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Anthony Metivier completed his PhD in Humanties at York and has taught at:

He also holds an MA in Media & Communications from EGS in Switzerland.

Discover How To Remember More & Improve Your Memory With The Magnetic Memory Method

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About The Magnetic Memory Method:

After decades of research and personal practice, Dr. Anthony Metivier has taken the best parts of the ancient memorization techniques (ars memorativa) taught for thousands of years and mixed them with the new approaches popularized by the 20th century memory masters and fused them with his own, cutting-edge discoveries.

This pioneering has produced one of the most powerful methods available if you want the ability to place things like foreign languages, names, specialized terminology, numbers or speeches into your long-term memory...

... and effortlessly tap into that pool of knowledge whenever you need it.

The Magnetic Memory Method is based on Memory Palaces, mental constructs typically based on a real locations to store and retrieve the information you want to memorize.

So, why Memory Palaces?

Because the mind has an amazing ability to instantly burn the layout of any building or location into your brain which in essence makes your human mind a natural memory machine.

Since 2012, the Magnetic Memory Method has become a global movement and helped over 41, 213 people just like you all over the world to improve their memory and boost their confidence in all areas where memory touches their lives.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that we cannot promise that you will experience any benefits from using the Magnetic Memory Method. The generally expected performance of the Magnetic Memory Method in regards to improving your memory has not been scientifically validated and we can not and will not make any promises in regards to a miracle cure. As with everything in life, everyone’s success depends on dedication, desire and motivation.