!

Mind Map Power Tips Product Image

Are you a learner who wants to make the leap from remembering and thinking better to actively creating new things that improve your life and possibly the entire world?

Well, now you can! And you’ll soon want to practice more positive creativity after completing this training. That’s why I’m going to help you produce countless new ideas through the power of mind mapping.

I’ve learned a TON about mind mapping directly from Tony Buzan and Phil Chambers. Apart from their teachings, I’ve seen too much theory and not enough how-to with detailed walkthroughs.

So to help you elevate how you think and becomes the best producer of creative planning and productivity, welcome to:

Mind Map Power Tips And Walkthroughs

If you’re eager to unlock even more ideas from your mind once I’ve helped you fully exercise it, there is no more effective way to get there than mind mapping.

After sharing my power tips, I’ll walk you through using mind mapping for accomplishing HUGE goals, including writing best selling books and even sorting out your personal life.

You’ll see the actual mind maps I’ve created, and learn the best mind mapping “laws” I’ve followed and added along the way to improve my output.

I also share exactly where I keep my mind maps to ensure my creative projects get completed on time, pack a punch and that the whole process creates more energy than I’m burning.

Would you like to be energized instead of drained when completing your goals? Even if they’re as big and complicated as mine? I’ll show you exactly how in this bonus course.

Bonus #3: The "Double-Decker" Memory Exerciser!

Double Decker Memory Exerciser Product Image

Once you’ve gotten your life and creative projects sorted out with mind mapping, I’ve got one last bonus for you:

In this exclusive video training, you’ll learn to use two decks of index cards (or highly specialized cards I’ll tell you about) to challenge your memory to the nth degree.

You will learn how to create solid, workable memory drills that lead to atypical results.

If you’re here looking for authentic brain and memory exercise, it just doesn’t get any more challenging – and effective – than this!

Bonus #4: The "Body Memory Palace" Video Training

the human body as a mnemonic device for planets

What can you do with a Body Memory Palace?

We’re going to cover 3 different kinds of body-based and how they can be used to memorize lists, names, dates, and facts.

Plus, you’ll learn how to replicate them in multiple ways that are faster and easier than traditional Memory Palaces.

That said, Body Memory Palaces are not a replacement for other kinds of Memory Palaces. They’re a supplement that work well in specific contexts. I’ll show you what they are as you learn how to harness this unique mnemonic tool for yet another level of brain exercise…

Including some tips based on using your own body to increase your commitment, consistency, and personal satisfaction as a top performer in the game of life.

Fair warning: This exclusive bonus is not be available outside of this promotion.

So if you’ve ever wanted more personal power, fluidity, and ease when using your mind and memory, get registered for the Brain Exercise Bootcamp without delay.

BLACK FRIDAY 2023 Exclusive Bonus: The "Magnetic Geometry" Live Zoom Training

Anthony Metivier Magnetic Geometry

Grab your access to the Brain Exercise Bootcamp, and I’ll send you a link to my Magnetic Memory Zoom Room.

As a Black Friday 2023 exclusive bonus, we’re kicking off everything with a live meeting.

When? November 30th at 5 PST/8 EST for a live deep dive into using simple geometry for brain exercise. I’ve got a bunch of additional routines for you, all of which mix and match even further with the 40 exercises included in the main program.

If you can’t make the live session, here’s an alternative which is just as good: A replay of this powerful session will be added to the Brain Exercise Bootcamp for you to enjoy any time in the future. And you can submit any questions you have in advance so that they are covered during the live session.

What’s this “Magnetic Geometry” all about? I’ve spent the last several months improving what scientists call “figural memory.” It’s how your brain remembers shapes, but also estimates sizes and distances.

I’m going to show you how to remember a variety of shapes by name and how they look. You’ll discover how to use “mental rotation” to examine these shapes from multiple angles as you learn about an older tradition I’ve discovered.

Sure, there are some controversial ideas in this older tradition. But as always, I’ve sift, sorted and screened what was likely helping our ancestors when they meditated upon this so-called “Sacred Geometry.”

And by mapping these exercises onto the best contemporary science, I’ve discovered new ways to benefit even more deeply from simple exercises with geometry.

It’s a small hinge that swings big doors, and I still am blown away by how satisfying it feels to remember shapes better while also appreciating the architecture all around me in entirely new ways.

But the only way to access this exclusive training is to be part of the Brain Exercise Bootcamp, so be sure to register your spot now.

Secure Your Lifetime Access Now!

Don’t Procrastinate. Take Action Now!

The life of your brain is running out as we speak, so don’t delay. These exercises are direct, practical and will WORK to improve your thinking, creativity, concentration and memory.

People pay hundreds per year to corporations who sell them useless software. But you’re getting real training that you can refer to again and again for life for just one payment of only $297.

How you get access to all of its of in-depth lessons… How you’ll get dozens of actionable exercises and step-by-step instructions for how to transform your reading life starting immediately…

But instead, I want to share something a student named James Lewis wrote to me recently…

“I actually wake up each morning excited about picking up and memorizing new words from a Spanish Dictionary! Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?!”

We do.

That’s because the minds of people in the MMM Family haven’t been corrupted by the “quick fix” lies of the corporations and “apps” trying to hijack your mind. We are “Warriors of the Mind.” How cool is that!

The point here isn’t just that reading can be fun and enjoyable. (Although that is absolutely the case when you break free of the boring, tedious methods that most of us are taught in school.)

The point is that having advanced reading and comprehension strategies is about more than just the material we master or the ideas we memorize. It’s about feeling excited and alive!

Anthony Metivier portrait for Magnetic Memory Method

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

Dr. Anthony Metivier

Creator of the Magnetic Memory Method & Brain Exercises Bootcamp

About Your "LASER-FOCUSED" Brain Exercise Bootcamp Leader

Bestselling author and course creator, Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams.

And now Anthony brings you the Brain Exercise Bootcamp. There’s no hype in this training, just legitimate brain fitness routines that work to improve the quality of your daily mental experience.

Are Any Of These FAQs On Your Mind?

How Long Will The Brain Exercise Bootcamp Take?

Not as long as you think. Some of my students have completed all of the videos in two sittings.

But here’s the thing: it’s not about how long it takes. It’s about using these brain exercises for the rest of your life. Just as we all want to keep physically mobile and need movement to make that happen, I’ve made a personal commitment to using these exercises for life.

Frankly, the proof is in the pudding. If you go back to my first podcasts and YouTube videos, you’ll see that I’m not nearly as sharp as I am now. And yet I’m more than a decade older. I’m not only mentally faster, but I look younger too!

How is that possible? Constant brain training and consistent remembering of new information.

So if you’re worried about your ability to follow through, please stop and put such concerns aside. If I’ve built a better life, you can too.

Plus, this program includes tips on becoming a “consistency engine.” Just follow the suggestions in this program and you’ll create irresistible follow-through for yourself.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

So far, these exercises have worked for everyone who gives them their honest best. Literally. Plus, this isn’t necessarily the kind of thing where after five minutes you’ll say, “Oh wow, it’s working!”

But it might. And you could wind up saying something like William J. Morse shared as he was going through these 40 brain exercises: “The Brain Exercise Bootcamp is full of so many amazing useful techniques and tools. I initially skimmed over the MMM and now am revisiting to actually study and accomplish. I now know to listen carefully and to not omit one step in any of your programs. This myriad of information with many subtle steps and techniques automatically and amazingly wake up the brain. Thanks for sharing insights from your years of study and work.”

Realistically, some people will take longer, which was also the case for myself. So here’s the way I suggest you think about this: You’re getting exercise by doing the exercises. Period. Even better: The course syllabus includes scientific research. That way, if you also want to learn the why and why all of these exercises work when used solely in your mind (not using an app), you can enjoy noodling through all the wonderful details.

Of course, you will notice these simple techniques improve your memory even if you don’t learn about the science, and all the more so as you apply the new learning to memory tasks. So I suggest you practice with information that you are interested in first, and consult the memory science itself as icing on the cake.

Because here’s what matters above all: The mental exercises in this program are simple, effective, and they get you up to speed doing what you want to do: Learning faster and remembering more. No “brain app” comes even close when it comes to helping you achieve that. Only proper brain exercise can.

How is the Brain Exercise Bootcamp delivered?

This is a self-study and self-guided video program with a bonus area that includes a PDF with progress checklist and the bonuses (one audiobook MP3 for downloading and additional videos).

Plus, I’m here to answer any questions via email if you have any. Most people don’t because the program is thorough in every regard.

If you already have the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass, the Brain Exercise Bootcamp will be added to your existing account upon purchase. If you don’t have the MMM Masterclass, you’ll receive your BEB account access by email.

What’s the difference between the Brain Exercise Bootcamp and the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass?

The MMM Masterclass is devoted to memory techniques like the Memory Palace and other mnemonic devices. It then shows you how to apply memory skills to a variety of learning topics like languages, math, and professional bodies of knowledge (psychology, philosophy, sociology, computer science, etc).

The Brain Exercise Bootcamp is different. You learn a few of the simpler memory techniques first. Then the program focuses on routines you complete in your mind without needing to memorize anything. There is a small amount of overlap, but you’re not missing out on anything if you don’t have the MMM Masterclass. If you do have the MMM Masterclass, you likely won’t feel like anything is being repeated.

Worse case scenario, any repetition you do encounter will likely benefit you. Remember: I myself keep up with new and old memory books precisely because there is so much value in revisiting the classic concepts and latest innovations.

What’s the difference between this program and others on the market?

Simple: No memory and mental performance trainer alive has put in the work I have to make a world-class experience for regular people like you and me. As John Dziki said: “Anthony is not yet another Mental Athlete who is focused on winning competitions. He gives you ways to learn something useful, not how to memorize a 1,000 digit number you’ll never use. His training is focused and can make a real impact on your life.”

What does John’s statement mean for you? 

No fluff. No dancing around or gymnastics. Just hard-hitting exercises for eliminating brain fog and setting you up with a sharp, focused, and ready-for-action brain. Being switched on like this will positively impact everything you do in life. For the rest of your life.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

safety lock to illustrate the Magnetic Memory Method's dedication to security

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel overjoyed by this program, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund within one year. That’s 365 days you have to decide if this program is right for you. There’s literally no risk!

P.S.: Welcome to the beginning of a whole new level of brain fitness.

But remember: If you don’t jump on this opportunity right now, you won’t just be missing out on incredible boosts in how you’re using your brain.

You’ll also miss the exclusive bonuses designed to take your creativity skills, concentration and memory to the next level in a way that only Anthony’s “Magnetic” approach can help you create.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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